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Six Upgrades With Topping E30 II Desktop DAC: Topping E30 II Vs E30!!

Six Upgrades With Topping E30 II Desktop DAC: Topping E30 II Vs E30!!

Recently, Topping announced an update to its classic E30 desktop audio decoder.  Well, most people here must be familiar with Topping, for all those who are new, Topping is a well-reputed audio equipment brand mainly dealing in the desktop segment of HiFi audio gears. Originally released back in 2020, E30 has been among the top-selling entry-level desktop decoders for a long time. Topping has completely redesigned the architecture of E30 for the new-generation E30 II. Instead of a single DAC arrangement on the OG E30, the latest E30 II is packed with a Dual DAC architecture. There are several other updates on the E30 II too, today we will be discussing those changes in detail here. So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

Designed With Latest Gen Dual DAC Chips:-

The biggest update on the latest E30 II over the previous model is the DAC chipset. At the heart of the latest E30 II lies a Dual DAC Chipset with two latest-gen AK4493S DAC chips. The OG E30 featured a single AK4493 DAC. AK4493S used in E30 II is the newer model of the AK4493 with better SNR and DNR performance in decoding high-resolution signals. The AK4493S is a 32-Bit stereo DAC that delivers outstanding performance decoding Hi-Res audio signals.

Topping E30 Vs E30 II-1

Upgraded Digital Input With Digital Processing:-

Instead of the CS8416 Digital Input chip as used in the OG E30, the latest E30 II comes with a specially designed Digital Processing circuit for digital coaxial and optical inputs. Topping states, “We have achieved a more stable performance with better compatibility with this specially designed digital processing circuit”. The E30 II achieves a cleaner sound performance with easy compatibility with most devices in the market that will including turntables, blu-ray players, etc.

Improved Sound Performance with Better SNR and DNR Ratings:-

With the upgraded Dual DAC Chipset and new digital processing circuit, the Topping E30 II brings drastic improvements in its audio decoding performance. The E30 II shows huge improvements in its output performance. The SINAD value gets increased by 4dB, while the Signal to Noise ratio shows an increase of 3dB, and the Dynamic range again shows a 4dB increase in its ratings. E30 already had good ratings in its SNR and DNR ratings, the E30 II takes that performance ahead with its better, improved sound performance.

Topping E30 Vs E30 II-2

Cleaner Performance With Improved Background Noise Levels:-

The latest Topping E30 II has a 25% lower noise floor, resulting in a cleaner and crispier sound performance. The OG E30 had a background noise rating of <2.0uV but the latest E30 II achieves a cleaner <1.5uV noise rating in the output signal.

Discrete LNRD Power Circuit:-

Topping E30 II can be powered using any standard 5V power adapter. In order to solve any additional noise problems of standard 5V power adapters, Topping E30 II features a specially designed Discrete LNRD Circuit(Low-Noise Reference Driver). It filters out the noise introduced by the 5V power input and provides stable power to different components on the E30 II’s audio board.

DSD Direct Mode and MQA Support:-

Topping E30 II also features a Direct DSD mode that allows the DSD signals to be decoded directly without any oversampling. It also supports MQA decoding. The best part here is that all three inputs, USB, Optical, and Coaxial support MQA signal decoding.

Topping E30 Vs E30 II-3

With a Dual DAC Chipset housing all-new AKM DAC chips, and an upgraded digital processing circuit, the latest Topping E30 II delivers a highly-improved performance over its predecessor model. It brings drastic improvements showing better Signal To Noise Ratio, improved dynamic range, and lower noise floor. With all these updates, there’s no change in the price of the Topping E30 iI, it is available for 149.00$, you can check out more information here.

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