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TRN VX IEM Quick Review: Seven Driver Hybrid Earphones!!

TRN VX IEM Quick Review: Seven Driver Hybrid Earphones!!

TRN VX is the latest IEM which is getting quite a lot of hype with the audiophiles in various international forums including Headfi.org. It is a very beautiful pair of in-ear monitors with superb build quality and a seven driver hybrid setup on each side. The TRN VX is actually the cheapest pair with such many drivers on each side. It features six BA units and one 10mm DD unit on each side. Audiophiles are really going crazy for this as it is available for only 73$ approx and has a beautiful CNC magnesium alloy ear shells. We just couldn’t wait and jumped the hype train and got a unit for ourselves a few days ago. Today we are going to share an unboxing and quick review for the same. You can order one for yourself from our store here.


About TRN:-

TRN is a China-based brand that specializes in manufacturing budget-friendly audio products. Their previous IEMs like TRN V80, V90 got good reviews from the audiophiles for their quality performance at pocket-friendly prices.

Features/Technical Specifications:-

>Seven driver hybrid setup featuring 6BA units and one DD unit on each side.

>CNC magnesium alloy ear shells.

>Premium exotic looks.

>Impedance: 22 Ohms.

>Sensitivity: 107dB/mW.

>0.75mm Two-pin connectors.



The TRN VX has got similar packaging just like other products from the brand. It has got a white cardboard packaging that has an image of TRN VX IEMs on the front with TRN VX branding logo. Just opening this outer box we get a direct look at our beautiful looking pair sitting firmly in white cardboard housing. Below this layer lies the 0.75mm 2-pin braided cable with a 3.5mm termination plug and three pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes (S, M, L). What we are missing here is a carry case that is usually included with other IEMs and that feels like a bummer here. Apart from that, the packaging is very simple and plain nothing interesting.

Package Contents:-

>One pair of TRN VX Earpieces.

>One Two-pin cable with a 3.5mm termination plug.

>Three pairs of silicone ear tips.

>User guide.


Build Quality & Fit:-

The TRN VX excels in the build quality segment. The earpieces look outstandingly beautiful with CNC magnesium alloy and matte finishing. It is very lightweight and ergonomically designed and provides a comfortable and firm fit. The faceplates have wing type beveled design that adds to the rich look of the pair. The pair really looks outstanding and has a superb build quality. The cable is a 4-core braided cable with a black silicone sleeve around it. It has 0.75mm two-pin connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug. It is also of very good quality.

Driving the TRN VX:-

The TRN VX is quite easy to drive, we used it with our smartphone Huawei P30 Pro, FiiO M11 Pro. It was powered easily with our smartphone only and we were able to enjoy high-quality music with the pair. So it doesn’t require heavy powerful devices to power and can be enjoyed easily with smartphones only.

Sound Quality:-


Now comes the most important part for an IEM, its sound quality. We were really hyped for the TRN VX as per the hype train this pair has gathered in the international market. But initially, the pair showed some peakiness in the upper mids and lower treble portion making the vocals sound a bit harsh and shouty. After this, we gave the pair a burn-in period of about 150 hours continuously playing different genres of music on our audio player. Now the peaks are settled and it's not as harsh as it was initially and we can enjoy different genres of music. The overall sound signature of the pair has a V-shaped profile and is a bit bright with good detail retrieval. The bass portion is really quick and fast with good layering, the mids are transparent, vocals might feel shouty at louder volumes. The treble portion is bright and energetic with good detail retrieval.

Lower End/Bass:-

The Lower end is very attractive here, it is full of powerful thumps and complements well with other sections of the frequency range. The bass is enough in quantity and has crisp quality with good layering and texture. The sub-bass portion is powerful and carries good rumble. Listening to EDM tracks is really enjoyable and fun. This pair complements with artists like Daft Punk, Hardwell, and more.


The mids section is recessed with a V-shaped sound signature. Though there is a bump in upper mids that makes vocals shouty at louder volumes. Acoustic details are reproduced beautifully with good transparency, though vocals peak could have been improved. Sliding down the upper 2k in EQ is really helpful here and makes the pair even more enjoyable and fun.


The Treble portion is well detailed and energetic. It shows good detail retrieval with superb instrument separation. There is a bit of peakiness in the lower treble region that might make treble sensitive people not enjoy this pair for long music sessions. Apart from that, the instrument detailing is pretty good.


The TRN VX shows a wide soundstage representation, the stage has a 3D representation with a good sense of depth. It has quality imaging capabilities. The staging is adequate for any genre of music, unplugged, live sessions are really enjoyable.

Final Verdict:-


The TRN VX has a superb build quality with a powerful seven driver hybrid setup on each side. The pair has a decent sound quality with a V-shaped sound signature, it has crisp powerful bass, transparent mids, and detailed treble section. TRN VX surely outperforms some of its competition with its looks and crisp sound quality. Though It might be harsh for people with treble sensitivity if you like bright sounding IEMs this pair right here provides good value for money with a quality performance at a pocket-friendly price. The pair is available for just 72.80$, you can check more details here.

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