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Shangling M6 DAP Issue you may concern | Hifigo

Shangling M6 DAP Issue you may concern | Hifigo

1. Why does Shanling M6 DAP opt for full open Andriod OS instead of MTouch 2.0? 

The Shanling M6 Hi-Res portable music player is the company’s first full open Android-based DAP. MTouch2.0 which applies to other Shanling player is very impressed with the smooth operation, long battery life, and steady user experience. But MTouch 2.0 after firmware updated for cloud music sources, the sources supported are rare.

Shanling uses a customized of modified Android OS to avoid problems with sound degradation caused by Android’s SRC. HiBy music player is also gone and the company will be using their own Shanling music app as the default music player. However, since it’s running on open Android, third-party apps are allowed to be installed as well. I’m just not certain whether Google Play is installed by default.


2. How does Shanling M6 DAP perform? Will it slow with Andriod OS? 

The M6 is powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 430 SoC and is paired with a 4GB of memory. Octa-core is rare on players while and 4GB memory of M6 is nearly the highest of the China brand featured. There is a 32GB of storage (usable capacity is expected to be lower), but there is a single microSD card slot for the main storage. It features a nice 4.7-inch IPS touch HD display from Sharp with 720*1280 resolution.  

At the heart of the Shanling M6 are two AK4495SEQ DAC chips in a dual-DAC setup. On top of that, these DACs will work together even in single-ended mode. The M6 will support up to 32bit/768kHz and up to DSD256 audio formats. It will have both 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced connectors, and I’m guessing the good old 3.5mm unbalanced output as well. The output power is 143 mW@32ohm for the single-ended and 330 mW@32ohm for the balanced.

3. What's new for Shanling M6 comparing to M5s?  

Many of Shanling user may definitely remember the Shanling M5s. The M5s use to come with front and rear glass panels + metal mid-frame sandwich design. The same design follows with Shanling M6, but the screen is updated from 3.2 inches to 4.7 inch IPS HD . 4.4mm Balanced port added to make the M6 to a full-function player. CPU, DAC BlueTooth and battery are all  updated as well which you could find out in other FQA. 

4. How about the battery of Shanling M6 DAP? 

Shanling M6 with 4000mha battery while M5s is 3400mha, but playback time is not obviously increased actually which might because of the new CPU and HD screen. Quick charge 3.0 is featured on the DAP to beat the long charging time 3-4 hours of M5s. 

5. How does the Bluetooth connection of Shanling M6 DAP?

If you like wireless, this is a great DAP to opt for. WiFi, DLNA, dual directional Bluetooth, meaning it streams and accepts BT signals in and out of the player you can’t really go wrong here. You might have a hoard of problems pairing with some players due to the time lengths required to connect, frequent disconnects and also battery life drain. The M6 doesn’t have the same problems, thankfully.



Unboxing of Shanling M6 Music Player | Hifigo

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