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NF Audio NA 2 Impressions: Dynamic Sound Output!!

NF Audio NA 2 Quick Review: Dynamic Sound Output!!

The Chi-fi audio market is growing day by day with new and innovative products every other day. NF Audio is a china based brand that specializes in manufacturing in-ear monitors, they have released a new pair of a double cavity dynamic driver in-ear monitors, The NF Audio NA2. Usually, the dynamic driver based earphones in the market have a single cavity design which is at the backside of the driver unit, But here in NA2, the brand has designed a double cavity design, one cavity at the front and one at the back, This provides better air pressure management and smoothens the diaphragm movement.

And today we have brought a unit of NF Audio NA2 all for ourselves, we are going to unbox the unit and we will be sharing initial impressions with you too.

Before we start you can buy a pair for yourself at our store here.

About NF Audio:-

NF Audio is a China-based earphone manufacturers, they have famous products in the market like the NF Audio NF2U and many more. They produce brilliant quality products which have a rich and sturdy build quality, and a life-like natural sound tuning.

The brand targets consumers from the mid-tier to high tier of in-ear monitors, With NF Audio NA2 they have brought us a double cavity dynamic driver unit, we are really excited to try out this pair so let's just begin with the unboxing.

Unboxing Impressions:-

NF Audio NA2-1

The NF Audio NA2 has got a small rectangular packaging in white and black pattern with the earphone image printed on the front, as we open up the packaging, it opens up like a book, on the right side we can see our beautiful pair of in-ear monitors sitting firmly, on the left side there is a user guide. On the right side below the earphones layer, we see another layer holding different pairs of ear tips, Six pairs of silicone ear tips are there, three white-colored, and three grey colored pairs are there. Below the ear tips layer, there is a 5N NF Audio branded silver-plated OFC 2-pin cable with 3.5mm termination. There is also a 3.5mm-6.35mm adapter included in the package.

NF Audio NA2-2

NF Audio NA2-3

The entire package design is quite artistic and innovative, it feels rich and premium though there are not many accessories included in the package, the representation from NF Audio is simply brilliant.

Package Contents:-

>One Pair of NF Audio NA2 in-ear monitors

>0.78mm 2-pin connector cable with 3.5mm termination

>One zipper carry case

>Six pairs of silicone tips

>One 3.5mm-6.35mm adapter

>User Guide

Build Quality:-

NF Audio NA2-4

The NF Audio NA2 has translucent plasticky shells, it doesn’t feel cheap or weak, the earpieces are strong and tough. They have the NF Audio logo printed on the faceplate, we can clearly see the driver unit inside the shells through the translucent shells. The earpieces look sharp and amazing, with plastic shells they are very lightweight and doesn’t even feel in the ears even after long listening sessions. The earphones have a 2-pin 0.78mm connector type which offers a strong and stable connection between the wire and earpieces, with 2-pin connectors the earpieces don’t rotate around the wire, which gets irritating sometimes with MMCX connectors.

NF Audio NA2-5

Coming to the wire included, it is a 5N OFC silver-plated copper cable in black color, it has a 3.5mm termination plug with NF audio branding on it. The wire is of good quality, though it feels like it might get tangled easily.

NF Audio NA2-6

Other accessories like carry case and silicone tips are of good quality too, though we wouldn’t have minded a few pairs of foam tips included in the package.

Overall the build quality of the earphone and all the other accessories is pretty good and durable enough for a long time.

Sound Impressions:-

NF Audio NA2-6

The NF Audio NA2 is equipped with a double cavity dynamic driver unit each side, so that means a single dynamic driver unit is handling the entire frequency range and NF Audio has tuned it in such a manner that it provides a Full-bodied sound clarity, with lush and crisp vocals. Even though the sound felt a bit U-shaped, the vocals were quite crispy and clear.

The bass felt fuller, drum beats have got good depths and thump to them, listening to Billie Jean by Michael Jackson the drum has got great depths to them, the lower end is not overpowering either, it doesn’t overlap or hides any details in the mids section.  Mids have got great clarity and crispiness to them, the vocals feel rich and lifelike, listening to John Mayer, Damien Rice, Maroon 5 is just lovely and fun. The vocals are soothing and relaxing, spending the entire day listening to music on NF Audio NA2 was not tiring at all. The treble section has got a smooth and detailed response, there is good detailing in quick songs too, instrument details are rendered properly with good imaging, listening to live recordings, like those in MTV Unplugged, are just amazing.

NF Audio NA2-7

There is an adequately wide soundstage, it is neither narrow nor too wide. It provides ample staging to enjoy live recordings, like Hotel California by Eagles(Hell Freezes Over Album).

With a comfortable fit, the earphones sit firmly into our ears and provided a good level of noise isolation, even at lower volumes we couldn’t hear any environmental noises.

Final Impressions:-

Overall the NF Audio NA2 is a well-built pair of earphones, which looks great, sounds even better and costs just 100$, from the little time we got to spend with the pair, we listened to different songs throughout two days before finalizing our impressions for this article. The pair has got good potential, it has good artistic packaging, good build quality, sound quality is just superb, it sounds musical and full of life. We really loved this budget pair of earphones from the brand.

If you really like the unboxing and initial impressions on the NF Audio NA2, You can buy the pair from our store here.


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