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NF Audio NA1 earphones Review | Hifigo

NF Audio NA1 earphones Review | Hifigo

NF Audio is a CIEM brand based in China who are still lacking obvious international exposure. The company was only founded in 2014 and is based in Shenzhen, close to Hong Kong’s border. 

In addition, NF stands for Near Field (monitor), Nice Fit (and perfect isolation), as well as Nice Frequency (response). It essentially encompasses the term CIEM with custom-fit and precise audio for monitoring capabilities. 

NF Audio might not ring a bell yet. As of now, Chinese CIEM brands are not quite popular in the international hifi scene. But NF is hoping to change all that.  One of their earphones NA1 IEM is very popular in China. It runs for 999 Chinese Yuan and US$ 169.9 for oversea market.  

Specifications of NF Audio IEM NA1 earphones: 

Frequency response range: 9-40KHz

Maximum SPL:125dB




Sound insulation:25dB

Unboxing of NF Audio IEM NA1 earphones

The NA1 earphones come with a simple black package with a window showing the earphones. 


 The box for NA1 earphones carrying included in the package. 

Though the cardboard box is simple but the leather storage box is sturdy and beautiful with magnets.  

The NA1 earphones have blue color with a hint of glitter on the faceplate. The logo was two letters NF different from the former normal company name "NF Audio " . It is humbly placed into the center. It brings some feeling of bling bling from the faceplate and the connection part.  

Three pairs of ear tips for balance and three pairs for bass.  0.78mm 2pin 5N Silver-coated cable with their own branded NFAudio y-split and 3.5mm jack that chunky and metal.

Drivers of NF Audio NA1 earphones 

The NA1 earphones are built with double cavity dynamic drivers. Surprisingly, NF Audio does not rely entirely on largely available drivers by Knowles and Sonion or balanced armature drivers. They have created a unique and proprietary dynamic driver for high frequencies that is supposed to help the brand surpass the competition. They call it DD with BA flavor and it really does with transparent soundstage and rich details recall.  

The sound signature of NF Audio NA1 earphones 

Most of the time a company will go in one of two directions, simply having a house sound that they refine and expand on as you go upwards within their range or they will offer different flavors for different folks. It seems NF Audio sit in the latter camp.

 With the monitor flavor and the unique dynamic driver, NF NA1  is a good combination with the accuracy, monitory and comfortable signatures. NF NA1 is balanced, focusing on having an airy and tight sound with it’s beautifully rendered treble being a huge standout of its sound. 

The cons of NF Audio NA1 earphones 

It’s definitely not one for bass-heads. If you like thundering, heavy low-end, you’re going to hate this earphone from the get-go


That being said the price is very fair for the level of performance achieved and if you want a sound that is impressive in all areas but still engaging in every single element this could be right up your street!  

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