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TANCHJIM 4U DMT-4 Ultra Double-chamber Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitors

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2024-5-31 05:00 EST

TANCHJIM‘S First Pair Of In-Ear Monitors With The 4-Level Adjustable Circuit Filter System

Dual Magnetic Driver Technology 4 Ultra—Dmt-4ultra

Driver-Front Internal Cavity Design, For A Better Nozzle Fit In The Ear Canal.



>Dual-Chamber DMT-4 LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.

>High-power magnetic Technology.

>4-Level Adjustable Circuit Filter System.

>Optimised Cavity Structure for Optimum Performance.

>Carefully Designed Shells for Great Comfort.

>Compact Form Factor.

>Easy Driveability.

Tanchjim is here with the very new 4U, a beautifully crafted pair of single dynamic driver in-ear monitors. The pair features Tanchjim’s self-developed DMT4 Dual-Chamber dynamic driver unit. It adopts an LCP composite diaphragm that provides exceptional sound reproduction with clear and crisp sound reproduction. Tanchjim 4U features a 4-level adjustable circuit filter system, a simple mechanism that will allow you to customize the bass response as per your liking. Play around the 4U, and make it yours to your own liking.

New-Generation DMT4 Dynamic Driver:-

Tanchjim has featured its latest DMT4 architecture dynamic driver on the 4U. It has a dual-cavity design with an optimized cavity structure for enhanced sound reproduction. This driver adopts a high-quality LCP composite material diaphragm that produces crystal clear sound with low distortion and high clarity.

Solid and High-Performance Composite Diaphragm:-

The composite diaphragm is specially designed for the 4U, and combined with the curvature of the cavity it has been designed with FEA simulation technology. The diaphragm has a rigid and flexible structure that produces a strong lower-end response with large dynamic performance.

Four-Way Adjustable Circuit Filter System:-

For the 4U, Tanchjim has designed a special 4-way adjustable circuit filter system. This has a simple mechanism on the inner side of the pair, you can turn the mechanism around with the tool included in the package. It will adjust the bass response on the pair, giving you four different signatures in a single set.

High-Power Magnetic Design:-

Tanchjim 4U has a High-Power magnetic structure design that produces a strong magnetic flux. It results in easy driveability, wider dynamic range, and lower distortion in the output signal. Tanchjim 4U packs a wonderful sound in a sleek and compact package.

Get a Comfortable Listening Experience:-

Tanchjim has designed the 4U with an optimized front-cavity structure. It has been crafted in such a way that we have a comfortable wearing experience without any pressure buildup on the ear canal. The nozzle will fit perfectly and provide great comfort.

Beautifully Designed:-

The design of the 4U ear shells is inspired by the Gray Rabbit, It has a smooth and exquisite mirror finish that matches the soft body shape of the rabbit. The pair has an overall U-shaped design with a zinc alloy frosting technique to give a premium in-hand feel for the users.




Ask a Question
  • Are TANCHJIM 4U IEMs resistant to moisture and sweat?

    While TANCHJIM 4U IEMs are durable, they are not specifically designed to be moisture or sweat-resistant. It's recommended to avoid exposing them to excessive moisture to maintain their longevity.

  • Are TANCHJIM 4U IEMs compatible with mobile devices?

    Yes, TANCHJIM 4U IEMs can be easily driven by most mobile devices, making them a versatile choice for listening to music on the go.

  • Do TANCHJIM 4U IEMs isolate sound well?

    Yes, with properly fitted ear tips, TANCHJIM 4U IEMs offer excellent passive noise isolation, allowing for an immersive listening experience even in noisy environments.

  • How do vocal performances sound on TANCHJIM 4U IEMs?

    Vocals sound warm, detailed, and rich, ensuring that vocal performances are reproduced with clarity and emotion.

  • Are TANCHJIM 4U IEMs comfortable for long listening sessions?

    Designed with ergonomics in mind, TANCHJIM 4U IEMs offer a comfortable fit, making them ideal for extended periods of use without discomfort.

  • How does the midrange sound on the TANCHJIM 4U IEMs?

    The midrange on TANCHJIM 4U IEMs is clear, detailed, and natural, making them well-suited for reproducing vocals and mid-frequency instruments with precision.

  • How is the bass performance on TANCHJIM 4U IEMs?

    The TANCHJIM 4U IEMs deliver a controlled and accurate bass that complements the overall sound without overpowering other frequencies.

  • Can the TANCHJIM 4U IEMs be used for monitoring purposes in a studio?

    Yes, thanks to their accurate and detailed sound signature, TANCHJIM 4U IEMs are suitable for studio monitoring, especially for vocal and acoustic tracks.

  • What type of audio signature do TANCHJIM 4U IEMs offer?

    TANCHJIM 4U IEMs provide a harmonious and natural sound signature, focusing on delivering clear mids, detailed highs, and a deep, but not overwhelming, bass response.

  • Does it come with a tool to adjust the IEMs?

    Yes, it will come with a tool to adjust the IEMs. Thanks.