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iBasso IT07 Unboxing & Quick Review: Beautiful & Powerful!!

iBasso IT07 Unboxing & Quick Review: Beautiful & Powerful!!

iBasso released their latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors, the iBasso IT07. It belongs to their highly acclaimed “InTune” series of IEMs that features some well-known pairs including the iBasso IT00, IT01s, IT04, and more. The IT07 is the flagship offering from the series housing a whooping 7 driver hybrid configuration on each side(6 Knowles BA+1DD). The pair looks really beautiful with a blueish tone and a starry sky pattern on the faceplates. Today I have brought you guys a pair, and I am gonna share my unboxing impressions and quick review for the IT07’s right here.

iBasso IT07:-

iBasso IT07-1 

The IT07 is the latest flagship offering from the brand featuring premium Resin shells, multiple sound tuning filters, a fully balanced 2.5mm termination cable, and more features. iBasso has advertised a four-way frequency division acoustic structure to prevent any frequency overlapping or distortion in the output. There are six Knowles BA drivers, 2 for mid, 2 for high, and 2 for ultra-high frequencies. iBasso’s signature Tesla Moving Coil DD unit is responsible for the full frequency range. The pair is available for 899.99$, you can order from our store here. Let’s check out how good the pair actually is.

Packaging & Accessories:-

iBasso IT07-2

The iBasso IT07 comes in very simple and clean packaging. It is a plain black box with just the iBasso branding on top of it. As we open up this box, we get a direct look at a metallic carry case with the iBasso Audio branding logo on top of it and three pairs of tuning filters, Black, Silver, and Golden respectively. The earpieces are sitting firmly inside the metallic carry case within their foam cutouts. Other contents in the package include a balanced 2.5mm termination silver Litz cable and many pairs of ear tips including Silicone, Final Audio Type E, Azla Sednafit, and Foam tips. Overall the packaging is quite simple and elegant with all the necessary accessories included.

iBasso IT07-3

Package Contents:-

>One pair iBasso IT07 earpieces.

>One unit pure silver 2.5mm terminated balanced cable.

>One unit 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter.

>Three pairs of sound tuning filters(Black, Silver, Golden).

>Three pairs of Blue Spiral silicone ear tips.

>Three pairs of Grey-Black silicone ear tips.

>Three pairs of Final Audio Type E ear tips.

>Three pairs of Azla Sednafit ear tips.

>Two pairs of Foam ear tips.

>Metallic earphone carry case.

Build Quality & Fit:-

The iBasso IT07 looks like a premium piece of art. Blue-ish earpieces are designed so well that they catch the eye in an instant. The ear shell material is resin and it feels very smooth. They have a beautiful wavy pattern on the faceplates that looks really intriguing and classy. “InTune” is engraved on both the faceplates in a complementing silver shade. The metallic nozzle really complements the look of the pair well.

iBasso IT07-4

They have MMCX connectors and replaceable nozzle filters bundled in the package. They are designed in a universal shape to provide a comfortable and firm fit for all users. I get a proper ear seal with the IT07, actually very comfortable for long music sessions.

Overall the build quality of the iBasso IT07 is rich & premium with an elegant build, universal fit, and outstanding looks, making it really worthy of its flagship tag.

Powering the iBasso IT07:-

iBasso IT07-5

The iBasso IT07 can be powered very easily. It has a low impedance rating of just 16 Ohms with a high sensitivity rating of 108dB/mW. I have tested the pair with a bunch of sources including the FiiO M11 Pro, Huawei P30 Pro, and iBasso DX220 Max. At around half the volume on my DAP’s it was driven easily. You can enjoy high-resolution music with it at the ease of your smartphones.

Sound Impressions:-

Well, I know the sound of a DD driver opens up after a bit of burn-in period. I have given about a burn-in period of about 30-35 hours to the pair before writing my sound impressions here.  Please note that these impressions are on the stock silver tuning filter, for the other two I will be mentioning the changes below. The iBasso IT07 has a rich, detailed sound output with an emphasis on the upper-mids. Vocals have godly-clarity with a natural tonality on the IT07. The bass is fast, punchy, and controlled really well within its region. The mid-bass portion produces some decent slams with enough sub-bass rumble to complement the other frequencies. The treble portion shows tremendous amounts of detail retrieval with a smooth non-fatiguing output.

iBasso IT07-6

Lower End:-

The lower end is refined and clean there is no sign of muddiness or bloatedness with the IT07. The emphasis is more on the mid-bass rather than the sub-bass, though the sub-bass rumble presence can be felt easily in Bad Guy by Billie Eilish. Drum kicks show good depth and hold in Sultans of the swings by Dire Straits. Overall the lower-end presence is punchy and controlled complementing the other frequencies well.


The mid-frequencies sound fuller, richer, and cleaner. They sound spacious with ample amounts of airiness on the stage. The pair has an emphasis on the upper-mids in the output making the vocals shine with rich tonality and clarity. Both the male and female vocals sound full-bodied and natural. Instruments felt placed quite accurately on the stage with outstanding clarity. Overall the mid-frequency response is outstanding and rich with the IT07. I loved listening to classical, rock, and acoustic genre music with the IT07.


The treble response of the IT07 is natural and a bit on the brighter side. It never sounds fatiguing or sibilant with any of the instruments. Instruments like Violins, Flutes, Electric guitars show a good sense of weight and presence in the output. I loved the smooth presentation of the pair as I am a regular listener of Tina Guo, love her violin performances. I am a bit sensitive to high-frequencies, peakiness or harshness in a pair makes it hard for me to enjoy the music, though that is not the case here with the IT07’s smooth presentation.

Soundstage & Imaging:-

The IT07 produces a wide soundstage giving ample headroom for different genres of music. The stage feels spacious and airy with a good sense of depth and height. Brilliant detailing and clarity results in outstanding instrument separation and imaging with the pair.

Now on to the filters as I have previously stated the above impressions are with the stock silver filters.

iBasso IT07-7

Black Tuning Filters:-

The black tuning filters provides an extra punch in the lower end. It improves the bass-lines over the stock silver filter with powerful deep thumps and a punchier response than the stock configuration. The best part is even with the Black filter, the bass is controlled within its region and doesn’t leak to other frequencies.

Golden Tuning Filters:-

The gold tuning filters improve the upper-mids and lower treble response with the pair. The already crisp and rich vocals feel more upfront with reduced bass and a brighter treble portion. So if you are looking for a punch in the lower treble frequencies, you should use the gold tuning filters.

Quick Verdict:-

iBasso IT07-8

I loved the iBasso IT07’s smooth and rich presentation., it is exactly something I wanted in my collection. In my experience at its price point, the pair delivers fun and musical sound signature with rich crisp vocals, brilliantly detailed instruments, and a punchy lower end. It doesn’t sound flat or boring, the lower end complements the mid and high frequencies for an enjoyable presentation. If you are looking for a fun and musical pair, grab this awesome one for 899.99$, check out more details here.

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