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Vivo TWS True Wireless Earbuds Deep Teardown | Hifigo

Vivo TWS True Wireless Earbuds Deep Teardown | Hifigo

The new launched Vivo TWS, according to the BBK subsidiary, is the first true wireless high-definition sound quality smart headset. The product has been in development in Vivo for more than 2 years and packs a number of advanced and industry-first technology. Let's start to check it with the white version since it is go on sale first.  

1.Unpack of Vivo TWS 

Vivo TWS teardown 1

Very simple pattern on the blue cardboard box. 

Vivo TWS teardown 2

Vivo TWS teardown 3

 Vivo TWS, Type-c cable, warranty card and quick start guide included. 

Vivo TWS teardown 5

 Case like a smooth stone. The button is for paring. 

Vivo TWS teardown 6

 Type - c port 

Vivo TWS teardown 7

 Earphones fixed secured in the case. 

Vivo TWS teardown 10

 Case with Vivo TWS earphones weighs 42g.

Vivo TWS teardown 11

 Case without  earphones is 33g. 

Vivo TWS teardown 12

 Two earbuds total weight 9.1g. 

Vivo TWS teardown 13

 The current during charging is 0.42V. 

Vivo TWS teardown 14

Contactors for charging. 

Vivo TWS teardown 15

  • Double click: Telephone / Music / Translation / Jovi
  • Long press: Reject / mute call
  • Sliding: adjusting volume

Vivo TWS teardown 16

 Microphone holes for calling & charging contactors. 

Vivo TWS teardown 17

 Microphone for noise cancelation. 

Vivo TWS teardown 18

 Pressure relief hole with a dust mask 

Vivo TWS teardown 19

  Pressure relief hole with a dust mask 

Vivo TWS teardown 20

 Sound hole with  a dust mask 

Vivo TWS teardown 21

 2. Teardown of Vivo TWS earbuds charging case 


Three parts of the charging case. 

Vivo TWS 24

Metal ring at the charging port. 

Vivo TWS 25

Mainboard and components side close-up.

 Vivo TWS 26

 The other side with the micro button. 

 Vivo TWS 28

 The FPC connected to the mainboard.

Vivo TWS 31

 Hing and magnet

Vivo TWS 32

Magnet for earbud and magnets for case. 

Vivo TWS 33

 Hall chip for detecting the case open or not. 

 Vivo TWS 34

 Hall chip subboard. 

 Vivo TWS 34

 Hall chip with 4D8U

 Vivo TWS 35

 Close-up for battery FPC  with foam protected at both sides.

Vivo TWS 37

USB Type - C connector FPC socket 

Vivo TWS 38

 Take off the USB type -c board. 

Vivo TWS 39

 The other side of Type-c connector board. 

Vivo TWS 40


Vivo TWS 41

 TVS chip on the board for overvoltage protection. 

Vivo TWS 42

 IC with silkscreen S11 958 A583 on Type -C port board . 

Vivo TWS 43

 The information on the battery are covered by the tape.

Vivo TWS 44

 Information of the Vivo TWS charging case battery. 

Vivo TWS 45

 The battery is made by ATL. 

Vivo TWS 46

 NTC temperature detecting on battery board. 

Vivo TWS 47

 LED indicators are covered by white plastic for soft light. 

Vivo TWS 48

 The paring key close-up . 

Vivo TWS 49

Mainboard of the charging case . 

 Vivo TWS 51

 The other side of mainboard TB016 of the charging case. 

 Vivo TWS 52

Booster ic ,boot battery voltage to earphone voltage. 

 Vivo TWS 53

 Nuvoton ML51TB9AE  low legency 8051 chip. 


 3. Teardown of Vivo TWS earbuds 

 Vivo TWS 54

 We have to tear them with tools. 

 Vivo TWS 55

 IC for Touching and ANC microphone.  

 Vivo TWS 56

 Battery with QR code and high-temperature resistant tap. 

 Vivo TWS 58

 S2371 5417 Microphone for calling at the bottom of the earbud. 

 Vivo TWS 60

 The magnet metal material for fixing with the case. 

 Vivo TWS 61

 Speaker connected with FPC. 

 Vivo TWS 62

 The 14.2mm large dynamic driver with fiber composite diaphragm and fine copper sound ring. 


 Vivo TWS 63

 Two layers of the earbud case and they are connected with FPC to the earphone mainboard. 

 Vivo TWS 65

 Teardown the two layers of the case, capacitive sensing FPC inside. 

 Vivo TWS 64

 Another capacitive sensing FPC at the other side of case. 

The two capacitive sensing FPCs are for detective earbuds worn or not. 

 Vivo TWS 65

 Mainboard are connected by FPC with many parts. 

 Vivo TWS 66

Vivo TWS 67

Vivo TWS 68

 S2371 5176 ANC microphone. and there is a touch sensing FPC on the back of the Microphone. 

Vivo TWS 69

 The FPCs = two capacitive sensing FPC + touch sensing FPC

Vivo TWS 70

 The other side of FPC.  

Vivo TWS 71

 Mainboard area, connecting with BlueTooth antenna, microphone and charging part. 

Vivo TWS 72

The other side , battery and the charging contacts. 

Vivo TWS 73

 Teardown the mainboard. 

Vivo TWS 74

 The independent Bluetooth antenna in metalize plastic material for more gain and better connection. 

Vivo TWS 75

 The other side of the antenna. 

Vivo TWS 76

 Bluetooth antenna clip on the mainboard. 

Vivo TWS 78

 Teardown the battery of earbuds. 

Vivo TWS 79

 MIC-POWER dia. 8mm x 6.3mm,  3.7V,0.111Wh lithium battery. 

Vivo TWS 81

 The other side of the mainboard. 

Vivo TWS 82

Z7CLW1921 IC

Vivo TWS 83

 LL14 IC

Vivo TWS 84

M53 IC

Vivo TWS 85

Accelerometer with QR code for double-clicking response. 

Vivo TWS 86

 Goodix GH610/611 solution 


GH610/611 System frame.

Vivo TWS 87

 Qualcomm QCC5126 flagship Bluetooth chip.

Vivo TWS 88

4. Vertical of the teardown of Vivo TWS 

  • Vivo TWS Earbuds have a built-in 14.2mm large sound driver that supports apt X and AAC high-definition audio decoding technology.
  • The Vivo TWS is the first to feature the flagship Qualcomm QCC5126 wireless chip with a dual-core CPU architecture. The chip delivers up to a 100% increase in performance while the memory performance also increased by 300% relative to the previous generation. The headphone also comes with a 30% improvement in power consumption and improved transmission.
  • Vivo TWS Earbud packs with the industry’s first dual-capacitance in-ear sensing technology which is more accurate and more power-efficient. It also features sliding adjustment volume and customizable touch operation. Combined with the voice-sounding function of the bone conduction detection algorithm, it can directly wake up Jovi with voice and realize advanced functions such as fast payment, WeChat broadcast, and real-time translation.
  • Vivo TWS Earbud offers us 4 hours of music playback/3 hours calling and 20 hours extra juice with the case. QC 3.0 quick-charging tech provides us 2hours playback with only 15minutes charging. 

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