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Tri i3 IEM Quick Review: Beautiful Metallic IEM!!

Tri i3 IEM Quick Review: Beautiful Metallic IEM!!

The China audio industry brings us new and innovative audio products every other day. Today we are discussing such an IEM, the Tri i3. Tri i3 is a hybrid driver pair of in-ear monitors featuring three hybrid driver setup each side consisting of one planar magnetic driver, one 8mm composite dynamic driver unit, and one BA Driver. The pair has large CNC Aluminium alloy earpieces they not only look brilliant but also feel strong and sturdy. It comes bundled with a variety of accessories including a copper MMCX cable, velvet carry case, and more. The pair is priced at 169$, you can check more details about the Tri i3 here. We at Hifigo have got a unit for ourselves a few days back, and today we are going to share an unboxing and quick review with you all for the same.

Unboxing and Accessories:-

Tri i3 comes in a simple black cardboard box with the Tri branding logo on the front. As we open this box we get a direct glimpse at the beautiful pair of IEM’s sitting in foam cutouts at the upper portion. At the bottom portion, we get a velvet carry case in brown color again with Tri branding logo on the front. It holds the copper MMCX cable with 3.5mm termination plug and other accessories including six pairs of silicone ear tips, and one pair of foam ear tips. The accessories are of good quality and add to the rich look of the earpieces.

Tri i3-1

Package Contents:-

>One pair of Tri i3 IEM’s.

>One MMCX Copper Cable with 3.5mm Termination Plug.

>Three pairs of Silicone Ear tips(Grey).

>Three pairs of Silicone Ear tips(White).

>One pair of Foam Ear tips(White).

>One Velvet Carry Case.

Build Quality & Fit:-

The earpieces are made up of high-quality CNC Aluminium alloy material. They look beautiful and have a strong and sturdy feel to them. But they have a large size to them, the housing is large which might give fit issues to people with small ears. For us, we have medium-sized ears and it gave a comfortable and firm fit for us. The earpieces look like a piece of jewelry with its shiny look but since its metal alloy, it is a kind of fingerprint magnet.  They have long ear nozzle that goes deep into the ears and seal the ear canal completely providing good isolation to us. The all metal alloy construction surely looks pretty good and makes the earpieces look rich and premium, it provides a good fit to us but we doubt for fit with people with small ears due to the huge ear shell housing.

Driving the Tri i3:-

Tri i3 is using a triple hybrid driver setup on each side consisting of a planar magnetic driver. In our experience planar drivers surely need the power to drive properly, here we have used the pair with our Huawei P30 Pro, iBasso DX160, and Fiio M11 Pro. Huawei P30 Pro powered the pair to good audible volumes but with the iBasso DX160 and Fiio M11 Pro, it actually comes to life. The planar driver surely reproduces amazing details with the extra juice provided to it with the dx160 and M11 Pro. So the IEM will work with your smartphones but using it with a proper dap or some powerful sources is recommended to bring out most of the details in your music. Also, note that before writing this review we burned in the unit for about 100 hours.

Sound Quality:-

Tri i3 produces a balanced and natural sound output. It has a warm U shaped sound signature. The pair sounds musical and produces rich lush vocals with a groovy lower end. The output on the Tri i3 has a relaxed feel to it. Instruments have a crisp natural tonality with decent details. Bass feels quick and punchy with good details and rumble, vocals are lush and detailed with good acoustic instrument representation, and the treble portion is well extended and detailed. Listening to Abbey Road Album by The Beatles is really good, the pair reproduces good details with quick thumps and rich vocals.

Tri i3-2


Tri i3 has an 8 mm composite dynamic driver to provide the users with deep punchy bass response. And it does its job with utmost precision and quality. The lower end is well detailed, shows good snappy punches. The sub-bass portion is very smooth and shows good rumble. The bass is controlled well within its region and doesn’t overlap mids. Listening to EDM tracks by Daft Punk is a perfect experience, the pair shows a groovy snappy thumping bass response.


The pair shows brilliant mids response, vocals, and acoustic details are represented beautifully. The planar driver is supposedly handling the mids section and it brings out outstanding details here. Vocals are transparent and lush, they carry a natural texture and tonality. Both male and female vocals are a delight to listen to on this pair. Listening to artists like Damien Rice is just mesmerizing. There is no harshness or peakiness in mids, everything sound relaxed and smooth.


The treble portion is well extended and reproduces decent details. We listened to several metal artists like Opeth, Death, Disturbed, Tool and the pair showed outstanding instrumental details with good tonality. Listening to the violin in songs by Tina Guo is again a soothing experience, nothing feels harsh or sibilant. Though it lacks reproducing some micro details, with such a soothing relaxed sound signature the overall output is fun, musical, and enjoyable.


The Tri i3 provides a large 3D soundstage, it is wide and deep. The soundstage feels airy and detailed. It feels like an entire stadium filled with instruments with crisp detailing being played personally for us in our ears. Listening to Binaural tracks by Yosi Horikawa and we can feel the stage representation all around us.

Final verdict:-

Tri i3-3

Tri i3 is a very good sounding pair of in-ear monitors with a quick and deep lower end, natural and lush vocals, and smooth treble portion with a huge soundstage representation. The pair has a warm relaxed sound signature. It has a rich build quality with CNC aluminum alloy ear shells, Though the huge size shells might be an issue for people with small ears once you get a firm fit with the pair it provides a detailed precise sound output that suits every genre of music. It is currently priced at 169$ and you can check more details about it here at our store.

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