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QDC Dmagic Flagship IEM Review: 3 DD Performer

QDC Dmagic Flagship IEM Review: 3 DD Performer

QDC, a familiar name among the audiophiles released its latest pair of flagship in-ear monitors, the QDC DMagic-C. It belongs to the brand new Dmagic circle series from the brand. This is the first pair from the brand that doesn't use a BA unit, and instead, it is one of the world's first IEM with three different DD units on each side. This is really interesting and is supposed to be tried out as soon as possible. I just couldn't control my excitement and grabbed a pair for my self. Today I am going to share my initial impressions and unboxing of this flagship pair with you all.

QDC Dmagic-1

This gem of an IEM is priced at 1399.99$. It is available in a single multicolor variant that has a unique multicolored wooden texture, you can check more details here.

About QDC:-

Shenzhen Qili Audio Application Co., Ltd(QDC) is an innovative high-tech company specializing in manufacturing high-quality in-ear monitors for stage performers, audiophiles, and music enthusiasts. Professional teams at QDC have been working hard to provide the community with high performing quality audio products. They have many quality product series like the QDC Neptune, QDC Anole, and more. The brand usually focuses on top tier products with top of the line build and sound quality.

QDC Dmagic 3D Technical Specifications:-

>Driver Units:- 3 DD units(10mm graphene driver, titanium-plated driver unit, 8mm compound diaphragm driver unit).

>Impedance: 13.5 Ohms.

>Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-30kHz.

>Sensitivity: 98dB.

>8-Core copper and silver mixed cable.

>Woodgrain ear shells.

>3-way frequency division.

Unboxing Impressions:-

QDC Dmagic-2

Being flagship product makers, QDC has always designed simple and elegant packaging for their products. The latest DMagic-C is no different it has got a very simple packaging, inside the outer packaging the earpieces sit firmly in foam cutouts connected to the premium hybrid cable along with the carry case. Cable included in the package is of very quality hybrid cable with replaceable termination plugs. It comes with 3.5mm single-ended, 4.4mm balanced, and 2.5mm balanced plugs in the package. The package representation is quite unique and classy, it surely feels rich, and add to the premium feel of the pair.

QDC Dmagic-3

Package Contents:-

>One pair of QDC Dmagic-C earpieces.

>One Hybrid Cable with replaceable termination plugs.

>3.5mm single-ended termination plug.

>4.4mm and 2.5mm balanced termination plugs.

>Three pairs of silicone ear tips.

>Three pairs of double flange silicone ear tips.

>Cleaning brush.

>Airplane adapter.

>6.35mm headphone adapter.

QDC Dmagic-4

Build Quality:-

QDC excels when it comes to build quality of their products. The Dmagic-C is a very beautiful looking IEM with original wood grain shells painted beautifully. Each unit of the pair has a different unique texture with a wooden finish. The rainbow-colored earpieces have silver QDC logo and "qdc" branding engraving on the faceplates. It has a unique premium looks with a beautiful and smooth finish. The connectors on the earpieces are of very good quality and they connect firmly with the cable. The cable itself is a hybrid cable that looks to be made up of pure single crystal copper and SPC wires.

QDC Dmagic-5

In terms of build quality, the pair looks outstanding and has a strong structure. The earpieces have an ergonomic design and lightweight aesthetics that provide its users with a comfortable firm fit.

Sound Quality:-

The QDC Dmagic-C excels brilliantly in the sound quality output. It is the first IEM that has 3DD units on each side. It has a brilliantly detailed sound clarity with deep impactful bass that will soothe your soul for powerful sound. It is not overpowering that might get leaked to the other frequencies. The mids feel a bit recessed but the detailing is superb with good airiness around on the stage. Instrument details are quite crisp, there is no harshness of any kind even at louder volumes. The QDC Dmagic sounds fuller and energetic. The pair surely performs like a true flagship with a U-Shaped smooth sound profile.

QDC Dmagic-6

Lower End/Bass:-

The lower end on the QDC Dmagic is quite powerful. It shows deep, soul-soothing, impactful thumps that compliment really well with vocals and other frequencies making the music more enjoyable. The lower end is so clean that drum thumps leave a good impact, and is represented in clean separate layers. The pair shows good, clean rumble in the sub-bass.


The mids portion seems to be recessed a bit in the pair. It has a beautiful airiness all around the stage and carries a natural tonality for vocals and instruments. There seems to be a slight bump in the upper mids that brings vocals forward. Vocals actually are pretty crisp and carry natural weight and tonality. Listening to vocal-based artists like Damien Rice, unplugged songs is a pretty blissful experience with the pair.


The QDC Dmagic-C has a detailed treble portion. It is well-extended and transparent. The pair has an energetic sound signature, the higher end is quite lively and extensive. Instrument details are precise and perfect.


The pair has an adequately wide soundstage. It sounds intimate sometimes while listening to Vocal based artists. But overall it has an adequate soundstage for many kinds of music that I tested the pair with. I listened to Rock, Pop, Metal, Vocals, Jazz, and more. I feel the pair is very fun and makes all genres enjoyable.

Final Verdict:-

The QDC Dmagic-C is a very beautiful looking pair of in-ear monitors. Surely it has a flagship price but it delivers a crisp and unmatched sound output with its unique 3-Dynamic driver configuration. The output is very crisp, detailed, and energetic. It pairs well with all the genres of music that I listen to and is going to be a part of my day to day routine now. You can check more details about the QDC Dmagic here.

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