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Whizzer Kylin TP1S TWS Review: Wireless Music Enjoyment!!

Whizzer Kylin TP1S TWS Review: Wireless Music Enjoyment!!

True Wireless earphone market is the new trend emerging with the latest innovations in technology. We get to see a new pair of TWS earphones released every now and then. Whizzer is a brand known among the audiophiles all around the globe for their eye-catching exquisite looking pair of earphones. They have released a new pair of truly wireless set of earphones, the Whizzer Kylin TP1S. The TP1S comes as an upgrade to their previously famous TP1 TWS earphones, the upgraded model improves on the previous model especially with the Dual Host Dual Signal Transmission technology that enables fast pairing, stable and better connection as compared to the single transmission technology. We have got us a unit of the Whizzer TP1S a few days ago and we are going to quickly unbox the unit and share our quick impressions with you all.

About Whizzer TP1S:-

The Whizzer TP1S is a TWS of earphones that comes as an upgrade to their widely famous TP1 TWS earphones. The pair is beautifully designed by J.IDEA(Junctions IDEA). It looks very beautiful with a sparkling design on the charging case as well as earphones. The TP1S TWS features Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with EDR Protocol, Dual Host Dual Transmission technology while the previous-gen only featured single host transmission. The upgraded model is priced at 53.99$, similar to the previous model. You can check more details about the Whizzer TP1S at our store here.


Whizzer TP1S-1

The Whizzer Kylin TP1S comes in a simple white color rectangular box, it has just the branding logo of Type Kylin TP.1S on the front. On the back, we have got technical specifications and other information about the Whizzer Kylin TP1S. As we open the box we get a direct look at the beautiful pair of Whizzer Kylin TP1S earpieces sitting firmly into the cardboard cutouts along with the cute small charging case. Below this lies a user guide, a USB Type C charging cable, and a few pairs of ear tips.

Package Contents:-

>One pair of Whizzer Kylin TP1S TWS earphones.

>One charging case.

>USB Type C charging cable.

>Three pairs of ear tips.

>User guide.

Build Quality & Fit:-

Whizzer TP1S-2

Brand Whizzer is known for its exquisite built quality of their products and the Kylin TP1S is also not an exception. The pair looks mesmerizingly beautiful, it is designed by J.IDEA(Junctions IDEA). Both the earpieces have a sparkling design on them with golden chrome finish at the edges. The charging case has a curvy small form factor, it also has sparkling design paired with a golden chrome finish to complement the looks. Earpieces have Whizzer logo on the faceplate area of the earphone that also houses touch key. They also have J.IDEA logo printed on the extending outer portion of the right-side earpiece while the left side has TP1S printed at the same place. The earpieces sit firmly into the ears with a comfortable fit. They are very lightweight and doesn’t feel in-ear even after long music sessions. Both the earpieces and charging case are well built, they look rich and premium. Also, the TP1S has an IPX5 waterproof rating that makes the pair sweat ad splash-proof.

Whizzer TP1S-3


The previous model had some connectivity issues, the brand has resolved them with the TP1S. The latest model features dual host dual signal transmission that provides a faster connectivity with a strong and stable connection. The Whizzer TP1S features Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity with EDR protocol. The connection is firm and lag-free. We didn’t notice any kind of lag in audio synchronization while watching videos or playing games on our smartphones.

Sound Quality:-

Whizzer TP1S-4

The Whizzer TP1S houses a Tesla 10mm dynamic driver unit. It produces a powerful sound output with a little boost in bass. The overall sound signature is V-shaped, it has a quick and punchy bass response, well-detailed mids, and a smooth full body treble response. The pair sounds exceptionally well for a TWS at 50$ price segment. The sound output is crisp and clear. The vocal details are a bit thin with decent acoustic detail representation. The soundstage is adequate, it is neither too wide nor too narrow. The pair is suited well with EDM, Rock, Pop, and Metal Music. It provides very good noise isolation we couldn’t hear to our surrounding while commuting from home to work. Let’s discuss the different parts of the sound frequency range.

Lower End:-

The Whizzer Kylin TP1S has boosted the lower end, but it does not feel bloated by any means. It has a quick and snappy bass response that shows good depths. The pair has a clean and detailed bass section with decent slams. The sub-bass portion is well detailed too, it shows good rumbles. Listening to EDM artists like Daft Punk is an amazing experience here. Songs by Billie Ellish also shows well-controlled bass with good deep thumps.


The pair has a V-shaped sound signature but it has a peak in upper mids that brings vocals to the front. The peak is not harsh and none of the vocals show sibilance or harshness of any kind. Vocals have a thin texture, especially male vocals. Vocals are enjoyable, Listening to Damien Rice, John Mayer is a good experience but it could have been improved with a more natural tone. But you can’t complain with the crisp clarity and eye-catching looks of the pair for this. Acoustic details are rendered with beautiful texture too.


The Highs portion is well controlled and detailed. It is bright, it shows decent instruments details with crisp clarity. There is no sibilance or harshness of any kind in any of the songs that we have tested. Violins in songs by Tina Guo carry a natural timbre and tonality. Instruments show crisp detailing and the pair shows decent imaging capabilities.

Battery Life:-

The Whizzer Kylin TP1S earpieces lasted for up to 5 hours on a single charge at about 60% of volume. The charging case charged our earphones for about 6 times, so the total battery life that we got is about 30 hours. That feels adequate for us as we have to charge the charging case unit once every three to four days.

Final Verdict:-

Whizzer TP1S-5

The Whizzer Kylin TP1S is a well-designed product that sounds really good as a pair of TWS of earphones. It provides a quick lower end with a well-detailed mids section and a smooth and bright treble section. The pair has a battery life of up to 30 hours and is priced at 54$. The pair performs well and can be recommended for people who are looking to buy a TWS of earphones for commuting and casual music enjoyment with good quality music. You can buy this pair at our store here.


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