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JCally JA05 & JA06 Headphone DAC Review

JCally JA05 & JA06 Headphone DAC Review



DAC Chip: JCally Custom Chip (Single)

PCM 24bit - 96khz, SNR: -103dB, Power: 1 Vrms, USB Type-C Male, 3.5mm SE (Microphone: Yes), 5-6.5gm, Aluminum Chassis



  • Neutral sparkly signature, with moderately energetic dynamics
  • Intimate mids, neutral sounding vocals, moderate textures
  • Great Treble textures with smooth decay
  • Vivid guitar, piano, cello and bass guitar tones, soft edged percussions
  • Bass exhibit good body mass, so does the Mids
  • Commanding Mid-Bass impact and slam
  • Good details retrieval, amply nuanced
  • Separation lines are clear, moderate imaging, not as sharp.
  • Great speed handling, able to resolve 250BPM adeptly.
  • Yet another DAC/Amp seemingly great for Pop and modern music



  • Weak output maxed out at 70Ω.
  • Non-organic timbre deposition, somewhat compressed sounding
  • Two-dimensional closed-in Soundstage lacking depth, hazy transparency.
  • Upper-Mids/Treble may exhibit coarse edgy sound for stringed instruments and percussions.
  • Sub-Bass lacking coherence, somewhat loose.
  • Flat percussions sound, weak vibrancy, and bite
  • Spatial imaging less precise and less holographic
  • The body longer than JA21 and JA04, more likely to get snapped accidentally.



JCally JA05 and JA06 – both are the same unit inside, 05 with USB-Type C and 06 with USB-Type A. Overall quality pretty much similar to JM01, JA04 and JA21, some pros here and there with as equally cons here and there too. It is apparent JA05 and JA06 are meant to provide for simple yet effective solution for those requiring adaptable Audio and Microphone functionality for their phones or laptop (lack of 3.5mm jacks on most phones nowadays) or a scenario you need something better than the stock laptop 3.5mm output. The Achilles Heel for this 05 and 06, two-dimensional Soundstage making it difficult to fully enjoy the positive elements, other than that is actually quite decent for casual listening.



Recommended Pairing: Natively resolving and bright IEMs/Headphones.


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