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Reecho x Peacock Audio Spring Fever Impressions!!

Reecho x Peacock Audio Spring Fever Quick Review: An Artistic Sound!!

Reecho audio has partnered with Peacock audio for its debut with the western audio industry. They have made a very premium looking hybrid driver unit which have hand-painted resin shells, hybrid driver setup and a high-quality wire included in the package. The brand has named the pair Spring Fever in china and western name will be revealed soon.

Today we have brought you a unit of Reecho x Peacock Audio Spring Fever, we are going to unbox the unit for you all and will be sharing our initial impressions with you.

Before we start you can buy a pair of these beautiful earphones here at our store.

About Reecho Audio:-

Reecho Audio might be a new name for the western audio industry, but in China, they have made a good name with their amazing product line up. They have earphones in almost all price ranges, Their products have a premium and sturdy build quality and their brilliant sound tuning provides a balanced and natural sound output.

We are really sure that they will grab attention in the International audio market as they have in China. And for this, they have partnered with Peacock Audio.

Peacock audio is already a very famous name in the audio industry with their class-leading hand-painted pair of in-ear monitors, and from the looks of Spring Fever, we are really excited to try the pair for ourself.

Unboxing Impressions:-

Well, the packaging of Spring Fever is very unique and attractive, the outer packaging has a very beautiful turquoise blue and green color theme matching the color theme of the earpieces. The front and back panel have a Peacock feather printed on them, adding a rich feel to the design. The back panel has a show window which lets you have a glimpse at the beautiful earpieces.

Reecho x Peacock Audio-1

When you pull out the inner package, you get your earphones sitting firmly in denim printed cardboard box, below it lies your carry case and multiple pairs of ear tips. The two-pin connector cable is there in the carry case, There are ten different pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes and colors. There are two pairs of grey colored memory foam tips too.

Reecho x Peacock Audio-2

The entire package design and accessories quality feel like it is a costly pair of IEM, maybe around 400-500$, it is really amazing to see this level of packaging for a 100$ IEM.

Package Contents:-

  • One pair of Reecho x Peacock Audio Spring Fever IEM

  • One two-pin connector high-purity OFC cable with 3.5mm termination

  • One Carry Case

  • Ten pairs of silicone tips

  • Two pairs of memory foam tips

Build Quality:-

I am really excited to share about the build quality for Spring Fever, The earpieces look really beautiful, they are mesmerizing to look at, they look like a piece of jewelry. The earpieces are completely hand-painted with a peacock feather design on the faceplates. The earpieces are made up of good quality resin material which feels quite durable and strong. The wire included in the package is a high purity OFC cable with a gold plated 3.5mm termination plug, it has a 2-pin connector type, so upgrading the wire in the future is fairly easy.

Reecho x Peacock Audio-3

The accessories included in the package is pretty good, the carry case, silicone and foam ear tips everything is of great quality.

Overall the build quality of the Reecho x Peacock Audio Spring Fever is pretty solid with very cool hand-painted peacock feather design on the faceplates.

Sound Impressions:-

I was actually pretty sure about the sound quality of the pair to be good, as I have earlier used Reecho Audio products as my daily driver. And the pair doesn’t disappoint even a bit, it sounds crisp, clear, with more emphasis on the lower and mids section.

Reecho x Peacock Audio-4

The pair has a hybrid driver setup of three drivers having two balanced armature drivers handling the mids and treble section, while the lower end is handled by a single dynamic driver unit. It has a lower and mids preferred tuning style, the lower end has very good details and thumps, the mids section has pretty solid crispy mids, which are lush with details, listening to Damien Rice was just a lovely experience for me. The vocals were so perfect and soothing that I fell in love with the pair. The treble section has a decent amount of details, there is no sibilance or peakiness in the treble area, the detail retrieval is pretty good.

Reecho x Peacock Audio-5

Listening to Hotel California by Eagles, the instrument details were so crispy and clear, the guitar, drums everything felt so good. It doesn’t even feel like I am listening to some 100$ earphones. The sound output is just fantastic, there is no muddiness or sibilance in sound, the output is just crisp and detailed.

The staging felt adequately wide, listening to binaural tracks was a great experience. The instruments have got decent imaging and resolution with great clarity.

Final Impressions:-

The Reecho x Peacock audio’s Spring Fever just doesn’t feel like a 100$ IEM, whether it be in terms of build quality, accessory quality, or sound quality. The pair nails them all, the build quality is superb, strong, the sound output is pretty crisp and clear with amazing details. I feel like the pair is just outstanding and at a price point of 100$, it is just a steal deal.

Reecho x Peacock Audio-6

You can buy a pair of Reecho x Peacock Audio at our store here.

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