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Three New Updates With All-New 7Hz Timeless AE: New Tuning, New Cable, etc.

Three New Updates With All-New 7Hz Timeless AE: New Tuning, New Cable, etc.

7Hz Timeless was the product that started the Planar wars worldwide. With a price of around 200$, the Timeless delivered an outstandingly amazing performance and that got it so many fans ever since it was released. Today, 7Hz has released a brand new edition for the Timeless, the 7Hz Timeless AE. It has been designed and developed in collaboration with AngleEars. The AE In the name of the Timeless AE stands short for Angel Ears. It brings new tuning, new looks, and a brand-new stock cable promising an entirely new experience for the users.

7Hz Timeless AE-1

7Hz Timeless AE is launched officially for 239$, check out more info here.

New Tuning Profile For Powerful Lower-End and Clearer Treble Performance:-

7Hz Timeless was known for its quality performance. The new Timeless AE improves over the OG model with improved bass response. It has got a 3dB boost in the lower-end region promising a quality bass region with a clean midrange and crispier treble performance. The Timeless AE sounds rich and smooth.

7Hz Timeless AE-2

New Upgraded Stock Cable With Modular Termination Plug System & 4-Core Design:-

The latest 7Hz Timeless AE includes a high-quality stock cable. This is a new 4-core high-quality silver-plated cable with a modular termination plug system. The connectors have also been changed from MMCX in the OG Timeless to standard 2-pin 0.78mm for the new Timeless AE. This new cable is referred to as Thunderbird cable. It has a swappable modular plug system and includes 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4mm balanced plugs in the package. It will soon be available separately for 69$.

7Hz Timeless AE-3

New Blue-Color Theme Design:-

The all-new Tmeles AE comes in beautiful blue-colored ear shells. The shell shape and design are identical to the OG Timeless with a new eye-catchy blue color theme. They are carved using the same CNC machining processing technology with Aviation-Grade Aluminum alloy materials and a unibody design as the OG model. Each side weighs just only 5.5 grams without the cable.

The 7Hz Timeless is a highly-celebrated set and the new Timeless AE just takes the legacy forward with its new updates. The pair still adopts a 14.2mm ultra-thin diaphragm planar magnetic driver unit that delivers impressive sound performance with ultimate speed and clarity. It still has the same architecture with double-sided neodymium magnetic architecture, ultra-thin 2um diaphragm, etc. With all these above-mentioned features, the new Timeless AE brings a completely new experience for its listeners. It is launched officially for 239$, please check more information here.

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