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Shanling ME200 Hybrid IEM Blue Version Quick Review | Hifigo

Shanling ME200 Hybrid IEM Blue Version Quick Review | Hifigo

The latest Shanling ME200 earphones come to pre-sale finally since October,10th with five colors: black, grey, purple, blue and red. The shipment of the first batch will be released since the 16th. We got the blue ME200 sample before that and share more details about this beautiful baby. 

Shanling is a Chinese company that was founded in 1988 and is a well-established and respected manufacturer of audio products. Their previous products cover things like equalizers, power amplifiers, CD players and even karaoke devices. In recent years, Shanling has become most well known for its portable digital audio players (DAPs) and now they’ve startled developing their own line of earphones and TWS as well.

Shanling ME200 Blue earphones 1

The ME200 PE box comes with a white cardboard outer sleeve that has an image of the earphones on the front and a list of specs and features on the back. 

Shanling ME200 Blue earphones 4

Once open you’re greeted with the leather case and a foam insert packed with various eartips. The earphones are inside the carrying case, held firm in a smaller foam insert. Let’s break down the box contents with a list.

  • Shanling ME200 IEM Earphones
  • Silver-plated MMCX/3.5mm audio cable (1.3m)
  • Balanced silicone eartips (S/L)
  • Bass silicone eartips (S/M/L)
  • Vocal silicone eartips (S/M/L)
  • Memory foam eartips (M/M)
  • Premium  leather case
  • Warranty card

Yeah, that is quite an extensive accessory bundle and it’s great to see the various types of eartips included to ensure you can get a good fit and seal out of the box. The semi-rigid carrying case is a good addition too, as you’ll want to prevent scratching or damage to the glossy shells in while in storage.

Shanling ME200 Blue earphones 2

Shanling ME200 earphones in Blue with DLP 3D printed resin housing and metal combined. 

Shanling ME200 Blue earphones 3

6N4 silver-plated oxygen-free copper wires. 

Shanling ME200 Blue earphones 5

Shanling ME200 Blue earphones 6

Same as former flagship IEM ME500, the interconnect cable of Shanling ME200 IEM is equipped with connectors MMCX. Newly upgraded MMCX connector is with thicker gold plating, improving connection and assuring longer lifespan (Upgraded MMCX connectors should withstand 4x more insertions than standard MMCX connector). It may be easily replaced in case of loss or breakage. The other end has a connector 2.5mm gold-plated standard along with 3.5mm and 4.5mm adapters. 

Shanling ME200 Blue earphones 10

Proprietary Dynamic Driver of Shanling ME200 
Custom made 10mm dynamic driver, with magnetic flux density exceeding I tesla thanks to dual-magnet construction. Such a driver offers better energy efficiency and improved transient response. Combined with PE+PEEK nanocomposite diaphragm and special OFC voice coil, it serves as a perfect dedicated driver for bass and midrange.

Shanling ME200 Blue earphones 11

Shanling ME200 Blue earphones 13

Shanling ME200 Blue earphones 8

Good depth and separation on bass, vocals for mids are warm without harsh. It’s kind of tuned in a neutral way, or at least I’d regard it as a “balanced” tuning where each individual peak and dip sort of balancing themselves out in subjective listening. Nature, not tight but with full details. 

Shanling ME200 Blue earphones 7

However, they are also ruthless and will not hold back when you play some poorly mastered music. The top-end can be borderline harsh however foam tips and EQ are very handy if you find them a little overenthusiastic up top. Or you could pair them with a cable DAC like IBasso DC02 or BlueTooth portable DAC like Shanling UP2 to bring out a little more body. 


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