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iBasso DX220 Max Flagship DAP Unboxing & Quick Review

iBasso DX220 Max Flagship DAP Unboxing & Quick Review

iBasso started pre-booking for its highly anticipated flagship digital audio player the DX220 Max from 22nd May in China. The player got sold out in minutes from various online retailers where they took pre-booking. iBasso made only 999 pieces of this beast device. Every unit has a metal plate engraved with the unit number that you need in the future for warranty claim services. It is available at a price of 1888$. Today we have got a unit of DX220 Max for ourselves, and we are going to do an unboxing and share our initial impressions with you all. You can also watch our unboxing video on YouTube here.

Please note:-

The player is in a 1-year warranty by HIFIGO. Every Dx220 max has a unique number since there are only 999pcs. It is included in the box of the package together with the warranty card. Meanwhile, there is an SN number outside the box. Please, keep these original box and warranty card for claiming warranty.

iBasso DX220 Max-1

Technical Details of iBasso DX220 Max:-

>Dual ES9028 Pro DAC chips.

>Five Batteries, one for DAC and CPU, four to form a high voltage battery pack for the analog stage.

>Premium Components.

>CNC Stainless Steel Body.

>Multiple Headphone Output Ports.

>4.4mm Balanced Line-out Port.

>SPDIF Output.

>Analog Volume Control.

Unboxing iBasso DX220 Max:-

The beast iBasso DX220 Max comes in very very simple packaging. The outer packaging is a plain black cardboard box. It is completely plain and just has the iBasso logo on the front. As we open up this box we get a direct glimpse at the almighty iBasso DX220 player sitting firmly in black foam. It looks really huge and powerful. Below this layer lies our warranty card, a metal sheet with an engraved model number. There are two screen protectors in the package, one for the front and back. Other cables, power adapter, and accessories are in different velvet pouches. One pouch contains the power adapter, one contains a USB cable, another one with 3.5-4.4mm adapter, coaxial cable, 3.5mm-4.4mm lineout cable. There’s also another pouch with leather carry case. The entire packaging is very simple and classy. It reflects the flagship status of the DAP with premium accessories and very simple packaging.

iBasso DX220 Max-8

Package Contents:-

>iBasso DX220 Max Digital Audio Player.

>Leather Carry Case.

>Power Adapter.

>Type-C USB Cable.

>One 3.5mm-4.4mm adapter.

>One 3.5mm-4.4mm line cable.

>Co-axial output cable.

>Warranty Card.

>Metal Serial Number Card.

>User Guide.

Build Quality:-

iBasso DX220 Max-3

The iBasso DX220 Max is built like a tank. The entire body is made up of high-quality CNC stainless steel material. It has a glossy finish, the volume knob and input/output ports have gold plating finish. On the top of the device, we have Spdif port, USB Type-C port, Power button, and  DC Power IN port. At the bottom, we have precious gold-colored volume knob along with three output ports, one 3.5mm headphone output, one 4.4mm balanced headphone out, and one 4.4mm balanced line-out ports. The sides have a rich shiny stainless steel finish that really looks outstanding and complements the golden ports and knob. The microSD card slot is on the left side. The backside has a glass back panel. There’s an iBasso branding logo in the center and other trademarks at the lower back portion. The device is huge and has very strong looking classy aesthetics.

iBasso DX220 Max-4

User Interface:-

The DX220 Max features open Android OS. User Interface is very snappy and fast. There is no lag, we used 512 gigs MicroSD card loaded with flacs. It scanned the entire card immediately. Navigating through the music library is buttery smooth. We played a few DSD tracks and the media controls are instant. The User interface looks very simple and has a very fast response.

Sound Quality Initial Impression:-

iBasso DX220 Max-5

The iBasso DX220 Max produces a reference level sound output. It sounds purely natural, the output is not colored in any way. The output doesn’t emphasize any portion of the frequency range especially, it provides a completely natural sound output. The main attraction apart from a natural output is the driving power. It can easily power up any of the IEM in the market, we tried several pairs like Audiosense DT200, DUNU DK-3001 Pro, Kinera Nanna. And the player powered all of them with ease. We also tried Sivga P-II planar magnetic headphones and Sennheiser HD6XX a Dynamic Driver headphone with 300ohms impedance. The DX 220 Max powered them with ease. The output is studio reference level and is pretty sweet. It drives our headphones and IEMs with superb resolution and dynamic range. Listening to music here feels raw, it feels like we are listening to the way it was actually recorded. The iBasso DX220 Max has a five battery setup where four batteries produce a large capacity voltage for creating an analog stage. It opens up the staging well on our earphones, they feel more energetic, show crisp sound output, and has a wide stage representation. It is surely comparable to desktop level DAC/AMPs with its powerful sound output.

iBasso DX220 Max-6

The iBasso DX220 Max is a very powerful device, it powered all our earphones/headphones with ease. Sennheiser HD6XX scales well with power and it was sounding as if we are listening to it on a powerful desktop setup. It is surely worthy of its flagship tag with its humongous output power, Studio grade reference sound quality, and tank build quality. The manufacturing currently is limited to only 999 pieces, grab one for yourself from here before it's sold out.

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