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Whizzer B6 TWS earphone review - Horrible & Genius

Whizzer B6 TWS earphone review - Horrible & Genius


The Whizzer B6 has been a real trip for me as an audiophile & gear reviewer. My first impressions - I disliked everything about them. I was even about to say that I can’t review them as there is nothing good to say.

But then I decided to go deeper and give them some time. I gave up my prejudice. After a while I found some things that they do really well sound-wise and also understood that in certain situations they are superior to my “audiophile grade”, “high-end” earphones. So let’s go deeper into what happened…

Whizzer B6 IPX7 TWS

Unboxing & Build

This is actually one of the main reasons that I decided to give the Whizzer B6 another chance. Their build, comfort and ease of use are so amazing that I was sure I will find good things about the sound as well.

Indeed, they sit perfectly in the ear. Their separation from the outside environment is far superior to any other IEMs that I have. I don’t think there’s ever a chance of losing them from your ear. They come in a beautiful case and are so intuitive that you will never need a user manual for these.


I consider myself an audiophile and we often have very rigid opinions of what sounds good. Most audiophiles are looking for the most honest representation of sound and the Whizzer B6 is nowhere near that.

I will skip the usual bass-midrange-high frequencies description as there is really not too much to say here. The bass is heavily boosted. The bass definitely leaks into the midrange and decreases its quality and the highs are recessed. This is a typical consumer type bass-heavy sound. There is also not much to say about imaging & stereo separation.

Now the audiophile in me got to say what it thinks, but this is not the end of the story. There are actually some things that they do very well…

Whizzer B6 IPX7 TWS

Beautiful combination of vocals & bass

It has a beautifully tuned peak somewhere in the higher frequencies that makes vocals shine in the best way possible. Vocals sound very realistic, intimate and personal. At the same time they are very smooth. I enjoy vocals a lot with these.

The midrange dip also separates the vocals from the rest of the background. With very detail rich earphones you will also get the same kind of intimate & personal vocals, but since detail rich earphones want to present every single detail of every instrument. With detail rich earphones you can end up with a very information rich experience where nothing is clearly above others.

With the Whizzer B6 the priorities are very clear - they are all about vocals & bass. Vocals are always in the centre of attention and they are accompanied by a fat bass layer which feels like a thick memory foam cushion below the music.

Whizzer B6 IPX7 TWS

Great in noisy environments

Perhaps you work in a noisy environment? Or you like to go for walks around the city or hit the gym? This is where these earphones really taught me a lesson…

If I take my “high-end” earphones outside, they won’t do the trick. Their musical experience is ruined even by wind or a single car driving by. High end earphones are tuned to such fine details that they are not able to perform once there is any outside interference. And to be clear - I mean it with closed back headphones as well.

Since the Whizzer B6 have great separation and are tuned to have a lot of bass and very clear vocals, then they have enough power to sound great in noisy environments. And I mean better than my 900 dollar IEMs. They work great outside, while doing sports and while working outdoors. In fact - they are my earphone of choice today whenever I need to go outside. They stay true to what they are regardless of where I am or what I am doing.

Whizzer B6 IPX7 TWS


From a classical audiophile perspective these are a no-go. They have none of the sound characteristics that someone with a professional background might look for in an earphone for home listening. But once I dropped my attitude and started testing them in different situations I found many reasons to have these headphones.

Many people make “consumer class” sound like a bad term. As if it is something rough and cheap. But I learned a lesson here. These earphones are “consumer class” because they are built and tuned in a way that is reasonable for people who use these products in a normal environment. They are made for real life use and not for showcasing them on a museum stand.

Even though the bass is heavily boosted, it sounds pretty good. Vocals are great and I love how the rest of the band is definitely in the background so the vocals can shine. And they are much better suited for listening anywhere where you will have external noise. In this case they will give you a better musical experience that earphones that cost 20x the price.

So if you enjoy bass, vocals & want to take your earphones outdoors - go for it!

Author:Henri Liiv

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