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iBasso SR2 Semi-Open Back Headphone Quick Review: Wide & Detailed

iBasso SR2 Semi-Open Back Headphone Quick Review: Wide & Detailed

I have always been an IEM user since the beginning of my love for music. Having used and owned several different pairs of in-ear monitors, I always wanted to grow in the hobby with headphones too. I was just navigating through the market for a new pair of headphones when I noticed iBasso has released their latest pair of semi-open back headphones, the iBasso SR2. I Really liked their build quality and thought that these will be a really good addition to my ever-growing collection of audio gears. Previously I own Philips SHP9500, HarmonicDyne Helios, Sivga SV006 headphones, and now the iBasso SR2 too. These are my favorites ever since I got them. Today I am going to share my unboxing and quick review for my latest acquisition. It is priced at 569$, and spoiler alert these sound really good and way above their price range. So before wasting any more time, let’s begin.

iBasso SR2-1

Packaging & Unboxing:-

The package of iBasso SR2 is pretty big, as expected from a full size can’s packaging. The packaging has a three-tone silver design with the headphone image along with iBasso Audio and SR2 branding on the front. On the back of the packaging, we have the technical details of the pair too. Inside the package has a sturdy case that holds our beautiful pair of headphones. This case can be used to carry the headphone around with ease and safety. The case also has the headphone cable in a mesh package. Honestly speaking the entire package looks very neat and premium. There is also a plain cardboard box in the package which included the warranty card, start guide, and an extra pair of earpads.

iBasso SR2-2

Package Contents:-

>One pair of iBasso SR2 semi-open back headphones.

>One headphone cable with a 3.5mm termination plug.

>3.5mm-6.35mm Adapter.

>Quick start guide.

>Warranty card.

>One extra set of earpads.

>One carry case.

Build Quality & Comfort:-

iBasso SR2-3

In my opinion, iBasso SR2 is a brilliantly made product. It has rich and premium looks with the sturdy build quality. The pair has beautiful classy aesthetics with silver outer rims, honeycomb grill on the ear cups. The silver outer rims also complement the black adjustable headbands. It has a very refined and classy look. There is “Designed by iBasso Audio” printed on the silver outer rims and the headband also has iBasso Audio imprinted on it. The ear cups have swiveleable mechanism and can be rotated with ease. The build quality of iBasso SR2 is really exceptional and the pair looks really premium. The cable included in the package looks to be of very good quality. It is very lightweight, has a 3.5mm termination plug connected to a 6.35mm adapter, and has red and blue markings on the headphone connectors for the right and left sides respectively.

iBasso SR2-4

The pair is very lightweight and comfortable. The clamping force is simply perfect it doesn’t feel too tight or too loose, just seems perfect for me. The headband is a bit stiff to adjust but it’s not too hard either. Ear foams are really soft and comfortable. I have listened to music on my M11 Pro with the iBasso SR2 for quite long sessions like for once I listened to the pair for a straight 6-7 hours at work and I hardly noticed them, Thanks to its lightweight aesthetics and comfortable fit.

Driving the iBasso SR2:-

iBasso SR2-5

With a low impedance rating of just 24 ohms and high sensitivity of 108dB/mW, the iBasso SR2 is very easy to power. It can be powered easily with smartphones, Hi-res players, and doesn’t require a heavy desktop setup for powering up properly. I have used the pair with my xDuoo XP 2 Pro paired with my Huawei P30 Pro, and also my M11 Pro. The pair is driven easily in both the cases, the M11 Pro drove it pretty well at around 70-75/120 volume.

Sound Quality:-

The iBasso SR2 is a very rich sounding pair of headphones equipped with the latest technology driver setup. It features a high-flexibility silicone suspension, Tesla magnetic flux circuitry, and a high-quality carbon diaphragm material. The sound output with the iBasso SR2 carries a natural warm tonality and timbre with a wide soundstage representation. It sounds full of dynamics and high-resolution crisp clarity. The vocals feel alive and immersive with the lower end complementing them providing a balanced and fun sound output.

Lower End/Bass:-

The iBasso SR2 has a mid-bass emphasis on the lower end. It carries deep thumps and rich texture to them. But I personally feel like the quantity is a bit less and bass heads might not like this. Sub-bass region carries good rumble with good transparency and power to it making Bad Guy by Billie Ellish a really enjoyable track. The lower end though having a low quantity of bass carries good quality thumps and depth with a rich tonality to them.


The midrange in the iBasso SR2 is very smooth and transparent. Vocals carry a naturally warm and soothing tonality. The presentation is rich and provides a smooth musical experience. There is no peakiness in upper mids either, the vocals are represented in the front with good airiness around on the stage. Acoustic instruments carry good weight and airy layers. Listening to live recordings or performances is a real bliss here, it also complements well with vocals based songs too. Instruments also carry a natural timbre and tonality.


The treble portion in iBasso SR2 shows good energy with wide extensions. Drums, cymbals sound really soothing and show no signs of sibilance or fatiguing even at louder volumes. Instruments show good decay speed, resulting in good instrument separation and imaging capabilities from the headphone. The treble portion is very soothing and relaxing, making the pair an ideal choice for long music sessions.

Soundstage and Imaging:-

iBasso SR2 has a natural and wide sound stage representation with good airiness around on the stage. The pair provides a wide headroom which makes the listening experience quite rich. With an energetic treble portion, the SR2 produces brilliant instrument separation and shows good imaging capabilities.

Final Verdict:-

iBasso SR2-6

The iBasso SR2 is an exquisite looking pair of headphones with brilliant sonic performance. It produces a natural warm sound output with a smooth relaxing signature. The pair produces deep powerful bass response though I feel like it lacks some quantity that might disappoint heavy bass lovers. But the pair shows brilliant dynamics, wide extensions, and lush vocal experience. It provides a balanced sound output rich with crisp clarity. It is one of the crispiest pair that I currently have in my collection. It complements well with Rock, POP, Hip-Hop, and several other music genres. I feel like it is one of the finest pair of headphones at its price range and offers outstanding performance, really recommended for balanced sound lovers. It is priced at 569$, you can check out more details here.

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