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LOTOO PAW 6000 vs PAW Gold Touch | Hifigo

LOTOO PAW 6000 vs PAW Gold Touch | Hifigo

Many audiophiles are already familiar with the Lotoo PAW GOLD TOUCH released in 2018. And they’ve certainly been selling like hotcakes. Well…Lotoo has just released a similar model, the PAW 6000. And if you’ve been thinking about investing in the PAW GOLD TOUCH but it's too expensive, consider yourself lucky. You might like to try PAW 6000

Lotoo Releases The PAW 6000,  at first sight, PAW 6000 could be confused as PAW Gold Touch. 

Main Difference LOTOO PAW 6000 vs PAW Gold Touch

DAC Chips

The dual AK4497 DAC chips on the original PAW GOLD TOUCH have been changed to  AK4493 DACs. Though it seems they use a lower grade DAC, the new AK4493 DAC also promises a very high signal to noise ratio and low distortion compared with other players. 

Better Battery Life

Lotoo has also reduced its battery capacity from 5400mAh to 5200mAh. But the original PAW GOLD TOUCH offers about 10 hours playing time, PAW 6000 could provide nearly 16hours playback because of the OS improved. 

LOTOO PAW 6000 vs PAW Gold Touch

Compact size 

You can look forward to more compact size as well. The PAW 6000 now gives you 65 x 112 x 18mm/225g versus 68.6 x 119 x 21mm/311g of the original PAW GOLD TOUCH.  Volume Wheel of PAW 6000 is smaller as well than PAW Gold touch and surface is smooth without the pattern. 

LOTOO PAW 6000 vs PAW Gold Touch

OS response Faster 

The Players with open - Andriod OS usually take 20-40 seconds to boot and players with customized- Andriod OS usually take 20-30 seconds to boot, but it only takes 3 seconds to boot PAW 6000, it is extremely fast. 

LOTOO PAW 6000 vs PAW Gold Touch

With 512G card 98% full, usually most players will take 3-5 minutes to load, even PAW gold touch will take 20 seconds. But only  PAW 6000 takes 2 seconds to load the whole file list.  

DSD Support

It has of recent become the benchmark for high definition sound- mainly for audiophiles with extremely high-resolution libraries. It’s definitely not something you have to use if you buy a DAP, but it sure is nice to have one.  DSD files come in several ‘resolution densities’ and the highest resolution currently used commercially is the DSD512 (Octa-DSD), which samples audio of rates up to 22.5792 MHz, which is 512 times the audio quality of a regular CD.  PAW GOLD TOUCH supports DSD 512 while PAW 6000 supports DSD to 256 which exceeds most of the players on the market as well.   



The PAW 6000 is retailing for $1499.99. You can order this baby for the best price HERE

PAW GOLD TOUCH is retailing for $2999.99. 

LOTOO PAW 6000 vs PAW Gold Touch

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