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TFZ S2 pro Entry-level audiophile IEM earphones Unboxing and Review | Hifigo

TFZ S2 pro Entry-level audiophile IEM earphones Unboxing and Review | Hifigo

Among a number of local brands in China, THE FRAGRANT ZITHER,  in short TFZ, is one of the manufacturers with the largest number of new product releases. They launched a full range of low, mid and high-end audio products every year which making people dizzying. TFZ, who develops products from the case, driver to tuning independently has won good reputation over several years through this kind of marketing strategy.

On 00:00 of September,2019, TFZ S2 pro, Entry-level audiophile IEM earphones launched based on the success of TFZ Series 2 with compelling detail price CNY 299. 

Specifications of TFZ S2 Pro 

Unit: 11.4 MM graphene Tesla Unit

Technology: Dual-magnetic circuit two divided-frequency

Impedance: 32 ohms

Sensitivity: 105dB MW

Frequency response range: 5Hz - 40KHz

Lowest power: 8mW

Connector: 3.5mm

Cable length: 1.2 m

Cable specification: 0.78mm two-pin detachable silver-plated cable

According to the product information related to TFZ, it is obvious that TFZ S2 PRO IEM is an upgraded version of S2, but in fact, S2 has been slightly improved before. However, the PRO version has been upgraded more thoroughly, such as 11.4mm graphene tesla unit, the appearance with high-end T x BEAR series design, and the upgrade of the wire to the new design of silver-plated oxygen-free copper wire. For me, what I care about most is 11.4mm graphene tesla unit performance. 

There are a lot of things in the box, especially 12 sets of ear tips.  The 12 earmuffs are enough for most users. 

To our eye, the design of the TFZ S2 pro IEM continues the AW board design of T x BEAR version. Sure, the T x BEAR is the top-of-the-line IEMs from the company, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from build or design alone.

TFZ S2 pro earphones adopt 11.4mm graphene tesla reluctance unit. The large-size unit with dual-magnetic circuit two divided-frequency technology is developed by TFZ   independently, which is rare in China.   

Since the beginning of 2019, TFZ has updated standard cable for most of the earphones. The material with silver-plated oxygen-free copper inside is translucent and soft and is not easy to wind.

The sound performance of TFZ S2 pro earphones

The impedance of TFZ S2 PRO is 36 ohms, more than twice that of S2, but it still belongs to the category of low-impedance earphones, so don't worry about whether it can be powered, it can be easily driven even by the mobile phone.  
TFZ S2 PRO to my initial impression is high resolution with slightly warm feeling, just right balance taste of debugging, an appropriate dye is used to improve sound performance. Most of the Entry-level headphones deliver too much of the so-called quality sense, they are either with a harsh sound or with too much dye compensation for resolution. These two extreme styles are obviously not what we want. However, TFZ S2 PRO combines the advantages of the two. It delivers hi-resolution sound with a little warm sound in case you like popular music style. It will also give you a little crossover in terms of transient and low frequency. What's more commendable is that the overall control is excellent, and there is no particularly radical frequency band.


There are four options for TFZ S2 pro earphones



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