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Shanling MTW100 TWS Stylish Red Version Quick Review with BA drivers | Hifigo

Shanling MTW100 TWS Stylish Red Version Quick Review with BA drivers | Hifigo

TWS design is a combination of electronic solutions and acoustics solutions, it is not easy to do both well at the same time. That is why most TWS only deliver average sound performance. One good thing about this popularity is companies are paying more attention to the sound quality in their TWS buds. They’re doing this by adding CD-Quality Bluetooth codecs like aptX/AAC, and as of late incorporating balanced armature drivers for speed and clarity. 
Shanling, a Chinese company well known for its music players, brings us their latest MTW100 TWS. It comes in three colors -White, Black, and Red- and the price for the White is $69 while the rest cost $89 and offer some hours of extra battery life and better sound reproduction with balanced armature drivers. It is available to ship all over the world with shipping free by Registered Air Mail with the tracking number. 
Shanling TWS MTW100 1
Shanling TWS MTW100 2

Shanling TWS MTW100 3
Shanling TWS MTW100 3
Shanling TWS MTW100 5
Shanling TWS MTW100 6
Shanling TWS MTW100 8
Shanling TWS MTW100 11
Shanling TWS MTW100 12
Shanling TWS MTW100 13
Shanling TWS MTW100 17
Shanling TWS MTW100 18
USB-C‌ charging and NFC‌ wireless charging (only red/black BA versions) are on board as well. Balanced Armature models get 7 hours of playback per charge;  Dynamic driver models get slightly less with 6 hours per charge. That’s pretty good, but there are a few TWS‌ earphones out there that go 10-12 hours per charge now.
Shanling TWS MTW100 17

Sound performance of MTW100

The sound is what really impressed me about the MTW100.

First of all, Pairing them with my smartphone was really simple and quick. I just took them out of the case, pulled up the Bluetooth menu on my phone, and tapped on the MTW100 in the paring list, and I‌ was ready to go.

I used Tidal Hi-Fi tracks streamed from my phone for the bulk of my testing, and I really liked what I‌ heard. The overall sound is very balanced, with no apparent emphasis on any part of the audio spectrum.Shanling TWS MTW100 14

The treble is really crisp without too much sizzle, mids are really open and vibrant, and the bass comes in just enough to add a nice weight to the rhythm. If you’re looking for extended low end with a really hard bass slam, then the balanced armature version may not be for you. The Dynamic driver model may be more to your liking.

The soundstage is also fantastic for true wireless earphones. Most TWS‌ earbuds don’t have a lot of depth or width to the sound. You just look for a good tonal balance and clarity. But the MTW100 plays way outside of your head, and it sounds great.

When I‌ listened to “Intentions”‌ by the rapper Big Boi, the mix was just about perfect. The bass hit just right, even though it wasn’t super deep, (you can tell they use some porting to augment the low end)‌ the vocals were crisp and clean, and the treble while slightly rolled off, provided just the right amount of detail. I really liked what I heard. 

Shanling TWS MTW100 18


If you like a mid-centric or balanced sound profile, then you will love the sound from these earphones. The touch controls take some getting used to, but the MTW100 are well-built and fit great. To me, they are the most comfortable TWS‌ buds I’ve listened to so far, due to their small size and featherweight construction.

Shanling TWS MTW100 16

Main Features of Shanling mtw100 TWS True Wireless Earbuds 

  • Bluetooth 5.0, supporting AAC and SBC codec.
  • Available in two versions
    - The white version using 6mm Dynamic driver with graphene diaphragm
    - The red and black version using a single full-range balanced armature driver from Knowles.
  • Balanced Armature version – Up to 7 hours on a single charge, up to 24 hours with charging case.
  • Dynamic Driver version – Up to 6 hours on a single charge, up to 21 hours with charging case.
  • Touch sensor for control over calls and playback (play/pause, previous, next).
  • Surrounding awareness mode, for moments when you need to hear the world around you.
  • IPX7 waterproof earphones.
  • Mono mode is available for both the left and right earphones.
  • Charging either with USB-C cable or wireless charger.

 Shanling TWS MTW100 14

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