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Kinera YH623:- Wireless Freedom!!!

Kinera YH623 Quick Review:- Wireless Freedom!!!

As technology is developing all around us, we have seen a lot of developments in the audio industry, and the most development has been in the TWS department where Kinera released a new TWS of earphones, the Kinera YH623.

 The Kinera YH623 TWS, and here at hifigo.com we got lucky today as we got two pairs of Kinera YH623 TWS for unboxing and we will also be sharing our initial sound impressions for the same.

Before we proceed if you would like to order the product you can get it from our website here.

Before we start the unboxing let us tell you about some of the technical specifications of the Kinera YH623 TWS earphones:-

>Qualcomm QCC3020 Bluetooth Chip
>6mm Moving Coil Dynamic Driver Unit
>Bluetooth 5.0 support with aptX,AAC codecs support
>IPX5 waterproof rating
>Both the earphones can be used in mono mode
>Touch sensitive controls on earpieces.

Unboxing Impressions:-

Well, Kinera launched their latest lineup including the Kinera TYR, Kinera YH623 TWS, and Kinera Nanna in a kind of similar-looking packaging, i.e. a hexagonal cardboard packaging with a bit of designing changes in all of them to differentiate them from one another.

So here, with the Kinera YH623 we again get a small hexagonal packaging with the image of an earpiece grabbing all the attention at the front page, it is printed on about half of the front side, apart from it we get the YH623 name printed and true wireless in-ear monitor printed right below it.

There are also a few logos printed here on the front side, like the AAC, aptX logos as they are the codecs supported by the YH623.

So after opening the box we get a simple Kinera designed branding piece of cardboard and below this lies our beloved pair of earphones, sitting nicely in there charging case and two pairs of silicone ear tips, let me tell you that there are actually three pairs included in the package but one pair is applied already on the earpieces in the charging case.

And below this, we just get a USB Type-C charging cable which we can use to charge the charging case.

And the earpieces are just brilliant looking, especially in the gradient blue color, even though the charging case included with the blue colored earpieces is black in color but with the beige color, you get a matching colored charging box.

The earpieces have got an ergonomic build, it looks really nice, with gradients of blue color all over the body and a Kinera logo is printed on the faceplate of the earpiece, with a normal size ear canal, it won't be pushing too deep into our ears and provide a comfortable fit.

The earpieces look amazing and like a piece of jewelry, they look really nice in the ear and to be very honest the gradient blue one looks just outstanding.

The charging box itself is quite simple looking with a Kinera logo printed on the top of it with the tag line, Make It Clear, Make It Real printed right below it.

It is made up of good quality plastic and has a charging led indicator inside on it with magnetic charging slots for both the earpieces, it takes USB Type-C charging connection and charging cable is already included in the package.
The charging box has a capacity of 400mAh.

Overall the unboxing impressions for the Kinera YH623 are pretty good as the package has everything one would need with the earphones to get him going but the design of the packaging surely impressed us.

Package Contents:-
>1 pair of Kinera YH623 TWS earpieces
>1 USB Type-C Charging Case
>1 USB Type-C Charging Cable
>3 pairs of silicone ear tips
>Warranty Card

Sound Impressions:-

First of all, before we start discussing the sound impressions I personally would like to tell about the fit these earpieces gave me, the fit is proper, the earpieces sit nicely into my ears with a comfortable and proper fit.

Now for sound impressions here are my two cents on the time I had with the pair.

For someone who is usually using all of their wired sets of in-ear monitors, they might hesitate while planning to buy a set of TWS as we have a misconception that quality degrades over wireless connections.

But here my such thoughts and doubts were killed in a single session of music with the Kinera YH623, it has everything, supports high definition codes, like the aptX, AAC provides amazing and clear sound output.

It kind of has a slight V-shaped of sound signature, a 6mm moving coil dynamic driver is working hard to provide you with that thumpy and deep bass response, the mids, the vocals are crisp and clear, and the treble is just a smooth and a settled experience with good detailing.

The bass thumps are quick and deep, you get good depths and detailing in Drums in Back to You by Bryan Adams MTV Unplugged Version, The vocals are pretty good in songs like Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer, and you can get good instrument detailing in songs like Rock 'N' Roll All Nite by Kiss, overall I felt like the instrument separation is pretty good for a TWS earphones and they actually provide me with great sound output

The overall sound signature of the Kinera YH623 is slightly V-shaped, the mids are note laid back much and you can enjoy all types of music with this set, and with a comfortable fit and smooth response throughout it is a suitable pair to use while watching movies or longer music sessions.

The Kinera YH623 has an adequately wide soundstage and provides brilliant instrument separation.

And usually, there are delays or lag in video and audio synchronization, but here with Kinera YH623 there is no audio lag or video synchronization issues, in fact, it sounds pretty good while playing games on the Mobilephone.

I personally liked the quality of sound reproduction out of these earpieces, usually while commuting I used to use my pair of wired headsets and believe me it used to be a hassle managing those cables while in public transport, but with a clear and smooth sound output out of these beautiful sounding earpieces, I am sure that I need one of these for myself.

Voice Quality over calls:-

The Kinera YH623 is has a pretty good mic quality, as I used them to call some of my friends and I am impressed there is not much environmental noise which is heard by my friends and my voice was pretty clear to them.

Connectivity and Battery Life:-

For a TWS or for normal Bluetooth earphones we actually need stable Bluetooth connection, good battery life so that we can actually enjoy our music with them.

And the Kinera YH623 is equipped with a high-quality Qualcomm Bluetooth chip, QCC3020 which provides a very strong and lag-free Bluetooth connection, with Bluetooth 5.0, supporting most of the latest Bluetooth codecs like the aptX, AAC, it ensures the sound quality is pretty good.

I have checked the connection strength as I walked around the office while my mobile phone was always on my desk and I never faced any connection issue or connection lag, I am super impressed with the connectivity provided with the pair.

For battery life, Kinera mentioned the battery life to be around 6 hours on a single charge and with the charging box, it says to be about 30 hours. And with my usage, I actually used it the entire day and it lasted for about an entire day as I played music for about 5-6 hours, and I got the low battery notification at around the night time, so it provides a very good battery life for me.

Overall I should say that the Kinera YH623 is a pretty damn good set of TWS earphones, which provides us a crisp, clear and smooth sound quality, with a strong and stable Bluetooth connection and an amazing battery life, I personally would love to spend more time with the pair.

If you really liked our impressions and feel like owning a pair for yourself, you can order one from our online store here.

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