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Moondrop Starfield:-The Starfield of Beautiful Music!!

Moondrop Starfield:-The Starfield of Beautiful Music!!

So, Moondrop a china based brand usually famous for their exquisite and beautiful earphones and their brilliant tuning recently released a new pair of IEM's, the Moondrop Starfield.

Whose name is reflected in the design of the earpieces and even the wire.

Today, we at Hifigo.com got our hands on for a unit for unboxing and initial impressions.

So let's see how good or I must say Broad the Moondrop Starfield is.


Packaging of the Moondrop Starfield is simple yet impactful, the inner blue box is covered by a cardboard sleeve with the starfield logo printed along with a designer image of a girl looking up at the starfield above her.

From the first glance, one can simply say that the packaging is impactful and beautifully designed by Moondrop.

The blue box has Moondrop logo printed over a glittery blue colored box,as we open the box we see our beautiful pair of earpieces lying inside safely and along with it is the black colored leather pouch.

As we open up the box and pull out the earpieces and wire,first thing we notice is the built quality of the wire,earpieces and the carry pouch.

Build Quality:-

In terms of build quality, the Moondrop Starfield reflects the craftsmanship of the team at Moondrop, the earpieces are very beautiful and exquisitely built.

The earpieces retain the previous design of the famous KXXS by Moondrop,though this time they are not silver and instead are painted.

Carrying the theme color of blue, the beautiful earpieces are made up of metal but painted with gradients of blue.

The earpieces are painted in a special gradient manner that if looked and applied light from different angles they reflect different shades of blue while retaining the glittery starry shine to themselves.

Apart from the starry glittery shine, the left earpiece has a moon type design printed on to its shell, while the right earpiece has starfield written at the bottom with gold paint.

Overall the Build quality of the earpieces is quite premium and brilliant with starry and glittery shine to give it an amazing effect while viewed from different angles and applied different angles of light.

The glittery shiny theme of the earpieces continues with the OFC wire as wire is also colored blue and it is a 4 core braided wire with 2 cores to each side with 2-pin 0.78mm connector points and terminates at a 3.5mm plug.

The wire is also blue in color with starry and glittery shine to them and the Y split log has something in chinese printed on them.

The carry box included in the package is black in color zipper box,and feels of good quality, it would be very useful for carrying our Moondrop Starfield with us where ever we go.

Initial Sound Impressions:-

Initially the starfield sounds quite balanced and warm in sound signature,It carries a very smooth and neutral sound throughout the sound frequency range.

There is good bass in songs like the billie ellish, vocals feels natural and smooth in songs by boyce avenue and the treble part is quite smooth,the drums in digital bath by Deftones feels quite settled,full of depth and not peaky.

Soundstage wise this feels like having adequate amounts of soundstage and the details are brilliant.

With wide soundstage and brilliant details we feel like the instrument separation is quite good too.

Rest we will be telling about more when we get some more time with the pair and will publish our review soon.

Thank You. 


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