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Sivga Phoenix Headphone Quick Review: Wooden Open-Back Pleasure

Sivga Phoenix Headphone Quick Review: Wooden Open-Back Pleasure

I have been a fan of open-back headphones where I used Sennheiser HD6XX, Hifiman Sundara on a daily basis. I loved the open feeling I get with these pairs with wide airy staging. For some time now I have been using the iBasso SR2, HarmonicDyne Helios as my daily drivers. Quite recently I acquired the latest wooden headphones by Sivga, the Sivga Phoenix. The Sivga Phoenix is an open-back headphone featuring a large 50mm dynamic driver unit that consists of a specially developed moving coil unit made up of copper-clad material. The ear housings are made up of high-quality zebra wood material. It has a price tag of 259.99$. You can check out more details here.

About Sivga:-

Sivga Electronics is a China-Based brand specializing in designing and manufacturing high-end headphones and earphones using wooden housings. They have many well-known products like the Sivga SV007, Sivga P-II. The Phoenix is their latest pair of over-ear open-back headphones with a large 50mm dynamic driver inside beautiful zebra wood ear cups.

Unboxing the Sivga Phoenix:-

Sivga Phoenix-1

The Sivga Phoenix comes in black cardboard packaging with a headphone illustrated image on the front. The insides of the packaging have a wooden texture on the cardboard and a hard leather carry case. This carry case holds the pair of Sivga phoenix headphones along with the detachable cable. The cable is in a Sivga branded carry pouch along with a 3.5mm-6.35mm adapter. It is a braided cable with fabric coating around the monocrystalline copper cable and has a 3.5mm termination plug.

The hard leather carry case is of very good quality with fabric coating on the inside and has a smooth zipper mechanism. It will be very easy to carry around the headphone with me or even to keep it safe at home.

Sivga Phoenix-2

Package Contents:-

>One pair of Sivga Phoenix headphones.

>One braided detachable cable with a 3.5mm termination plug.

>One cable pouch.

>One hard leather carry case.

>One 3.5mm-6.35mm connection adapter.

Build Quality & Comfort:-

Sivga Phoenix-3

The Sivga Phoenix has a premium build quality. It features a stainless steel frame in the headband in matte black color. The headband padding is made up of high-quality leather with a bulged design that provides extra comfort during long listening sessions. The main attraction in terms of looks with the Sivga Phoenix is the beautiful ear cups. They are made up of high-quality zebra wood and has a stainless steel grill for the open-back vent and has a complementing silver shiny boundary around the grills. The pair simply looks outstanding and very rich giving the user a premium experience.

Sivga Phoenix-4

They have soft ear pads that provide outstanding comfort for long music sessions. The clamping force is adequate that makes the comfort level even better. It doesn’t feel hard on the head even after long music sessions.


Usually, full-size open-back headphones are difficult to power but this is not the case with the Sivga Phoenix here. It has a low impedance value of just 32 Ohms and a high sensitivity rating of 103dB/mW. The pair is very easy to power, I used it with my FiiO M11 Pro and it was sounding fuller at around 60% of the volume at low gain. I also tested it with my smartphone the Huawei P30 Pro and the output had more than enough volume at around 90% from the phone output. So you can enjoy high-fidelity music with the Phoenix with your smartphone without any issues.

Sound Quality:-

The Sivga Phoenix has a beautiful and enjoyable sound quality with a slightly V-shaped sound signature. It has a well-detailed layered lower end with powerful mid-bass slams and very good powerful sub-bass rumble. It has rich lush mid frequencies and a well-extended sparkly treble portion. Vocals sound emotional and are well-detailed with high-resolution clarity. The overall output is rich and features a warmish neutral tonality. The pair produces a beautiful airy soundstage that gives a super wide headroom for our music. It sounds really great and complements different genres of music really well.

Sivga Phoenix-5

Resolution and Clarity:-

The large 50mm dynamic driver unit in the Sivga Phoenix produces a high-resolution sound clarity. Vocals both male and female sounds crisp and have high-clarity to them. Instruments have good airiness among them and show very good clarity.

Lower End:-

The large dynamic driver unit produces a powerful lower end. It produces full-bodied slams with good speed and texture. Bass is quite intimate with precise impacts and quick speed. It is controlled well within the region and doesn’t leak to the other frequencies. The Sub-bass portion is very powerful with a pretty decent rumble that complements the music. The powerful bass response complements different genres like Hip-Hop, EDM, really well.


The mid frequencies are transparent and lush. It sounds quite musical with rich lush vocals, airy instruments., and high-resolution clarity output. Male vocals like Damien Rice in The Blower’s Daughter sound mesmerizing, female vocals like Gloria Gaynor in I Will Survive sounds smooth and non-fatiguing. Acoustic instruments, pianos, violins show good airy presentation that makes the output even better. Listening to pop artists like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Yao Si Ting, is very beautiful with the Sivga Phoenix.


The high-frequencies are smooth and well-extended. The treble range is slightly bright but not harsh at all. It is free from any kind of harshness or sibilance even at louder volumes. It has an amazing sparkle to it that makes metal artists like Opeth, Disturbed shine with good instrument separation, and crisp details in instruments like Cymbals, Electric guitars, and more.


Usually, open-back headphones produce wide and open soundstage, this is the same with Sivga Phoenix. The output is wide, airy, it isn't a super-wide stage but it is not narrow either. It is more than adequate for live performances. Binaural tracks also get more than enough headroom from one corner to the other.

Final Words:-

Sivga Phoenix-6

The Sivga Phoenix is a brilliant pair of open-back headphones with an outstanding built and smooth detailed sound output. It is supremely built with Zebra Wood ear cups and a stable stainless steel frame. In terms of sound quality, it performs way above its price league with impactful bass, lush vocals, transparent mid-range, and well-extended sparkly treble portion. It is completely worth every penny and I would love to recommend these to someone who is looking to buy premium quality headphones at a budget price.

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