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QDC Uranus: The Glittery Jewels of Music!!

QDC Uranus Quick Review: The Glittery Jewels of Music!!

QDC a china based manufacturers of premium earphones, released a whole new in-ear monitor from their budget segment at around 200 dollars, the QDC Uranus.

The QDC Uranus is a very beautiful pair of IEM's they just simply look brilliant and even the leather carry bag included in the package is just mesmerizing to look at, and today we at Hifigo got luck with a sample unit from QDC and we will be unboxing the earphones for you and sharing our initial impressions for the same.

Before we begin you can buy the QDC Uranus at our store here.

Unboxing Impressions:-

The QDC Uranus comes in two different models, one with the extra Bluetooth module priced around 300$ and a normal package where the Bluetooth module is not included priced at around 219$, so the thing is you get the same QDC package in both the versions but if you buy 300$ version you will get a two-pin Bluetooth module wire separate in a different box, which you can easily buy later too.

The QDC Uranus's box itself is pretty and beautiful, with a flip cover on the front, you can actually see your beautiful, shimmery earpieces and below that they have written a few details in Chinese language and QDC logo branding at the lower end of the package as you open the box, you are being greeted with the earpieces and a color gradients cardboard cover at the lower portion, below which lies our handcrafted and premium built leather carry case.

The moment I look at the earpieces, I am personally in love with them, they look just simply brilliant and outstanding, with a premium build quality and a shimmery glittery shine to them, the earpieces are made up of an ergonomic design and looks like they are going to fit very nicely and firmly to me.

The earpieces are made up of resin shells with glittery printed faceplates and aluminum ear nozzle, the build quality feels quite tough and a give a premium finish to the pair.

Both the earpieces are in different colors, which actually complement each other, gradients of blues and purples are there on both the faceplates. Both the earpieces have QDC branding on them in a chrome shiny finish, complementing the glittery prints on both the earpieces, they look shiny, beautiful, stunning and I want to explain more about their looks they look so pretty but I am out of words and just left awestruck with their looks.

The wire included in the package is a high-grade GE4C wire which is again built nicely and has two-pin connectors(0.78mm) on the respective ends, the wire is having a 3.5mm termination plug with again QDC branding on it. It looks like a 4 core braided wire with 2 cores on each side.

The included leather carry case has a very good build quality, it has this beautiful two-color woven design, which is despite being very small in size, can easily store all our included accessories in the box and makes it very easy to carry around, other accessories include 3 pairs of silicone tips, 3 pairs of silicone double flange tips and 1 pair of silicone tips are already applied on the earpieces, so we got 7 pairs of ear tips in different sizes.

Overall the unboxing impression is pretty good, QDC Uranus has a premium looking packaging and very nice build quality to the earpieces and other accessories included in the package.

Overall package contents are as follows:-

  • One pair of QDC Uranus earpieces
  • One two-pin 0.78mm connector type cable with 3.5mm termination
  • Bluetooth wire if you buy the Bluetooth module version
  • One handcrafter leather carry case
  • Seven pairs of silicone ear tips
  • One cleaning brush

Sound Impressions:-

Before I start about the sound impressions let me tell you that here in QDC Uranus it's a dual-driver hybrid setup, there is one 10mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver and one balanced armature driver working together to provide us with brilliant and natural sound output.

The QDC Uranus, first of all, fit me actually well, the earpieces sit firmly into my ears and doesn't fall off even while I am wandering or running around at the office, the fit is just amazing, providing me good noise isolation using the stock silicone tips.

QDC usually releases very premium earphones with amazing and fun tuning, and QDC Uranus is again not an exception, from what the small time I had with the earpieces I actually liked them a lot, they have a slightly V-shaped sound signature, the Bass response is handled beautifully by the Dynamic driver here, providing us with that quick and thumpy bass response, the drums and beats in Hotel California by Eagles along with the guitar has good depths and detailing, the mids are pretty natural, vocals sound lush and full of depths and details, and the treble portion is quite smooth, I personally felt no sibilance or issues with the treble area, violin in the wonder woman main theme sounds very soothing and just lovely.

The mids and vocals are the best part which I personally liked in the QDC Uranus, even though it is a slightly V-shaped sound signature, vocals are very crisp and clear, listening to songs like The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice, was just lovely, his voice felt mesmerizing, listening to London Grammar is again very beautiful, the heaviness in her voice is reproduced brilliantly here, I loved the crisp detailing in vocals.

The bass is handled by a 10mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver, the bass response is very quick, carries a beautiful texture and depth to it.

Sound stage felt adequately wide, there is good detailing in the treble area providing us with brilliant instrument separation, staging, imaging, and timbre of the instruments is quite natural, with a smooth tonality throughout the music, I tried multiple genres of music, like EDM by Hardwell, death metal by the band Death, vocals based songs by Damien Rice and John Mayer, the QDC Uranus just sounds beautiful.

Final impressions:-

Overall the QDC Uranus feels like a complete package, it has a premium and tough build with a beautiful packaging, which provides us with a natural sound output with good staging and sound resolution, the sound output is pretty good, with a low impedance it is very easier to drive and sound pretty good straight out of the box.

I just wish I could spend more time with it, and at a price point of around 200$, it is a steal deal with its awesome sound quality.

Again if you really liked the unboxing and initial sound impressions and would like to buy yourself a pair, you can buy from here on our store.


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