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JCally JM08c Headphone DAC Review

JCally JM08c Headphone DAC Review


DAC Chip: JCally Custom DAC Chip (Single)

PCM 24bit - 96khz, SNR: -103dB, Power: 1 Vrms, USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: Yes), 12mm, 5g, Aluminum Chassis with SPC Cable



  • Early out of the box impressions, sparkly and bright.



  • It’s already faulty with unknown reasons.



JCally JM08c. I was only able to give it a quick listen for 10-15 minutes before putting it away for listening sessions later. Connected it to my laptop to burn in some hours. But when I took it for my impression’s examination, everything sounded odd and anemic. So, this is a case of faulty unit that I would not be able to accurately assess for now. Will try to get another unit later.



Recommended Pairing: Unknown


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