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AFUL Flagship Cantor IEMs

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Ultra-Thin Acoustic Tube Structures O.15mm

Lossless High-Frequency Vibration Suppression Technology

Ultra-Low Frequency Enhance Acoustic Module



AFUL in Chinese  “福” ( A Fu ), means blessing, good fortune, prosperous.



The journey began with a dedicated acoustic team that focused on developing cutting-edge acoustic technology. High-quality 3D printing and acoustic testing equipment were acquired and a unique acoustic lab was built.


 A breakthrough was achieved with the first engineering prototypes that featured a novel circuit topology and acoustic structure. This enabled a single BA driver to deliver stunning HiFi performance.


The technology was refined and the second generation of circuit topology and acoustic structure was developed. Three technology patents were secured for the innovations.


The technology was commercialized and new applications were explored. The original S&E Math technology was recognized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and selected for the “China-Denmark Technology Exchange Roadshow” to showcase the technological prowess to Denmark.


The Performer series earphones were successfully launched worldwide, receiving rave reviews from customers and critics alike. The S&E-Math technology also won government funding from the Suzhou Municipal Government’s “Leading Talent Award”.


The latest masterpiece: the 1DD+7BA Performer 8. Single-balanced armature driver IEMs based on S&E-math technology.

Technology Introduction:-

High-Precision 3D Printed Acoustic Tube Structure

The first technology is the acoustic crossover tube. It uses physical frequency division to adjust the sound frequency response of the pair. It has been fine-tuned and optimized to harmonize the sound waves from different tubes. This eliminates the peaks caused by the resonance of the unit under traditional frequency division technology.

RLC Network Frequency Division Correction Technology

It can directly act on the sound frequency response of the pair and helps in overcoming peaks caused by the resonance of the unit under traditional frequency division technology. It also gives the balanced armature drivers a smooth treble frequency response that rivals an EST unit.

High-Damping Air-Pressure Balance System

The third technology is the Air pressure Relief. It balances the air pressure in the ear canal. This reduces the fatigue and discomfort that can occur after prolonged listening. The air pressure balance technology also enhances the low-frequency texture, depth, and elasticity.

Technical & Acoustic Features:-

Ultra-Low Frequency Enhance Acoustic Module

Two composite driver units are used, one unit extracts an ultra-low frequency region of 10-100 Hz through an ultra-thin and ultra-long sound tube, and the other is used as a bass unit. The entire low-frequency characteristics have undergone a fundamental change, with greatly improved elasticity, and bass depth has reached an excellent level.

The lower-end response of Balanced Armature drivers can be thick and atmospheric, but it always seems to lack the smooth and elastic feel of dynamic drivers. just like the study committee members in the class, working hard, but lacking a sense of agility, while dynamic The low frequency is like the literary and art committee members in the class. It is smart and textured, and the overall advantage is, but it is not better than the low frequency of the balanced armature driver in all ways. In contrast, it is slightly lacking in thickness and stability.

Lossless High-Frequency Vibration Suppression Technology

AFUL Cantor adopts a specially developed acoustic structure. It uses a special structure to install high-frequency units that can reduce structural resonance peaks. It has been designed through special shape design, sound channels, and precise calculations to further reduce the resonance. The high-frequency damper can achieve a smooth high-frequency response, and the extremely high-frequency extension is not attenuated, and the overall treble quality reaches the level of electrostatic headphones.



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