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Lotoo PAW 6000 Player Quick Review | Hifigo

Lotoo PAW 6000 Player Quick Review | Hifigo

Lotoo’s legacy has been built primarily on the Pro recording side of the audio business with some solid and well-regarded audio recorders. It was from that side that the birth of the original PAW Gold came about in 2014.

Cue the Indie band reference again because it was wonderful sounding if a little quirky and ‘pro-record’ish’ to use for all who owned it. Though not enough owned it compared to the likes of Sony, AK et al, it was, in every sense of the phrase, a flagship player of its time.

Now in 2019 Lotoo are back with their new version of the PAW series- PAW 6000 Player. It has shown on exhibitions all over the world for serval months, and reservation starts just now. 

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

 Black cardboard box.  

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

Size: 112x65x18mm    Weight: 228g  

Even at first sight, PAW 6000 could be confused as PAW Gold Touch.  Stating the obvious, Lotoo’s PAW 6000 is an exquisitely-built device. Although its blocky form may suggest a more utilitarian approach, the PAW 6000 gradually reveals itself as a champion of luxury and class. There’s extreme finesse in how the player comes together. PAW 6000’s CNC-milled, the aluminium-alloy shell may as well have been a unibody design – neither a rough edge nor an uneven surface nor a loose joint insight. 

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

Also impressive in this regard are the 4.4mm and 3.5mm (also line out) jacks along the top, same as PAW Gold Touch 

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

The PAW 6000 sports the classic set of physical buttons along the side of its chassis: PowerPlay/PausePrevious and Skip. Tiny bumps are present to indicate the first two buttons, making blind navigation a breeze. The buttons are beautifully machined and depress with a solid, satisfying, tactile click. And like the volume wheel, they sit securely within the chassis with zero wiggle as well. 

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

Same size screen with PAW Gold Touch.

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

PAW6000 is thinner than PAW Gold Touch. 

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

Storage: MicroSD card (theoretically supports up to 2TB)

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

Visually, it’s clear that they’ve maintained the same motif present throughout their previous releases. This is in form and color, and especially along with the volume wheel too. But, several more modern inclusions have made the cut as well. Volume Wheel of PAW 6000 is smaller than PAW Gold touch and it is smooth without the pattern.

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

The Players with open - Andriod OS usually take 20-40 seconds to boot and players with customized- Andriod OS usually take 20-30 seconds to boot, but it only takes 3 seconds to boot PAW 6000, it is extremely fast. 

512G SIM card full loaded, it will take 3-5 minutes to read, even PAW gold touch will take 20 seconds to read. But only 2 seconds for PAW 6000.

Spec of PAW 6000

Wireless: Implements Bluetooth4.2 and LDAC 

DAC chip: AK4493EQ
Supported formats: DSD256 / PCM 768KHz
Operational amplifier: OPA1622 (both single-end and balanced)
Headphone output: 300mw / ch @ 32ohm

Sound Impression

- Uncolored tone
- Outstanding layering and imaging
- Superbly low noise floor


Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

If PAW Gold Touch is a waterfall, then PAW 6000 sounds like a brook.

PAW 6000 is not as bright as PAW Gold Touch for highs, but it is very smooth.  

PAW 6000 is not as powerful as PAW Gold Touch for symphony, but it sounds cleaner and transparent for POP and vocals. 

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

Battery life test 

Battery: 5200 mAh 3.8V

Playing the music randomly ( flac、wav、dsd、dff)  with 4.4mm port at 50% volume, it took 14hours and 22 minutes to drill off the power. 

Lotoo PAW 6000 DAP player

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