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Sivga P-II Quick Review:- Planar Magnetic Headphones!!

Sivga P-II Quick Review:- Planar Magnetic Headphones!!

Sivga is not a new name in the audio market, they have astounded the world with their brilliant sounding wooden earphones and headphones. They have launched an open-back planar magnetic driver headphone, the Sivga P-II. The Sivga P-II also has a wooden design to them just like other products from the brand. The headphone is priced at 399$, you can check more technical info for it over here.

Sivga P-II-1

Today we have got a unit of this beautiful headphone for ourselves and we are going to share a quick review with you about the build and sound quality of the same.


Sivga P-II-7

The Sivga P-II comes with many accessories, including a carry case, a pure single crystal copper cable with 4.4mm termination plug, and a 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter. All the accessories are of very good quality and feels premium.

Build Quality & Fit:-

Sivga P-II-2

The Build Quality of Sivga P-II is quite good with a whole metal and stainless steel frame. The leather suspension headband is lined with foam cushions that provides good comfort. The ear cups are made up of good quality dark Walnut Wood. They look beautiful, they have a metal grill on the back of the ear cups that will allow air to pass through to the speaker unit since these are open-back headphones. The ear cups can be rotated up to 90 degrees making this pair easy to use. The outer side of the ear pads are made up of leather type material while the inner side has a fabric coating making the contact area cool and sweat-free. The frame has a light clamping force, providing a comfortable and firm fit. Even though the frame is made up of Metal it is not heavy.

Sivga P-II-3

The build quality of the Sivga P-II is robust. It has a rich and premium feel to it. We don’t have any complaints with the headphone in terms of fit either. It is very comfortable even for long music sessions.

Powering the Sivga P-II:-

The Sivga P-II are fairly easy to power, we drove them with our FiiO M11 Pro and it sounded well straight out of it. We also included an Aune B1s portable amplifier in the chain and also tested the headphones with a powerful tube amp like the xDuoo TA-30 and the headphone sounded brilliant on all of the setups that we mentioned.

Sound Quality:-

Sivga P-II-4

The sound quality of Sivga P-II is very natural and balanced, it has enough punch in the lower end, with natural-sounding mids the upper mids are very natural providing us with a lifelike vocal experience, and the treble section shows good extensions with great details. The overall sound quality is quite warm and lush with details. Let us tell you about the different areas of the sound frequency range separately.

Lower End/Bass:-

The lower end has a warm feeling to it, it shows a quick and deep bass response. The Drum thumps are snappy and full-bodied. The headphone has a good quantity of bass which is controlled really well with a quick punch. The sub-bass portion is also good with quantity and quality, listening to bass-heavy songs by Billie Ellish shows a well-controlled bass response. The entire lower end is well defined with quality sound output.


The headphone shows a natural mids section. Instrumental songs and vocals songs sound just perfect with lush details. Acoustic details in songs from Cover Sessions by Boyce Avenue show great air between the instruments. Vocals sound natural and lifelike, they are not artificially upfront, they are represented in a balanced manner with good details and crisp clarity. There is no peakiness or harshness in vocals even at louder volumes.


The Highs section is pretty detailed and smooth. There is no harshness or sibilance, instead there is good transparency between instruments. The entire highs section shows great details, listening to flutes, violins, everything is smooth and rich. There is a velvety smooth experience in the highs section here. The instruments show natural timbre and an airy representation.

Soundstage & Imaging:-

The Sivga P-II has a wide soundstage representation. It is not humongous but it has adequate stage to provide us with good instrumental details with good separation.

Final Verdict:-

Sivga P-II-5

The Sivga P-II is a beautiful pair of cans with an open back design and magnetic planar driver units. The headphone is well built and comes with a pure single crystal copper cable with a 4.4mm balanced termination plug. The headphone sounds warm and detailed, with good punch in the lower end and lush detailed vocals. Plus it is fairly easy to drive even portably with your DAP’s. If you are looking to buy a headphone and can’t decide on one, take our words you can’t go wrong with the Sivga  P-II.

You can buy this headphone from our store here.

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