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Four Upgrades With iBasso DX170: iBasso DX170 vs DX160!!

Four Upgrades With iBasso DX170: iBasso DX170 vs DX160!!

iBasso recently dropped its latest mid-level android digital audio player, the iBasso DX170. DX170 came as an upgrade to the classic DX160 which was a huge success for the brand. iBasso has completely revamped the mid-level series with new, faster Rockchip SoC, new Cirrus Logics DAC Chips, upgraded Android OS, and many more features. Today, we will be mentioning the top new features with the DX170 that just make it an ideal choice for the DX160 users to upgrade to the latest gen. iBasso has priced the DX170 efficiently at 469$. Let's begin with today's blog without wasting any more time.

Upgraded Performance With FPGA Master Technology:-

iBasso DX170 features their in-house developed FPGA Master Audio Architecture. FPGA Master directly works with the SoC and DAC chips transferring the data with no interference in between them. It is supported by dual-independent NDK Femtosecond Crystal Oscillator jitter clocks. This new FPGA Master Technology bypasses the Android SRC across different applications, promising a true high-resolution audio performance through different applications.

iBasso DX170-1

Newer DAC Chips:-

iBasso has upgraded the audio decoding chips with the DX170 with the latest Cirrus Logics DAC chips. Previously, the DX160 came equipped with Dual CS43198 DAC chips, the new DX170 comes with the latest generation of Cirrus Logics DACs featuring dual CS43131 DAC chips. Don’t worry, you get the same trusted natural sound performance with a high dynamic range and clean background.

Super-Fast User Interface With Latest Generation Rockchip SoC:-

iBasso has brought a tremendous increase in the performance of the latest DX170 with its latest generation Rockchip RK3566 SoC chip. It’s a four-core high-speed SoC Chipset that provides a smooth, lag-free user interface. With 2GB of RAM, the DX170 shows no lag and hanging issues while using resource-demanding media applications.

iBasso DX170-2

Latest Android 11 OS:-

iBasso has not only brought hardware improvements with the latest DX170. It now comes equipped with the latest Android 11 OS bringing support for all the newest media applications available on the Android Play Store. DX170 will also support an exclusive music mode for users who don’t want to get access to the Android OS. Previously, the DX160 came with Android 8.1 OS.

Identical Features on Both DX160 and DX170:-

The brand new DX170 retains some features of the DX160 that include high-res MQA decoding, long battery life, full HD 1080p 5.0” display, dual headphone output ports(3.5mm+4.4mm), coaxial digital output, Two-way Bluetooth, etc.

iBasso DX170-3

iBasso DX170 marks the latest generation of midrange digital audio players from iBasso. Being a successor to the award-winning DX160, the audio community must have huge hopes for this stunning player. From the technical details shared so far by iBasso, it looks like a worthy successor with similar sound characteristics, the latest Android OS, and a smoother user interface!! You can check out more information about the latest iBasso DX170 here.

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