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Softears Turii IEM Quick Review:- A Twisted Tale of Perfect Sound Output!!

Softears Turii IEM Quick Review:- A Twisted Tale of Perfect Sound Output!!

Softears is a China-based Hi-Fi audio equipment manufacturing brand. They create class-leading flagship-level in-ear monitors, they released two of their highly acclaimed pairs of in-ear monitors, Softears RS10 and Softears Cerberus at Chengdu Headphone Exhibition last year. Both the products got good praise and reviews from the audiophiles all around the globe. Later last year at the Camjam 2019, Shanghai the brand unveiled its third pair of Hi-Fi IEM, the Softears Turii. The Softears Turii was shown last year but it got released on 21st April 2020. It is a very different looking pair of IEM’s, it has a twisted design to it that is the signature design for this pair. Even the packaging is inspired and made with the same twisted pattern. The Turii houses a single Dynamic Driver which is tuned with precise research and development to provide the users with unmatched detailed sound output and a humongous soundstage representation. It is priced at 1399$ and you can check more about it here at our store. We have got a unit for ourselves and we are going to share the unboxing and quick review for the same with you all today.


Softears put their efforts into designing not only the sound profile or design of their earphones but designing it as a whole package. The entire packaging of Softears Turii is inspired by the twisted design, the outer packaging is a long rectangular box. As we open up the box we get a message from the team at Softears telling us that they have designed the Softears Turii box to match the expectations of users for unboxing a flagship pair. Below this lies multiple layers of cardboard sheets with written “Twist Your Ears”, here the brand is not asking us to twist our ears on our heads LOL, they are asking us to twist these cardboard sheets and get a glimpse at our beautiful pair of Turii Earphones sitting firmly inside these twisted sheets.

Softears Turii-1

There is a round leather carry case right next to this Twisted earphone packaging, that holds our two-pin connector cable and nine pairs of ear tips. The unboxing experience of Softears Turii is quite premium and rich, but it feels like Softears is not yet satisfied with this and they are planning to improve this in the next lot. But from what we experienced today while unboxing Turii it surely is unique and different.

Softears Turii-2

Package Contents:-

>One pair of Softears Turii in-ear monitors.

>One Two-pin connector cable with a 3.5mm termination plug.

>Six Pairs of Silicone Ear Tips.

>Three Pairs of Foam Ear Tips.

>One Leather Carry Case.

>One Softears Turii Nameplate With Unit Number.

Design, Build Quality, And Fit:-

Spftears Turii-3

The Design of Softears Turii is what makes it different from the other flagship IEM’s currently available in the market. The earpieces are made of up premium quality CNC Stainless Steel material that is further coated with PVD to provide a shiny mirror look to them. The faceplate is slightly twisted sideways with fine lines on the sides and has Softears logo printed on the front. One can see the brilliant craftsmanship with such precise designed fine lines and well-built earpieces. The build quality of the pair is top-notch and it really feels like a flagship pair while in hand. It is quite different looking and eye-catchy with its design. The wire included in the package is also rich and has a black glossy covering around it. The Y splitter on the cable also matches with the earpieces with a twisted shape and Softears logo on the front. Though the earpieces feel a bit heavy they sit firmly into our ears and provide a comfortable fit. Looking at the large size of their shells and twisted design we doubted the fit, but thankfully the fit is very firm and comfortable for us. It covered our ear canal completely with its long nozzle and provided us with good levels of noise isolation.

Softears Turii-4

Driving the Softears Turii:-

Softears Turii has a single dynamic driver unit on each side, it is fairly easy to drive. It sounds good straight out of my smartphone Huawei P30 Pro and pairing it with iBasso DX160 and Fiio M11 Pro surely brought brilliant micro details on the plate.

Sound Quality:-

Softears Turii-5

In today’s time when brands are rushing for multi-driver units, how good can a single DD unit produce sound? We listened to the Turii with this thought in our minds. And man the pair blew our minds with its well-detailed sound output with a natural tonality and that wide sound stage representation. It has a humongous sound stage just like its large shells. The bass section is well defined with deep punchy thumps, mids and vocals carry a natural tone with lush details, and the treble portion is well extended with crisp details. We tested multiple genres of music on the Turii and it adjusted well with all of them and provided us with outstanding clarity. The pair sounds energetic and sparky.

Lower End/Bass:-

Softears Turii has a powerful lower end with deep thumpy bass response. It is controlled well within its range and doesn’t leak to the other portions of the frequency range. The bass thumps are full body and heavy, listening to EDM tracks by Daft Punk surely got us on our grooves with its beats. The sub-bass portion is well detailed and full of rumble, listening to songs by Billie Ellish feels full of life and thunder. The bass portion is well detailed, the three bongo beats in Hotel California by Eagles surely hit our soul at the sweet spot.


The mids section has a natural and lifelike vocal representation. The acoustic details are reproduced with an airy feel all around on the stage, listening to Cover Sessions by Boyce Avenue, Pop Songs by Ali Gatie, Chris Klafford are very soothing and lively. Vocals feel lush and carry a natural texture to them, one can feel the heaviness in the vocalist’s voice, listening to Damien Rice has never been so good, he just feels right up front for us. It offers an extraordinary experience for vocal and acoustic music lovers with its airy and detailed sound.


The highs section is sparkly and fuller. The pair reproduces minutest of the details in our music with utmost precision and yet represent to the user in a smooth manner. Listening to Metal songs by Tool, Disturbed, Opeth, is a different experience. One can easily notice multiple instruments being played. There is no signs of sibilance or harshness of any kind in any of the instruments. Listening to Imaging Dragons, Led Zeppelin, and other similar artists the pair surely brings a new experience on the table for its users with a fuller instrument representation with natural tonality and timbre.


The soundstage in Softears Turii is enormous. It is full of airiness all around the stage, it sounds spacious and deep, listening to live recording is bliss and an amazing experience, one can easily spot instrument placements. The pair shows brilliant imaging capabilities.

Final Verdict:-

Softears Turii-6

Softears Turii is a brilliant sounding product with a new design take on our traditional in-ear monitors. The pair has a unique twisted design with large ear shells made up of CNC Stainless Steel material. With a single dynamic driver unit, it provides an unmatched sound output with crisp details and a wide soundstage. Instead of an analytical sounding pair that mostly flagship pairs of in-ear monitors sound like, the Turii sounds different with a fun and musical sound signature. It is an enjoyable pair that plays almost all genres of music with utmost clarity and detail. The Softears Turii is currently priced at 1399$, check out more details about the product at our store here.

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