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Portable AMPs&DACs

Are you looking to upgrade your on-the-go portable setup with new USB Type-C DAC/AMP, Audio Decoders, or Amplifiers?? HiFiGo brings you the widest range of high-resolution portable DAC’s and Amplifiers that you can use to upgrade your audio setup. We have brought you the best quality products from the best brands available at your doorstep with the best pricing. In 2021, with the removal of 3.5mm headphone jack in most of the latest smartphones and the easy availability of lossless audio via famous streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Apple Music, and more, a portable DAC/AMP is a must-have accessory an audiophile should have in their collection. These allow one to explore their favorite music in lossless quality straight out of their smartphones, or we can simply say these turn a regular smartphone into a fully-functioning Lossless music player or audio decoder. Check out the widest collection of portable DAC/AMP’s we have to offer from reputed brands such as Aune, Hidizs, Ovidius, iBasso, Khadas, xDuoo, Tempotec, E1DA, and more!!

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