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Kinera BD005 Pro Review Roundup

Kinera BD005 Pro Review Roundup

The Kinera BD005 Pro was released back in late last year at an attractive price of just 49$. It is really hard to find something good at such a price point. It indeed is a pretty amazing pair of in-ear monitors with a dual-driver hybrid setup housing a 9.2mm dynamic driver and a custom-tuned 30095 series high-frequency BA driver. The pair not only excels in sound quality but also has beautiful looks with 3D-printed earpieces. The 3D-printed earpieces also have sparkly glittery face panels. We recommend the Kinera BD005 Pro for its comfy fit and its smooth, warm sonic performance. In our opinion, it might not be an over-hyped pair but for the price it is available for, it delivers outstanding performance. Today we are bringing you what other famous reviewers have to say about the beautiful Kinera BD005 Pro. So before wasting any more time, let’s begin.

Kinera BD005 Pro-1


“The Kinera BD005 Pro is a worthy successor to the original BD005. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more attractive IEM at this price not just in looks but in audio quality too. If you’re looking for a warm, resolving yet melodic earphone under $50, this one needs to be on your list of candidates.”

Check out their complete review here.

You can also watch their video review on Youtube here.


The Kinera BD005 Pro is a very, very, pleasant surprise.

Build quality is superb, comfort is excellent and, If I didn’t expect much from those ears at first, I became immediately hooked the moment I put them in my ears. The BD005 Pro sounds and feels like a mid-tier IEM – clean mids, sharp highs, good bass – for a quarter of the price.

If you’re a newcomer to the audiophile world, just seeking a good IEM to follows you on the go, or just on a tight budget, the Kinera BD005 Pro should be on top of your list. It’s as good as it’s cheap, and that says it all.”

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“The Kinera BD005 Pro is a beautiful jack of all trades, sporting a rather balanced warmish V shaped tuning that is safe for the upper frequencies (compared to the usual CHIFI tuning). For a budget hybrid, other than looks, it scores above average points in most areas (eg timbre, technicalities, tonality). Nevertheless, the Kinera BD005 Pro would be an all rounder for most genres, and the note weight is thick and tonality is generally quite good and non fatiguing. Coupled with the beautiful shells and packaging, it would make a good introductory set to those who are new to this hobby.”

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Kinera BD005 Pro-2

Moonstar Reviews:-

“The Kinera BD0005 Pro is one of the best looking and comfortable IEM’s in the sub 50$ price range, which offers also an entreating sound experience with its well-tuned, mildly V-shaped sound signature that is suitable for a wide variety of music genres.”

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Audio Discourse:-

“For $50, I do think this is one of the more resolving units out there. I think the combination of the stiffer Be-dynamic driver and a BA push out better clarity and resolution than others in this price range and beyond. It’s the area I think I am most impressed with for on this unit. Generally, though, I did find the BD005 Pro to have a good wide soundstage and solid imaging, especially for the price point, and in general, most things in this price bracket have mainly issues in treble refinement for me.”

Check out their complete review here.


“For $49, Kinera gives you some pretty buds with a warm sound signature that’ll stand out from other IEMs in this price range. If you’re looking for a set of earphones for less than a hundred bucks that can do a little bit of everything, I definitely recommend it.”

Check out their complete review here.


“The BD005 Pro takes its own road as it isn’t the cookie cutter budget model we’ve all come to expect. Thisn is a warm, mild V with polite treble and solid detail and imaging in the budget price range.”

Check out their complete review here.

Here’s what some of the Video reviewers on Youtube think about the Kinera BD005 Pro.


“In terms of sound the BD005 Pro has a V-shaped signature with a bit safe treble response. It is not as forward as usually done in this price segment. Dynamic driver here might not be the quickest one but has good resolution, impact, and slam. The pair doesn’t sound over done, it has a simple V shaped sound signature.”

Watch their full review here.

You can also watch our unboxing video of the Kinera BD005 Pro on our HiFiGo youtube channel below.

So, it looks like everyone is liking the smooth, warm, melodious sound output and beautiful 3D printed sparkly earpieces of the BD005 Pro. As we said earlier, the pair performs well above its price and delivers an enjoyable fun signature. We hope you really liked these reviews, if you would like to buy the BD005 Pro for yourself, feel free to check out our store here.

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