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Unboxing of Xiaomi Mi Air 2 TWS | Hifigo

Unboxing of Xiaomi Mi Air 2 TWS | Hifigo

The Xiaomi Mi Air 2 TWS earphone (also named Xiaomi  Mi AirDots Pro 2 TWS) is an upgraded item on the successful Xiaomi Mi True Wireless and Mi AirDots Pro, which now slightly modify their design, and are extremely familiar to us, as well as internal improvements aimed at improving audio quality.  Let's dive more about Xiaomi Mi Air 2 TWS earphones. 

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 1

Very simple cardboard. 

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 2

There is so much information on the back of the cardboard, LHDC is very obvious which is one of the improvements on Mi Air 2. 

Xiaomi Air2 earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0 protocol and incorporate the new Bluetooth codec LHDC, which allows better sound definition at low latency. 

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 3

Rectangular battery box with logo and certification info at back. 

Compared with Bluetooth 4.2 of most TWS on the market, the power consumption of Mi Air 2 is lower, the transmission speed is faster, the anti-jamming ability is stronger, and the signal is more stable. In addition, both of them support Xiaoai AI voice control, which can realize simple voice interaction and completely liberate both of your hands.  

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 4

Type-c charging port

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 5

Unlike the other True Wireless codec, the SBC, the new LHDC of Mi Air 2 allows more than three times the data transmission and provides more realistic wireless audio and high definition, according to the manufacturer. 

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 6

As a Bluetooth headset, in addition to sound quality, more important is the battery life. The Xiaomi Mi Air 2 has also advanced battery life, supporting 14 hours of music and only one hour of charging time. 

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 7

Two thimbles for each bud's charging. 

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 8

Xiaomi Air2 headphones are separate TWS that is very similar to the average TWS earbuds on the market in terms of operation and performance. However, Xiaomi still has its unique characteristics.

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 10

Each earpiece now has a 14.2 mm diaphragm, which according to Xiaomi allows for "richer and fuller" bass, while highs are described as "clear and sharp". It also adopts a dual-microphone to reduce noise during phone calls.  In the first generation, it worked, but not very well. Here the headphone form factor has changed, and it is not quite clear how active noise reduction can work in the earbuds at all. But officially it is - it is necessary to underline it.

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 11

The built-in infrared optical sensor of the earphone can detect the wearing state of the earphone and can be detected at the moment of the ear, and the earphone is automatically paused to play.

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 12

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 support to wake up the voice assistant of your cellphone. No need to speak to your cellphone, just call with the Voice Code of your cellphone. Release your hands and enjoy the smart new life. It supports local voice command, such as "Next/Previous Song".
*Voice Assistant wake up and Voice Command function now only support with Xiaomi cellphone, other cellphones have no confirmed information. 

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 13

Each earpiece weighs 4.5 grams. The total weight is 50 grams. Last generation's headphones each weighed 5.8 grams, and the weight of a full case was 58 grams. So the new Mi Air 2 earphones are lighter than the last generation. 

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 14

Earphone use with split-type true wireless design left and the right piece can be connected to the phone separately, suitable for different situations.

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 15

The earphones are designed in a half-in-ear design to fit the shape of the ear. Give the wearer a more comfortable feeling. The single-sided earphone weighs only 4.5g and no pressure while wearing. In terms of stability, the Xiaomi Air2  fits the ear canal better than the last generation. 

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 16

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 17

Double Tap to Control
No need to operate the cellphone, just lightly double-tap the earphone to control the music/call/voice assistant easily. 
Double Tap any earphone to answer/reject call.
Double Tap left earphone to wake up Voice Assistant.
Double Tap right earphone to continue/pause the music.
Double Tap to continue/pause the music while you wearing only one earphone.
Stop the music while taking off one of the earphones.

xiaomi air 2 bluetooth tws 9

Now  I believe you already have a deep understanding of Xiaomi Air2,  would you like them? 



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