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iBasso DX160 Audio Player Review MQA streaming & Bluetooth 5.0 | Hifigo

iBasso DX160 Audio Player Review MQA streaming & Bluetooth 5.0 | Hifigo

iBasso specializes in research, development, and sales of high quality portable audio products. They have jointly developed dozens of portable digital audio players (DAPs), earphones, USB DACs, and several well known portable audio players, etc. 

iBasso DX160 is one of mid-high portable DAPs. Quite a lot of hottest features and more have opted that makes IBasso DX160 a compelling DAP at $ 469. 

Different from DX220, DX160 which iBasso didn't tell much about before releasing and wasn't shown in any exhibition yet, was announced directly and reservation starts. 

Let's check the specifications first as follows before unboxing.  


We are surprised it supports MQA decoding and Quickcharge 3.0. 

The box is a little smaller than DX220. 

5-inch full screen delivering a massive view on an impressive body.

Comparing with IBasso DX200 and DX220, DX160 is the smallest. 


Same as DX220, it is based on Andriod OS, pls note it is not with dual OS. 

4.4mm and 3.5mm port at the bottom. 

Compared with 7Pro and Cayin N8 

Thickness is nearly half of Cayin N8. 

Tested with A18 earphone, low-gain on 18-25. 

Sound performance is similar to DX220, and it is richer at mids and highs than DX200. 

With QDC VX, vocal details are well reproduced and modest warm.

Paring with KXXS dynamic driver earphones, it is much more transparent than cellphone paring with DAC amplifier. 

Compared with Lotoo PAW Gold Touch, paring with A18 earphone at 4.4mm port, obviously, Gold Touch is more full and transparent and DX160 seems a little soft, anyway, so much difference in price.  

Battery: 16:00-22:00  49%-13% with music play. 

Charging: 23:00-00:30 DX160 get full charged with one and half a hour. 

The verdict of IBasso DX160 

  1. D160 is small and portable for the walkout ,  neutral and warm,
  2. Decent battery life 
  3. Everybody wants to move with the new trends that keep coming, Bluetooth 5.0 is much better than the previous Bluetooth versions which include increased data rate, faster range, and more broadcast capacity. 



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David - November 4, 2021

Thanks for sharing. Could you do a review of Naenka earbuds? Thanks again.

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