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KB EAR Diamond IEM Quick Review: Budget Friendly Quality Music!!!

KB EAR Diamond IEM Quick Review: Budget Friendly Quality Music!!!

KB Ear is a new name in the audio industry, they have emerged recently with two pair of IEM’s that got high acclamation from the beginner audiophiles with high-quality sound output at pocket-friendly prices. This time around the brand has released a new pair of in-ear monitors with Diamond-Like Coated(DLC) Dynamic Driver unit, the KB Ear Diamond. The KB Ear Diamond is a well-built product with metal housing, SPC stock cable. The pair is priced at 79.99$, considering the build quality and accessories included in the package it looks like an attractive deal at 80$, you can check more details here.

We had got a unit for ourselves a few days back, and today we are going to share our unboxing and quick review for the same.

Unboxing & Accessories:-

KB Ear Diamond-1

The KB Ear Diamond has got a simple rectangular cardboard packaging with KB Ear logo in the front. The packaging is classy and elegant, there is not much printed on the box. As we open up the box we get a direct glimpse at the KB Ear Diamond IEM’s sitting firmly in foam cutouts along with foam ear tips and a leather carry case. The carry case has KB Ear logo engraved on the front. The package contains various other accessories including multiple pairs of ear tips, one 2-pin Silver Plated Copper(SPC) cable with a 3.5mm termination plug.

Package Contents:-

>One Pair of KB Ear Diamond Earpieces.

>One 2-pin SPC Cable.

>Three pairs of Grey Silicone Ear tips.

>Three pairs of Black Silicone Ear tips.

>Two Pairs of Foam Ear tips.

>Leather Carry Case.

Build Quality & Fit:-

KB Ear Diamond-2

The KB Ear Diamond earpieces have a sage green color to them paired with gold aluminum ear nozzle and carbon fiber printed faceplate. The housing is made up of good quality metal, surely it adds up to its weight but it is very strong and sturdy. The earpieces have an ergonomic design to them, they provide a comfortable and firm fit with proper noise isolation. They have a pinhole at the lower portion along with a recessed two-pin connector port. The carbon fiber faceplate has a KB Ear logo printed with golden color in the center. The earpieces look strong and classy. The color tone also adds to the rich look, sage green with golden nozzles. Cable included in the package is quite sturdy too, it is a silver-plated copper(SPC) cable with 2-pin connectors and 3.5mm termination plug.

KB Ear Diamond-3

The overall build quality of the earpieces and accessories is rich and premium, they have a comfortable and firm fit with good noise isolation.

Driving the KB Ear Diamond:-

KB Ear Diamond-4

The KB Ear Diamond is very easier to drive. We paired it with Shanling Q1, Fiio M11 Pro, and my smartphone Huawei P30 Pro. Huawei P30 Pro powered the pair quite easily, so you can enjoy high-quality music anytime anywhere with the ease of your smartphone only. With the Shanling Q1 and Fiio M11 Pro, the sound quality was outstanding and crispy.

Sound Quality:-

KB Ear Diamond-5

The sound quality of KB Ear Diamond is crisp and punchy. The pair has a slightly V-shaped sound signature. It offers a well-controlled lower end with a quick bass punch, despite having a V-shaped signature it has forwarded upper mids that provides upfront vocals. The Treble portion is a bit shy and warm, it retrieves good details in our music. Vocals felt alive and natural, the soundstage felt a bit narrow but it is adequate for any genre of music we played with the pair. The overall representation is quite transparent and beautiful, the pair sounds musical and fun. Let’s discuss different areas of the frequency response range.


The lower end has deep and quick punches. The bass response shows full-body slams. We can’t say this as a bass dominant IEM, it has a good quantity of bass with good quality punches. The punches are adequate for listening to any genre of music, EDM tracks by Daft Punk are full of life and makes one dance to the grooves easily. Sub-bass response is well detailed, it shows clean rumble. Listening to tracks by Billie Eilish are definitely a lot of fun here. The bass is well extended and well-controlled. It shows great depths yet doesn’t overlap with the mids or highs.


The mids are transparent and articulate. Vocals and acoustic instruments are represented well with lush details. Vocals are natural and lifelike, despite a V-shaped sound signature the vocals are forward. They don’t sound peaky or harsh even at louder volumes. Details are crisp clear and sharp, listening to vocal/ acoustic songs is a pure bliss here. We have tried Damien Rice, Sara Bareilles for some vocal songs and the representation is beautiful and rich.


The treble portion is kind of shy and rolls-off quite early. The treble portion is airy and instruments carry a natural timbre and tonality. But it lacks the sparkle in the treble and some micro-details might go missing, though it produces good details for the price it is being offered for. The treble portion doesn’t show any kind of sibilance or harshness in any of the instruments.

Soundstage & Imaging:-

The soundstage representation is neither too wide nor too narrow it feels adequately wide for any genre of music. It has an airy feel to it and provides good instrument separation. Soundstage feels very neat and airy with good quality imaging representation.

Final Verdict:-

KB Ear Diamond-6

Finally, we must say, the KB Ear Diamond delivers a crisp and clear sound output with deep bass, rich vocals, and decent instrument details. The pair is well built and it looks simply beautiful. It is very easy to drive you can enjoy high-quality music straight at the ease of your smartphones. Sound output is transparent and sounds musical out of the pair. It is priced at 80$ and you can check more details about it here.

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