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How To Choose FiiO In-Ear Monitors: Buying Guide For FiiO IEMs

How To Choose FiiO In-Ear Monitors: Buying Guide For FiiO IEMs

Established in 2007, FiiO has been a leader in the HiFi audio industry with their class-leading collection of budget and premium audio gears. They deal in multiple categories including Portable DAC/AMPs, Digital Audio Players, In-Ear Monitors, Bluetooth DAC/AMPs, and even Desktop all-in-one DAC/AMPs. Back in the day, FiiO started its journey with its range of HiFi in-ear monitors, today they have garnered that collection into a huge catalog of products. It won’t be hard to say, FiiO has the hugest collection of HiFi in-ear monitors that are available today across different price segments. Their catalog starts with the FD1 single DD IEM priced at 69.99$ and it goes as high as the FDX flagship single DD at 799.99$.

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This huge catalog often creates confusion in the minds of people who are planning to purchase their next pair of in-ear monitors. Today, with this guide, we will help you understand FiiO’s catalog of IEMs and help you choose based on your personal preferences. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Firstly, we need to understand the different series of IEMs by FiiO. FiiO primarily runs three different series for its IEMs, the Hybrid driver “FH” series, the Multi-BA ones “FA” series, and the single Dynamic driver ones from the “FD” series. All three of these series have products available from the budget segment priced at 80-100$ and they go as high as 600-700$ for the flagship models. Let’s explore their catalog.

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The Entry-Level Range, FH3, FD3/FD3 Pro:-

Back when FiiO came into the industry, their costliest IEM used to be the F9 Pro triple driver set priced at somewhere around 100-150$. Today, FiiO starts its range of HiFi IEMs at this price. You get the FD3 at 109.99$ and the FD3 Pro with a better cable for 149.99$ in the single dynamic driver based “FD” series and the FH3 priced at 149.99$ from the multi-driver hybrid “FH” series. There’s no multi-BA FiiO FA3 so far but one can expect it to be out soon. The best part is even the entry-level FD3/FD3 Pro/FH3 models have got well-built metallic cavities.

FD3/FD3 Pro is a fan favorite of many audiophiles. The pair is known for its outstandingly smooth, warm sound signature that delivers punchy bass and crisp midrange. Not to mention about the stunning looks of the FD3 and FD3 Pro with a beautiful 2.5D celluloid faceplate. FD3 and FD3 Pro also have interchangeable ear nozzles allowing the users to adjust the sound output as per their liking. FiiO FD3 is a good entry-level point for people in the hobby who are looking for a warm and lively sound signature with their first IEM. They are also good for experienced people looking for a warm set at a pocket-friendly price point. 

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FH3 marks your entry into the realm of multi-driver hybrid configuration in FiiO’s arsenal. The pair comes with a beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver and dual Knowles high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side. FiiO FH3 is widely appreciated by its users for its beautiful entertaining sound, its super comfy fit, and its ultimate robust build. It’s like one of the best V-shaped fun-sounding sets at its price bracket. For people looking for a fun and entertaining sound with quality resolution and a comfy fit, the FH3 is a marvelous set!!!

For multi-BA sets, there’s no FA3 yet, although there used to be a more-affordable single-balanced armature driver-based FA1 which has now been discontinued. We are expecting FiiO will sooner or later announce a new entry-level set for its multi-BA catalog. Now moving on to the mid-fi segment.

The Mid-Fi Segment, FH5s, FD5:-

Coming to the mid-fi segment from FiiO, we get the amazing FD5, a highly-celebrated set of single-dynamic driver IEMs, and the recently upgraded FH5s/FH5s Pro, 4-driver hybrid IEMs. FD5 got some rave reviews and it actually laid the foundation of premium single-dynamic driver IEMs by FiiO. It brought an excellent sound performance with its 12mm beryllium-coated DLC diaphragm dynamic driver. Not to mention the stunning looks with its stainless steel ear shells. FiiO features a semi-open back acoustic design on the FD5 for a comfortable wearing experience and an open-sound presentation. FD5 also supports adjustable tuning with replaceable tuning nozzles. Priced at 320$, FD5 gives you a taste of high-res single Dynamic IEMs at a mid-fi budget.

FiiO IEM Blog-4

Coming on the FH5s and FH5s Pro, The very first serious series of FiiO in IEMs was always with multi-driver IEMs and the FH5 used to be a pillar of their mid-fi IEM range back in the day. Last year, they released the successor to the FH5 with the all-new FH5s and the FH5s Pro. Both are the same IEMs as the FD3 and FD3 Pro, with the Pro version having an upgraded stock cable. FH5s series brought a combination of four drivers under a beautifully designed shell, housing two dynamic drivers(12mm+6mm) and a dual high-performance balanced armature driver from Knowles. FiiO has also featured adjustable tuning with the help of tuning switches on the FH5s. It just fits perfectly for all your musical needs with its exceptional sound performance!! The FH5s series starts at 269.99$!!

The Top-Cream, FD7, FDX, FA7s, FA9, FH9:-

FiiO’s top-tier range is the most crowded one. We get the FD7/FDX flagship single dynamic driver IEMs, the FH7s and FH9 flagship multi-driver hybrid IEMs, and the FA7s and FA9 flagship multi-BA driver IEMs. FD7 and FDX are the same IEMs with FDX being the limited edition one with 24K gold-plated shells and imitation diamonds inlaid on the face cover area. FD7/FDX have the same form factor and looks identical to the FD5 in terms of its design. They come equipped with a 12mm beryllium-diaphragm dynamic driver unit that provides unmatched sound performance. Users have praised the FD7 for its transparent and detailed sound characteristics. It includes three sets of ear nozzles for tuning adjustments and a high-purity stock cable. For people looking for a balanced, detailed set with powerful bass response, the FD7 serves you with its outstanding clarity and performance. It’s priced at 599.99$ while the limited edition FDX has got a price tag of 799.99$.

 FiiO IEM Blog-5

FH7s and FH9 are the latest generation of high-end hybrid IEMs from FiiO. FH7s feature a 1DD+4BA driver configuration while the FH9 houses a 1DD+6BA driver configuration. FiiO released the FH7s quite recently during the current autumn launch event and they have featured the latest-gen design with metallic ear cavities on the FH7S. FH7s deliver a powerful bass response with quality textured mid-bass and powerful sub-bass rumble. It maintains a clean and lively presentation with crisp vocals and detailed instruments. FiiO has designed FH9 for a true flagship performance with a top-quality resolution, and top-notch clarity. The pair has been appreciated for its unmatched resolution, amazing clarity, and impressive details. Both the FH7S and FH9 provide a super comfy fit for the listeners. FiiO FH7s is priced at 429$, and the FH9 is priced at 599.99$.

FiiO IEM Blog-6

FA7s and FA9 are the flagship multi-BA sets from FiiO with both having a 6BA driver configuration on each side. FA7s has got round-shaped metallic ear shells while FA9 features ergonomically designed resin ear cavities. FiiO has used premium Knowles BA drivers producing crisp high-resolution sound with both the FA7S and the FA9. Both the pairs are more than capable of delivering an authentic sound performance where you get lovely vocals, fast bass response, and sweet, elegant treble frequency response!! FA7S comes at 359.99$ while the FA9 is priced at 499.99$.

Final Words:-

With all these products, FiiO has got itself a huge arsenal of in-ear monitors. They have got everything from single dynamic driver beauties to multi-driver hybrids and multi-balanced armature driver sets. Of course, you can choose based on your budget, luckily FiiO has priced its products quite competitively, their flagship models are priced at 600-700$. FiiO has got an engaging, V-shape profile as its in-hosue sound. Most of its IEMs have got a fun and entertaining sound!! Well, that’s all for today, we hope this guide helps you choose between the IEMs offered by FiiO. For any further questions or queries, you can write to us at support@hifigo.com!!

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