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Topping D90 Roundup Review

Topping D90 Roundup Review

Article Review of Topping D90 Pro:

Before we Begin, if you are already aware of this product, then you can get it at HifiGo

Audio Science Reviews:

The Topping D90 produces the lowest noise and distortion than 220 DACs tested so far. It shows that AKM is ready for business to compete with ESS on top of the performance charts. It has excellent build quality and comes from a manufacturer that believes in the verification of design with measurement. Its measured performance is nearly flawless. 

Not that it matters audibly but clock accuracy is excellent showing a precise 1 kHz frequency. The output is 4 volts which is what we like to see form XLR output.

The star of the show, of course, is astonishingly small distortion. It showcases the performances of the AK4499 DAC chip which until now, would lose ever so slightly to offerings from ESS on distortion front.

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Key Highlights of the Review: You will find the details for DAC Audio Measurements, Dynamic Range, Jitter Noise, Sampling Range & Headphone Amplifier Measurements and Output Impedance.


SoundNew Reviews:

I have huge respect for companies that are not rushing products and that are releasing them only when it’s done with their best version. D90 is such a device and Topping is such a company. As time passed, I listened to more of their designs and I started having a deep respect for them. With every new product, they would raise the bar of what affordable and high-performance would mean to me and D90 didn’t disappoint at all. On the contrary, it again opened my eyes how good a digital audio source can sound at such a low price to pay.


  • A beautiful and sleek looking device with a solid build quality
  • Deepest depth, widest soundstage, and the most 3D sounding DAC I have tested
  • Linear frequency response and super-extended on both ends
  • Impressive levels of transparency and resolution
  • High-precision pin-point imaging
  • Excellent dynamics, pace, rhythm, and timing for an AKM design
  • Lacks any noise and distortion, black as night background
  • Full-bodied, rich in tonality and very life-like sounding
  • Unexpected high-pressure slam and impact
  • Widest selection of digital inputs
  • Excellent price to performance ratio


  • None (that’s a first!)

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Key Highlights of the Review: You will find details on the build quality,details on controls and connectivity,detailed technical specs,Detailed sound performance,comparisons with Matrix Audio Element X and pros and cons.

Youtube Reviews:

Z Reviews:  Almost Platinum Status




You can get the Topping D90 from HifiGo


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