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Kinera TYR: Great Audio at a Budget!!

Kinera TYR Quick Review: Great Audio at a Budget!!

Kinera is a very famous china based earphone manufacturers, who are very famous for their brilliantly tuned products with the amazing build quality, they released a new budget-friendly earphone the Kinera TYR, priced just at 30$.

Kinera have their products in all the price range starting from around 50$ the Kinera Sif and goes up to about 899$ for Kinera Nanna their flagship IEM, but the industry wanted them to make something more budget-friendly as they already have their products in different ranges, but missing something from that beginner level, something that a beginner could buy and test the strength of sound tuning by the experts at Kinera.

So they released this beautiful pair of earphones for just 30$, you can actually buy this pair at our store here on Hifigo.

And today, we at Hifigo we got a unit all for ourselves and I am going to unbox this unit and share my initial impressions with you all.

Unboxing impressions:-

So, the latest lineup by Kinera has a special packaging design on all of them, like the Kinera YH623 TWS, Kinera Sif and the same hexagonal outer packaging style goes up to the Kinera Nanna, they have a hexagonal outer packaging, though the Kinera TYR has the smallest packaging among all of these, it still looks beautiful and premium, a finish which Kinera is always famous for other than its brilliant tuning style.

The packaging cover has written "All You Need Is TYR" up out front on the box, which shows the company says that this earphone is very capable and not to go on its price point and audition it, below it is written 6mm micro dynamic driver, as the Kinera TYR has a single 6mm dynamic driver unit which creates the brilliant and amazing sound output from the small-sized cylindrical canister styled earphones.

Despite its low price point, the Kinera TYR has the best of the quality, both for the earphones and for the accessories included in the package, the quality is top-notch.

The package comes with Final Audio Type E series silicone tips, included in the package, these are very premium pairs of ear tips and actually provide you with crisp and brilliant sound output while ensuring you get proper isolation and no noise leakage.

Other accessories include a Kinera Branded Carry pouch, which is a simple and elegant pouch, will make it easier for you to carry around your pair of earphones safely.

Overall the packaging of Kinera TYR is simple, elegant, has premium quality accessories, and matches the packaging of the latest line up of products by Kinera.

So the Package contents are as follows:-

  • One pair of Kinera TYR Earphones with non-detachable mic cable
  • Three pairs of Final Audio Type E series tips
  • Four pairs of silicone ear tips
  • Carry pouch
  • Manual
  • Kinera Branding Pamphlet
  • Final Audio Type E series tips manual

Build Quality:-

The Kinera TYR has simple yet elegant looking earpieces, which do not look like the current ear molded design of earphones, it looks simple straight plug type earphones, basically made up of good quality of plastic shell, with steel type material ear nozzles, you can identify the right earpieces by a red-colored small band at the end of wire on the earpiece.

They have a single button mic on the right side of the wire, Kinera says they have not included the volume controls in the cable as it affects sound quality.

The earpieces themselves feel quite strong and tough build, with non-detachable cables, the package looks and feels pretty good, and coming to the accessories, the carry pouch included in the package has a Kinera branding in the front and seems pretty safe to wrap the earphones and put them in the carry pouch to carry around, keeping them safe and sound.

Plus the inclusion of Final Audio Type E series tips is a plus point and it actually adds a premium finish to the entire package.

Overall the build quality is pretty good and offers a sturdy and tough build product with good quality accessories.

Sound Impressions:-

Well before I tell you all about it, there is a single micro dynamic driver of only 6mm producing all the good sound for us in these small pretty earpieces, it sounds pretty good, pretty good tuning by the experts at Kinera.

The dynamic driver produces brilliant punch of bass which is quick and very responsive, the bass response in songs by Billie Ellish is pretty heavy, the depths are good and carries enough rumble to them, the mids are tuned in a way that they are not laid back and sound natural and rich with details, and the treble portion is pretty warm and settled, with good details.

The vocals sound natural, they are neither thin nor thick, vocal-based songs like those by Damien Rice sound pretty good, with brilliant depths to his voice, there is good detailing in acoustic guitars in the songs by Boyce Avenue, the instruments are separated really nicely and precisely.

The treble section is not harsh at all and shows no signs of sibilance, the violin in songs by Tina Guo sounds warm and not peaky, the treble is controlled really nice, it has enough sparkle and details, the electric guitars by Led Zeppelin sound pretty and very easy on the ears.

The overall sound has a U-shaped signature where the bass is pretty heavy and gives good thumps to groove, the mids are lush and natural, the treble sounds rich and smooth, with brilliant instrument separation.

The imaging is pretty clear and natural, instruments have natural timbre, and overall the earphones have a slightly brighter tonality giving us enough sparkle in our music. The Kinera TYR sounds very musical to me, I enjoyed every song played on it, with good details in my music obviously.

An addition of mic felt like a welcome feature for the audiophile-grade equipment to me, I had a few calls with my colleagues here in the office while using Kinera TYR, the mic provides crystal clear voice clarity, the overall calling experience was pretty nice and good.

Final Impressions:-

Finally what I felt is that the Kinera TYR is a fun sounding, musical pair of earphones priced at just 30$ making them a must buy, they offer premium build quality, amazing sound output and that too at a very budget-friendly price, it performs exceptionally well with reproducing all the details in our ears with utmost perfection and smooth output.

Again if you would like to try out this amazing pair, you can buy it from our store here.


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