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T2 DLC - Classic Dynamic Sound Refined

T2 DLC - Classic Dynamic Sound Refined



  1. At the point of this article, my T2 DLC has undergone over 100 hours of runtime
  2. I don't do measurements, I just describe what I hear, from my own POV
  3. I don't use EQ
  4. The entirety of my impressions was done with T2 Foam Tips
  5. Ultimately, my reviews are purely subjective and biased to my personal preference in sound

TIN has released an improved version to the original classics T2 which proved well accepted by many for budget oriented universal IEMs. They have opted to change very little from the original T2 physically, but focused more on sound tuning.

The Build


T2 DLC comes in simple yet elegant package.

Starting with the build of the IEMs itself, CNC machined aluminum that retained the design of the original T2. Professional no nonsense design intended for functionality and longevity. Comes accompanied with 5N silver-plated cable with standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. I truly admire the compactly braided cable which is so flexible and appeared strong too. It is beautiful as it is functional.

Then T2 DLC comes with standard selection of silicone tips. The one that pleases me the most is the inclusion of a pair of blue foam tips which I love a lot. TIN should have included more of this type of tips because it proved to be the best tuning companion for T2 DLC.

Now the best part, without a doubt T2 DLC is among the very best when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. Despite the seemingly edgy construction, the size and implementation somehow ended being quite wearable. The testimony of this, often I would forget that I have an IEM plugged into my ears when doing my daily chores. There was a time I even had my T2 DLC stay plugged for half a day and me just enjoying my music. Truly exemplary.



Equipment Used

-    Xiaomi Mi 9T

-    Sony Xperia X Compact

-    Windows 10 with Native USB Drivers

-    USB Exclusive Mode with FLAC files

-    CEntrance DACport HD

-    Cayin RU6

-    Ovidius B1

-    VE Abigail

-    NotByVE Avani

-    VE Megatron

-    MUSE HiFi M1

Test Audio Playlist


Sound Impressions

To get the true nature of T2 DLC sound, it needed some burn in as would all dynamic drivers would. Out of the box I was hearing typical euphonic and overly vibrant dynamics which stabilized a lot after the mark of 48 hours. I know this is not placebo because I did interval checks to observe the sound. True indeed after 48 hours everything sounded sensible and polished, unsavory element to the sound all gone.

The character of T2 DLC can be best described as mild V curve tuning. Pronounced lower frequency boosting with slight suppression of Mids staging. This is one of the few V tuned Dynamic Drivers that sounded well balanced and disciplined. Dynamic transients presentation being crispy smooth end to end. It has vibrancy that makes single DD appealing

Timbre and tonal wise, T2 DLC is properly organic and natural. The tone sounded just right - no hint of timbral coloration. The overall tone being pleasant yet exhibiting authority. Simply put, the tone/timbre is believable and realistic.

Aside from the evident minor suppression of staging for Mids (as would be expected of V tuned IEMs). the staging of Midrange actually sounded proper without imparting any sense of being recessed. Mids offer great transparency and neutrality as I am not hearing any attempt to color the sound spectrum with added warmth or dryness. The texture being amply rich. Perhaps lacking some depth of imaging but this is just critical observation. The attack and decay is realistic, pace and rhythm flowing gracefully

T2 DLC proved quite adept with both male and female vocals. As would be expected from a properly tuned unit, T2 DLC handles all 5 major vocals type. Even the most peaky of G7 Soprano sounded great with good resistance to edge distortion at the highest peak. The harmonics of vocal transients from lower to upper octave sounded graceful. Even the most chesty of Baritone and Contralto exhibited solid presentation with the natural warmth and authority. Despite all this I would still say that T2 DLC is not Mids centric, but it is mature enough to allow the user to savor high quality Mids from a supposedly V tuned device.

Now, my favorite part would be the handling of stringed instruments, and percussions too. As a hardcore listener to Rock/Metal genre, I am absolutely having a blast with T2 DLC. The attack, tone and reverb of guitars are richly dense and crisp, yet ever edgy beyond what is realistic. It is almost like listening to analogue speakers setup with good tube amps sort of sensation. Snare drums on T2 DLC manage to impart the excitement of the beat. Apparently this is also evident with most other genres that contain lots of stringed and percussive instruments, even Bluegrass. But of course it gets better with Rock/Metal.

Looking at upper frequencies, I would say T2 DLC exhibited good balance to keep it bright enough without imparting any element of hot sizzles or shimmer. Treble has good air and texture, strong with macro details, slightly mild with micro details. The attack and decays also sounded natural. The start of the attack never too euphonic, the dispersal into the extended region smooth and well rounded. As noted earlier, T2 DLC sounds great with percussions, hi hats and cymbals exhibited admirable realistic tone and timbre - no hint of being metallic or digital - even when subjected to playing Lo-Fi recordings.

T2 DLC can stand proud with Bass performances. Let's just clarify firsthand, T2 DLC is not a Basshead IEM. The overall mass, density and body would still be not strong enough for Basshead indulgences. That clarified, without reservation I would say that T2 DLC some of the best Mid Bass presentation I have heard within this price range. That classic DD Bass which offer great presence, slam and impact. Most importantly the texture of Bass which sounded rich with good depth. Sub Bass on the other hand, is modest actually - unlike most Harman tuned devices, T2 DLC does not boost Sub Bass. Yet I can still hear and sense great decays as the Bass transition between Mid Bass to Sub Bass, it is present and it is smooth.

On top of that, T2 DLC Bass proved more than sufficient for electronic Bass as well. Even when subjected to Bass heavy tracks from Massive Attack and ZU, T2 DLC shown great agility to resist distortions. For me personally, T2 DLC Bass performances being a winner for how good it sounded handling Rock/Metal. From impactful Drum Bass to groovy Bass guitars, it is addictive and engaging.


I will start with T2 first real weakness. Spatial bias for T2 DLC seems to be Left and Right oriented. Meaning T2 DLC appeared non holographic - a trait common to older type of tuning for dynamic drivers. This is not uncommon as I have heard the same issues with the likes of 7Hz Eternal. But if I am not paying too much attention I would not penalize T2 DLC for this shortcomings, because the rest of T2 DLC technicalities are great actually.

Despite the spatial bias issue, the soundstage itself sounded spacious enough. There's good sense of space and separation which is always neat, always tidy. It is effortless to track individual note or instruments.

Resolution and transparency of T2 DLC being quite respectable. Especially when paired with highly competent sources. I am getting satisfying details handling even with subtle nuances. Perhaps not as clinical as more expensive units, but on its own T2 DLC is quite respectable in this regard. What I do like, how forgiving T2 DLC is with the handling of Lo-Fi recordings, while keeping details available, T2 DLC also still manage to avoid presenting artifacts.

Speed is great too. For a DD to exhibit this sort of agile and responsive characteristics, I am impressed. T2 DLC has the speed to resolve the transients of dynamic flow effectively even when subjected to highly complex compositions - or outright speedy - and this is why it sounded so great with Rock/Metal.



Rated at 32 Ohm with 111db of sensitivity, T2 DLC is efficient for pairing demands. Runs perfectly fine directly from my Xiaomi Mi 9t.

T2 DLC does gets improved with scaled up feed. The more power, the more dense and rich the sound. Especially evident with Bass being very visceral and engaging.

This is a great trait to have, because it means that T2 DLC is highly flexible with source paring, even with 775 mW of power from the 4.1 Vrms of CEntrance DACport HD, T2 DLC responded gracefully and admirably with no hint of being shouty due to higher wattage.

Final Words

Priced at $59, it is easy to like T2 DLC. It is almost perfect in many ways, very minimal cons that does not tarnish the entire experience.

T2 DLC has great sound tuning, it has great wearability, solidly built and it is quite affordable. I would not hesitate to recommend T2 DLC especially to fellow Metalheads. Well, I would still recommend T2 DLC even if they are not Metalheads, T2 DLC simply being versatile and adaptable to any genre. 

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