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QoA Pink Lady Review Round Up

QoA Pink Lady Review Round Up

With the onset of new brands in the market, the audiophile market is always hustling and bustling. QoA is one such brand. Launched in 2018, by two real-life sisters (Sophie and Youko). The brand QoA is positioned as a sister brand for Kinera. The company's aim is: to pursue high cost performance and high reliability, to provide a wonderful listening experience and dedicated service, to create a technology-oriented service company that places equal emphasis on technology and humanities.

You can buy the QoA Pink Lady here

AboutAudio.org Review

Pink Lady comes in a decently sized package with a simple and neat design. FYI, a light rendering image of a cocktail in front of the packaging symbolizes this IEM – since Pink Lady is the name of a cocktail. Specifications and other details could be found on the back. It’s also interesting enough to point out the phrase “Not only for men” on the side of the box, living up to its name.

Its ergonomic shape makes the earpieces snug into the ears without any troubling edges or bumps.

The cable is very soft, light, and well-built. The sound itself works out very nicely with Pink Lady’s intended sound signature and also quite good in quality. Note that the 2pins on the cable are made for non-recessed earpieces (just as Pink Lady) and wouldn’t be compatible with other IEMs with recessed 2pin sockets, although they have the same 0.78mm diameters. 

Both names for the product and brand may have tricked you to believe this IEM to have a soft, flat, or thin sound signature, yet Pink Lady has a powerful, large, and prominent lows and mids. Not to forget mentioning its soothing, feminine upper frequencies that live up to our guesses. Pink Lady would especially be a great choice for those who are into large, quality bass or those willing to experience rich texture details throughout the sound.

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Key Highlights of the Review:You will find the detailed sound impressions, build and cable impressions and unboxing impressions.


Headphonesty.com Review

The QoA Pink Lady is a great choice for entry-level audiophiles who are looking for a pair of multi-driver IEMs in the price range of USD$150. QoA’s ability to use every aspect of the frequency spectrum accurately makes it one of the most competitive options within the price range.

The highs have a brighter profile. They extend well and sparkle; similar to the mids, they have an airy and spacious signature. The resolution of the Pink Lady is outstanding due to this profile. It should bring out the details and resolution in most genres sufficiently.

The mids of the Pink Lady are airy and spacious. The lower-mids are slightly recessed due to the transition from a shy mid-bass. Moving toward the higher-mids, positioning is more forward and prominent. This yields an amazing separation between instruments and vocals, especially for females.

The lows of the Pink Lady extend deep; it rumbles in the sub-bass and maintains excellent control when moving to the mid-bass. The speed is average. The bass has some warmth and sounds full-bodied. These two factors yield a natural sound that doesn’t come close to being analytical.

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Key highlights of the review: you can read about unboxing experience, build quality, fit and isolation, drivability, detailed sound impression and Pros & Cons


Moonstar Reviews

The QoA Pink Lady is an IEM with a V-shaped sound signature that shows a slightly warmer than neutral tonality. The bass is deep, full-bodied and warmish; the midrange is soft and musical, while the treble region is slightly bright and has good extension.

The QoA Pink Lady has a suitable soundstage for fairly precise instrument placement. The soundstage has an average width, while the depth is pretty good for an IEM at this price category.

The QoA Pink Lady is a delightful In-Ear Monitor that combines entertainment and detail in a musical way, as opposed to thin and to neutral sounding audiophile IEM’s that is only focused on the detail. The beautiful monitor design and the useful zipper case are also some nice additions.

Key highlights of the review: you can read about unboxing experience, detailed sound analysis, comparisons with TFZ King II and Fiio F9 Pro and Pros & Cons


Project A3 Reviews:

The Pink Lady overall is a capable performer presenting an attractive package that falls on the warm side. Providing a solid option for those looking for something to a relaxing listen to that is both flexible in its stylistic pairings as well as capable enough even in those that are not it's forte. 

The Pink Lady has the looks to stand out from the crowd and can reasonably back up its appearance with the requisite performance as long as the buyer knows the caveats.

The overall signature of the Pink Lady is slightly warm, with a particular mild boost in the lower-midrange to midrange, robust bass, and a polite treble that lends itself towards an overall pleasant listening experience that doesn't have a strong bias towards being either very lush or very analytical.

The Pink Lady has a robust bass response that is able to keep up with modern tracks and genres ranging from house music to hip hop without blasting it to the point that it's the only thing you can hear. Both sub-bass and mid-bass are reasonably textured and the sub-bass provides good heft and rumble that help give music a sense of buildup and depth. 

The midrange frequencies are closest to what is usually described as the forefront of the signature. The slightly warm tuning means almost the entire vocal range has a mild emphasis that leads to a clear and powerful delivery of vocals and melodies. This emphasis also provides a textural aspect that allows for a sense of emotion and depth to come through from the music. 

The most reserved part of the Pink Lady tuning, the Treble is best described as polite, present enough so that the requisite high register notes and percussive are heard, but not so that they would have any semblance of real prominence. 

The Pink Lady scored around the average in staging and separation and resolution. 

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Key highlights of the Review: You can read about unboxing experiences, Pros & Cons, Fit and Compatibility, Detailed sound impressions, Comparisons with Kinera Idun and iBasso IT01.


The Little Audiophile Reviews

The Queen of Audio Pink Lady is a great IEM embodying both performance and build quality in an affordable package. The energetic, fun sound definitely strays away from the mainstream “audiophile” presentation, but what you are left with is a competent and unoffensive daily driver that truly delivers. 

The Pink Lady is really putting that dynamic driver to work here. Bass is aggressive and overflowing with energy while expressing a good amount of rumble and grit. It is also sufficiently thick and organic, giving rise to very solid fundamentals. 

The Pink Lady is really putting that dynamic driver to work here. Bass is aggressive and overflowing with energy while expressing a good amount of rumble and grit. It is also sufficiently thick and organic, giving rise to very solid fundamentals. 

The entire treble range is well controlled with good attacks and decays while sounding spacious and never “in your face”. Treble roll-off stretches out fairly late. Thus, the Pink Lady sounds fairly airy.

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Key highlights of the review: you can read about fit and drivability, detailed sound impressions, comparisons with iBasso IT01 & Fiio F9 Pro.



The Queen of Audio Pink Lady is a steal if you ask me. At only $119 yet? I don’t consider this IEM a genre master, so if you are looking for an all-round handy IEM, this isn’t for you.

If you are interested in a very smooth and relaxing sounding experience that requires little to no amplification, then this is probably your go-to product for this budget range. I really enjoy this Pink Lady for Jazz and slower musical tracks, as well as for Podcasts on YouTube. Just being able to never wince in pain or require anything but my 3.5mm jack on my phone is a lovely thing.

Holy smokes. For $119? I regard the Pink Lady as offering the smoothest, yummiest bass experience in an IEM that I’ve used in this price tier.

I feel very safe in saying that those who like a soft, but moderately deep response, are going to really love this one. However, that is only if you bass boost. If not, you are going to miss out on the solid quantity factor that combines with a very buttery smooth physical impact on the low end.

This IEM is moderately forward in feel and physical tactility. That means that the experience is not super-forward, nor is it recessive. It feels more than engaging enough for wide-field recordings and also for intimately recordings that are up close and personal.

Engaging factors are fairly low in terms of physicality, meaning the Pink Lady is soft on approach, easy to listen to and not slamming in a harsh manner.

While rock and metal genres are not this IEM’s forte, I do consider the Pink Lady to be a bit of a Jazz master.

The soundstage of the Pink Lady is certainly deeper than it is wide or tall. While not lacking in any one area of the imaging experience. 

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Key highlights of the review: you can read about cable impressions, sound impressions and usage while gaming.


Youtube Reviews:


Nice hybrid IEMs with a pleasant warm tuning


If you are as stoked as I am then you can buy this @ HiFiGo

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