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Xduoo Link type-c to 3.5mm DAC Dongle Quick Review | Hifigo

Xduoo Link type-c to 3.5mm DAC Dongle Quick Review | Hifigo

The Xduoo Link type-c to 3.5mm  DAC is for audiophiles who want to use a new generation smartphone (without hardware analog output) as a high fidelity audio source compact & portable. With its exceptional weight of 13 grams and its advantageous dimensions, it will be the ideal partner for lovers of high-quality music on the move. 

xduoo link

The idea is to go through an external decoding circuit with respect to the phone to permanently circumvent problems related to a gradual withdrawal of DAC chips. This approach will also be very relevant with previous smartphones with a rudimentary and inadequate DAC circuit to a high-resolution listening. 

xduoo link

There is an ES9118EC decoding chip built-in link. Compared with ordinary mobile, only 16Bit/48kHz audio can be decoded, while Link supports PCM decoding up to 32Bit/384kHz, and DSD256, which can present more details, truly restore lossless tone quality and enjoy high-definition audio.

xduoo link

 Instructions in both Chinese and English. 

xduoo link

Aluminum alloy shell by using CNC, with the fashionable and compact appearance, the weight of Xduoo Link is only 15g, and the body is the same size as a USB disk, it is very convenient to carry. It is the ideal choice for office and commuting, and is the gospel of mobile music enthusiasts.

xduoo link

Hi-Res certificated on Xduoo Link. 

xduoo link

You could control the volume on Xduoo Link and pause/play. 

xduoo link 3

Type C port is available for most smartphones.  

If you add an adapter Type-A to Type-C, it could be used as a USB DAC for your computer. 

xduoo link 4

With USB audio support enabled in the host device (Android only — check with your manufacturer) and the Xduoo Link dongle connected to its USB-C port, the smartphone will send ones and zeroes into the Xduoo Link dongle for it to handle decoding and headphone amplification. Hi-res support takes us deep into unicorn territory where: PCM up to 32bit/384kHz and DSD256.

xduoo link

Additionally, the Xduoo Link dongle will more-than-likely elevate the sound quality of a macOS or Windows computer by bypassing its internal decoder/amplifier in favor its own audio wizardry.


There is no word on an iPhone version nor how thirsty the Xduoo Link will be for an Android device’s battery power. However, at $50 a pop, Xduoo gives us yet another reason to stay with our smartphone for music playback. No DAP required.



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