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Your Guide To Customized IEMs With HiFiGo!!

We have brought great news for audiophiles with Customised IEM requirements. There are multiple IEMs in our store that offers custom molds such as the See Audio Yume, and more to follow soon. Here’s the guide for you that contains all the info you will need for a customized IEM through us.

First of all, you should know what a customized IEM is. A customized IEM or CIEM is a custom-fit variant of in-ear monitors. They are made using the ear shape sample based on your ears, hence providing a super comfortable fit and proper noise isolation letting you enjoy your music to the fullest. Please note that this doesn’t allow for custom tuning of the earphone.

Guide on ordering a Customised IEM from us:-

>Order the customized variant for your chosen pair of in-ear monitors.

>You have to visit your nearest hospital or ear specialist to get your ear sample made.

For this, an ear specialist will first confirm that there is no wound in your ear canal and then pour ice-cold ear printing material(usually wax) into your ear canal. In a few minutes, your ear mold will be ready and they will provide you the sample. Please note that you can also get a digital copy of your ear mold and mail us that too it will speed up the process.

Point to be noted for the ear sample:-

1.The sample should be 2-3mm deep into the second corner of your ear.

2.It should have proper ear contour, ear concha, concha cavity, and ear canal parts with proper smoothness without any defects such as deformation or bubbles.

3.It should cover the corner socket, the helix, and exceed the tangent line of the screen mark.

4.The outer ear mold material is thick to facilitate trimming.

5.Please make sure you have informed the ear specialist about the above requirements and they know that these are going to be used for earphones and not hearing aids.

>After getting your ear sample you have to send the same to our address given below:-

Name: Xiaochun Song   

Tel: +86 1369 2244 198 (PS: remember to fill the phone number)


Room 201, Cheng Shi Shan Hai Yun Hui 2 Qi Building C, No. 1171 South Xuegang Road, Bantian,

District: Longgang

City: Shenzhen

Province: Guangdong

Post code: 518129



You can also email us the digital ear sample at support@hifigo.com. Please remember to include your order number in the mail.

>Once received, we will process your order. It takes about 2-4 weeks for a customized IEM to be made.

>Once processed we will ship out your order.

Some points to note for Custom IEMs:-

>Please note that a CIEM order is non-refundable and non-returnable, once ordered it can not be canceled as we will book the slot for your order instantly.

>Please provide a clean ear sample without any dents or defects.

We hope we have cleared all your doubts about Customised IEMs from our store. Feel free to reach us at support@hifigo.com for any more queries. Keep shopping for HiFi audio gears with HiFiGo!!!