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TRN TA1 IEM Unboxing & Quick Review: A Beautiful Looker!!

TRN TA1 IEM Unboxing & Quick Review: A Beautiful Looker!!

TRN is an international HiFi audio brand based in China. They have a wide range of products primarily focusing on the budget segment(Under 100$ price segment). Recently they introduced their latest dual-driver hybrid pair of in-ear monitors, the TRN TA1. The pair got instant attention for its insane looks. The pair look exquisitely brilliant with glossy mirror-like metallic ear shells housing a Knowles BA and custom DD drivers. I got a unit for myself a few days back, so today I am going to share my unboxing and quick impressions for this super-beautiful pair of IEMs. So, let’s begin.



The TRN TA1 is a budget dual-driver hybrid pair of IEMs from the brand priced at around 37.99$. It is equipped with a Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver paired with an 8mm custom dynamic driver unit. The pair boasts premium looks with metallic alloy housing. You can check out more details about the pair here.

Packaging & Accessories:-


The TRN TA1 has got a premium designer-looking compact packaging. It features an image of the TA1 earpieces on the front along with the TA1 branding logo. The front also has the key features of the pair printed at the bottom, Magnesium Alloy Housings and 1 Knowles BA+1DD Hybrid In-Ear Monitor. Inside the package, we get the TA1 earpieces sitting firmly into foam along with its connector cable. The package also contains six pairs of silicone ear tips and one pair of foam ear tips. There is no carry case included in the package.


The package's design and look are rich and premium. Contents of the package are as follows:-

>One pair of TRN TA1 earphones.

>One MMCX connector cable with a 3.5mm termination plug.

>Three pairs of black silicone tips.

>Three pairs of white silicone tips.

>One pair of foam tips.

>TRN documentation(Warranty card & Instruction Manual).

Build Quality & Design:-


As I stated earlier, the build and design are one of the key features of the TRN TA1. The earpieces are very well-built featuring a mirror-like glossy finish. They are actually made up of magnesium alloy material and are quite hefty. The earpieces are smooth at the edges with average-sized nozzles providing a comfortable fit for its users. The glossy mirror finish makes them look so shiny and beautiful. I am personally also fascinated by the fact that this super-beautiful pair costs just around 40$. The pair looks astonishingly beautiful. On the top of the earpieces, we have the MMCX connectors denoting the right and left sides by red and blue color respectively. The included cable feels quite sturdy and well-built too. It has a rounded shape near the MMCX connectors for a firm fit.


Fit & Noise Isolation:-

I find the pair providing a comfortable fit. The earpieces sit firmly in my ears covering the entire ear canal. Thanks to an average size ear nozzle the penetration is also not very deep and it is very comfortable to use this pair on the go. I used the stock grey medium-sized tips and it provides a firm fit and a good level of noise isolation from the environmental noises.

Driving The TRN TA1:-

The TRN TA1 has a low impedance rating of just 16 ohms with a high sensitivity rating of around 107dB/mW. It can be powered very easily, even using smartphones without any trouble. I used iBasso DX160 and xDuoo MT-602 with the TRN TA1, here are my findings with these two pairings.


iBasso DX160:-

I connected the TA1 with the DX160 using the standard 3.5mm port on the DX160. It drove well-off without any trouble, got a clean, lush musical output with adequate volume level at around 40/100 volume.

xDuoo MT-602:-


The output is cleaner and warmer here as compared to the DX160 pairing. MT-602 is actually getting too powerful, listened at around 20% volume on the MT-602. I also find the output to be slightly warm I guess that’s the tubes doing their work. But all in all an enjoyable experience.

Sound Quality:-

The TRN TA1 has a lush, thick sound tonality with a relaxed treble signature. The lower end is presented by the 8mm dynamic driver, it provides excellent transitions and presents a deep, impactful lower end that complements the other frequencies well. It is tight and controlled well within its region. The mid-frequencies are pretty clean and transparent. On the higher side of the frequency response range, the treble frequencies are relaxed and presented well. They suffer roll-off in top-end providing fatigue and sibilance-free listening experience. In my experience, the pair is very lush sounding that provides a musical response, enjoyable and fun at the same time. Here’s the frequency-wise sound description of the TRN TA1.


Lower End:-

The minute 8mm dynamic driver provides a fast, deep, punchy lower end. The bass extensions are good and hit precisely. It actually is quite thick and adds weight to the output. The sub-bass rumble is quite powerful, it isn’t thunderous but is extended well-enough to provide a fun element to the output. The lower end is tightly controlled with no muddiness or bleed to the other frequencies. The pair complements genres such as Hip-Hop, EDM, and more that benefits from a punchy lower end.


The mid-frequency response with the TRN TA1 is musical and transparent. The pair presents smooth, nicely textured, non-fatiguing vocals that are brought forward without sounding harsh at all. Acoustic instruments such as guitars and more show a good sense of airiness between the strings. The airy, transparent mid-frequencies are in my opinion, one of the best aspects of the TA1’s sound signature. Instrument clarity is also a good aspect of the TRN TA1’s signature.

TRN TA1-10


The treble portion in TRN TA1 presents a smooth, relaxed, non-fatiguing signature. The cymbal crashes show good detailing but end abruptly as the pair rolls-off in ultra-high frequencies. But this also allows the pair to present a sibilance-free sound output that is very relaxing to listen to.

Soundstage & Imaging:-

TA1 has an average wide soundstage. It doesn’t give the feel of an auditorium, but it doesn’t bind us in a small room with the musicians haha. It provides ample space for different musical genres to shine with good clarity and detail. In terms of imaging, I find the TRN TA1 to be good for its price range too.


Final Verdict:-

I am impressed by the relaxing and transparent signature of the TRN TA1. It can actually be a good entry-point for our buddy audiophiles who are planning to start their journey and are low on budget. It can also be a good companion to listen to vocal-based artists with its lush, thick signature. At 37.99$ you can never go wrong with the TRN TA1. Check out more details on the TRN TA1 at our store page here.

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