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Tin HiFI P2 Unboxing & Quick Review

Tin HiFI P2 Unboxing & Quick Review

Earlier this month, Tin HiFi released their latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors, the Tin HiFi P2. It is their latest flagship featuring a powerful Planar Magnetic driver unit. Now if you are familiar with the Tin HiFi product range, the P2 is an upgrade to the highly acclaimed Tin HiFi P1 IEMs. The P2 is equipped with an upgraded second-generation planar magnetic driver unit inside beautiful stainless steel earpieces. As a former user of Tin P1, I was so excited for the P2 and grabbed a pair for myself. It is available for an introductory price of 339$, check out more details here. Today I am gonna share the unboxing and quick review for the same with you all.

Unboxing Impressions:-

Tin HiFi P2-1

The packaging for Tin HiFi P2 is very different and similar to Sony’s Hifi IEM packaging. The upper layer opens in a flip-open style. It houses the IEMs and their blue colored leather carry case. The lower layer opens in a shelf-drawer style where we get our accessories. It includes a balanced cable with 2.5mm termination, six pairs of ear tips in different sizes, one 2.5mm-3.5mm adapter, and one 2.5mm-4.4mm adapter. The packaging is unique and looks really premium. It is different from what we get from other products in the Tin HiFi lineup. But who are we kidding this is the current flagship offering from the brand, and the packaging appeals to the same.

Package Contents:-

>Tin HiFi P2 IEMs.

>Balanced cable with 2.5mm termination.

>L-type 2.5mm-3.5mm connector.

>Straight plug 2.5mm-4.4mm connector.

>Three pairs of silicone ear tips.

>Three pairs of foam ear tips.

>Leather carry case.

>Quick start guide.

Build Quality & Fit:-

One thing the P1 were famous for apart from their sonic output is their build quality. And the P2 also lives up to that with its beautiful stainless steel earpieces. They have a matte finish on the face panels that sometimes looks like an open-back design from the images. Faceplates have a rich matte texture while the rest of the earpiece body has a smooth finish. Earpieces have a triangular design similar to the previous-gen and an angled ear nozzle. The leather carry case looks really good in quality and has ample space inside.

Tin HiFi P2-2

The cable goes around the ears and makes them sit firmly into the ears providing a very comfortable fit for me. They are actually lightweight. I have listened to the pair for several hours and faced no issues regarding fit or comfort.

Tin HiFi P2-7

Driving the P2:-

Housing a second-generation Planar Magnetic driver the Tin HiFi P2 is a bit power-hungry. It scales well with good sources. With my Huawei P30 Pro, it sounds smooth though not at adequate volumes. Pairing with M11 Pro through the 4.4mm or 2.5mm Bal port it brings out amazing details with deep bass in our music. But I have to push volume near the top for it to drive at adequate volumes. With the FiiO Q3 in the chain, I was able to get pretty solid output too. I would suggest you to use it with powerful sources at least a DAP with a Balanced port to make it shine to its full potential.

Sound Quality:-

Tin HiFi P2-3

The P2 produces a bright sound output with deep bass, beautiful smooth mids, rich crisp vocals, and a detailed treble area. There are good extensions at both the lower and higher ends. The Treble area is kind of sparkly and might offend some people with sensitivity to a bright signature. The pair produces an adequately wide soundstage to provide a decent headroom for our music. Detail retrieval is also pretty good with the P2, instruments have crisp clarity to them. Tonality mostly sounded natural to me in terms of instruments and vocals. Vocals catch quite an attention with their detailing and clarity in the pair.

Lower Frequencies/Bass:-

The latest P2 improves over the bass on the P1 with a deeper and powerful lower end. It produces deep, quick bass slams in a rich layered form. The slams feel rich with a good texture to them complementing the music with quality bass. Kick-drums, bass guitars show good weight and come out pretty nice in our music. Sub-bass in Bad Guy by Billie Eilish shows good power and energy to the track. It feels just right, not overdone not less complementing our music really well.

Mid Frequencies:-

Tin HiFi P2-4

Mids frequencies are actually where this pair performs exceptionally. Both the male and female vocals feel alive with a natural tonality and crisp clarity to them, there is no harshness or fatiguing to them even at louder volumes. Instruments like guitars, pianos have a good sense of weight and airiness to them making our output pretty good and enjoyable. Listening to I Cry by Yao Si Ting generates a lot of emotions with its clarity, Really good in my opinion.

High Frequencies:-

High frequencies show good detailing and sparkle to them. It holds some excess energy in the high frequencies that make the pair pretty bright. People with a sensitivity to bright frequencies might find the pair harsh at loud volumes during heavy tracks. Detailing is pretty good, instruments are well detailed in busy tracks like In Mist She Was Standing by Opeth. Violins, Electric Guitars, Cymbals show rich detailing with the P2.

Tin Hifi P2-5


The Tin HiFi produces an adequately wide sound stage. It is neither too wide nor too narrow, it produces adequate headroom for the listener. I mean it won’t sound like a full wide auditorium but it sounds like a decently large room which gives ample stage space for live performances, Binaural tracks, and more.

Final Words:-

Tin HiFi P2-6

The Tin HiFi P2 is a brilliantly crafted pair with decent enough sonic performance. Earpieces look exquisite with their smooth stainless steel finish and textured faceplates. It comes bundled with a high-quality balanced cable that is just like icing on the cake. The pair performs really well with its beautifully detailed mids, rich vocals, and quick deep bass response. I am gonna use this as my daily driver now as I love the fit from these too.

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