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Shanling ME200 Hybrid Earphones Red Version Quick Review  | Hifigo

Shanling ME200 Hybrid Earphones Red Version Quick Review | Hifigo

The Shanling ME200 hybrid earphones feature Nanocomposite diaphragm, Knowles balanced armature driver and entire Octa-core silver-plated oxygen-free copper wires. 

Shanling has origins on the audio market since the late 1980s, if you are a serious audio enthusiast, you might already know the brand. In recent years the brand has manufactured high-quality audio devices with budget-friendly prices.
The Shanling ME200 is part of the newest products released by the brand, like the:

To be more precise, the Shanling ME200 is the mid-range IEM at US$189.99 while Shanling ME100 (US$ 119) and Shanling ME500 (US$269). How is the performance of the ME200?  

Shanling ME200 earphones Review 1

Shanling ME200 hybrid IEM comes with five different colors, purple, black, grey, blue and red. The variants of the colors are all printed on the box cover in the wash painting style which brings us a warm feeling like its sound. 

Shanling ME200 earphones Review 1

Shanling ME200 earphones Review

Shanling ME200 Shaped For Best Comfort 

After a long design process and many fine adjustments, the final highly ergonomic shape fits greatly in any ear. Combined with behind the ear cable construction, Shanling earphones will fit comfortably for long periods of time and securely. It is enough for any activity. Thanks to passive noise isolation, high-quality Hi-Fi sound can be achieved in any environment. Just a private music session, without any surrounding noise. 

Dual-magnet 10mm dynamic driver + Knowles balanced armature driver.

Hybrid technology allows Shanling ME200 earphones to combine different types of drivers, fully utilizing their strengths while eliminating any weaknesses. 

Shanling ME200 earphones Review 3
Shanling ME200 in-ear headphone is equipped with high-performance balanced armature drivers from renowned company Knowles. Shanling worked directly with Knowles' acoustics team on the implementation of these drivers, to assure perfect integration alongside dynamic driver for the most coherent sound. That way dynamic driver provides powerful and natural bass and midrange, while a pair of balanced armature drivers adds clarity, speed and extension for upper midrange and treble.  

Shanling ME200 earphones

Glass + metal combined housing for Shanling ME200 earbuds. DLP 3D printing technology with bright colors. 

Shanling ME200 earphones

Newly Updated MMCX Cable Connector

Same as former flagship IEM ME500, the interconnect cable of Shanling ME200 is equipped with connectors MMCX. Newly upgraded MMCX connector is with thicker gold plating, improving connection and assuring longer lifespan (Upgraded MMCX connectors should withstand 4x more insertions than standard MMCX connector). It may be easily replaced in case of loss or breakage. The other end has a connector 2.5mm gold-plated standard along with 3.5mm and 4.5mm adapters. 

Shanling ME200 earphones

Octa-core silver-plated oxygen-free copper wires 

Shanling ME200 earphones

Sound Signature of Shanling ME200 IEM 

The bass of ME200 IEM was phenomenal with much energy and very good separation. The mids were much nicer, cleaner and prominent. The vocals sound much warmer than ME100- you can listen to how smooth and pure the sound actually is. The highs also sounded much more clear – the highs are crisp and clean and yet not overbearing or harsh. However, they are also a little loose for highs with fewer waves and tension. ME200 is a natural and warm style with very good performance on popular music, rock, J-Pop and female vocals. 

Shanling ME200 Blue Version Quick Review

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