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7Hz Introduces Legato: All-New Dual Dynamic Driver IEMs

7Hz Introduces Legato: All-New Dual Dynamic Driver IEMs

Following the success of the Timeless series and the Salnotes Zero series of in-ear monitors, 7Hz is back again with an all-new pair of in-ear monitors, presenting the all-new 7Hz Legato. What makes the Legato different from the other models is the driver configuration here, Legato boosts powerful sound with a dual dynamic driver arrangement. The pair houses a combination of 12mm and 6mm dynamic driver units on each side. 7Hz has arranged both drivers in a two-way frequency crossover using 8 high-performance Japan-Made audio-grade tantalum capacitors that promise efficient performance. Experience unmatched clarity with a thunderous lower end with the amazing new 7Hz Legato.

7Hz Legato-1

The Legato has got an attractive price tag of 99$, check out more information over here.

Over the years, 7Hz has gained expertise in designing high-resolution dynamic driver IEMs. The latest Legato houses a dual dynamic driver arrangement featuring a large 12mm dynamic driver which is matched with a 6mm micro dynamic driver unit. The large 12mm unit here adopts a powerful N52 neodymium magnet and multi-layered composite diaphragm and the 6mm unit also adopts a composite material diaphragm. Both the drivers are arranged together in a two-way frequency crossover, the 12mm unit produces powerful, deep-hitting bass response while the 6mm unit produces clean, crisp, precise midrange and treble frequency response. The pair delivers exceptional clarity for vocals and instruments!!

7Hz Legato-2

7Hz has featured a precisely designed frequency crossover specially developed with high-quality japan-made audio-grade tantalum capacitors. They ensure sufficient current is supplied to the drivers allowing them to produce better sound. 7Hz has designed the Legato with high-quality CNC machined all-metallic ear shells. The cavities are made up of high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy material. They are designed in an ergonomic shape, that ensures a comfortable fit for an easy listening experience.

7Hz Legato-3

7Hz Legato is an IEM designed for pure musical pleasure, it packs a punchy, powerful sound that complements different genres of music well, and ensures an energetic experience for the listeners. Priced at just 99$, it’s a fantastic set to try. Check out more information over here.

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