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iBasso AM05: Five Drivers of Happiness!!

iBasso AM05 Quick Review: Five Drivers of Happiness!!

iBasso have announced their latest IEM, which has a five balanced armature per unit driver setup, the iBasso AM05.

iBasso is already famous in the past for its premium quality products whether it be their range of in-ear monitors or digital audio players, previously iBasso has a lineup of in-ear monitors called the "it" series, iBasso it01, it03 are just a few names from the series and with AM05 it looks iBasso is going to start a new line up of in-ear monitors, with multiple balanced armature drivers, the call this "AM" line up as All Music.

You can buy a pair of iBasso AM05 from our store here.

And today at Hifigo we are going to unbox a unit of iBasso AM05 and share our initial sound impressions with you all.

Unboxing Impressions:-

The iBasso AM05 comes in a rectangular box packaging which is very simple, a white-colored cardboard box with a black colored iBasso triangular logo printed in the center, with the model name AM05 printed at the lower portion of the packaging along with five balanced armature driver, the box is very simple yet elegant, and when we pull out the inner blue colored cardboard box and open it up.

We get a direct glimpse at the beautiful blue colored transparent earpieces sitting firmly in the foam and below them lies an iBasso Audio branded metal carry case, the case is of good quality and looks strong and safe enough to carry our beautiful pair of earphones around with ease, the case has a 2.5mm balanced MMCX connector cable inside them and a handful of bags are also there in the package which has different pairs of ear tips and one 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter.

The accessories included are of pretty good quality and adds a premium touch to the entire package, though the package is very simple it looks very pretty and elegant with a neat and clean placement of all the items in the package.

So the items included in the package are as follows:-

  • One pair of iBasso AM05 IEM's
  • One high purity SPC 2.5mm balanced MMCX connector cable
  • Multiple pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes
  • Two pairs of foam tips in medium and large size
  • Instructions manual
  • Warranty Card

Overall the unboxing impressions for the iBasso AM05 are pretty nice, a simple and elegant looking package with a handful of accessories and a balanced cable included in the package is a plus point for all of us.

Build Quality:-

The iBasso AM05 has a transparent resin material shell, they look well built, the transparent shells have either a green or blue colored faceplate which depends on the color of the IEM you guys buy. The transparent shells look very pretty, the right earpiece has "AM05" imprinted on it with a chrome finish and the left earpiece has "All Music" imprinted on it again with chrome finish.

They have aluminum ear nozzles and have gold plated MMCX connectors, the earphones are built with quite precision and fit really nice to us and we hope they will fit nicely to you too.

From the transparent shells, we can actually see the brilliant craftsmanship of the engineers at iBasso, we can see the balanced armatures positioned neatly and precisely to provide us with the amazing sound output iBasso is usually famous for.

The wire included in the package is a high purity silver-plated copper cable with MMCX connector type and a 2.5mm balanced termination plug, it is also built nicely and adds that premium touch to the entire package.

The other accessories included in the package like the foam tips, or silicone tips are of good quality too.

Overall the build quality of the entire package is very good and feels quite premium and good.

Sound Impressions:-

The iBasso AM05 has a five balanced armature driver unit in each earpiece that works together to provide us with that brilliant sound output. The brilliant looking earpieces fit us really well and provided us with proper isolation.

The sound output of iBasso AM05 is crisp and detailed with good bass rumble and natural mids, the sound carries a balanced and neutral signature making the earphones suitable for any genre of music, we at Hifigo tested the iBasso AM05 with multiple genres of music like Rock music, Jazz music, Rap music, EDM and the iBasso AM05 produced brilliant details in all of them.

Even though balanced armatures are said to produced less impactful bass as compared to the dynamic driver but here the bass is very impactful, we could feel the heavy bass during songs by Billie Ellish to vibrate our eardrums, the details are just amazing with good depths in instruments.

The mids portion is very crisp and lush, the vocals sound natural, we loved the voice of John Mayer in his songs in the album Heartbreak Warfare, the vocals are right in the limelight on the stage with crisp clarity and details.

The highs section is smooth, electric guitar by Led Zeppelin is pretty smooth with no harshness in the treble section, we didn't feel any kind of sibilance in any detail and actually enjoyed our music with soul-soothing crispy sound quality.

The IEM has a lower impedance and high sensitivity making this very easy to drive and generate good synergy with basic devices like our smartphones, the instruments carry natural timbre and felt good on the ears. The iBasso AM05 has a wide staging with crispy details, making it easy to recognize the placement of different instruments in our music, the overall experience with the pair was very good and amazing.

Final Impressions:-

With a big name in the audio industry, we had huge hopes from iBasso AM05, and it doesn't disappoint us from simple and elegant packaging to crispy and soul-soothing sound clarity we really enjoyed our little time with the beautiful pair and would love to spend some more time with these jewels.

Again if you like the impression and would like to buy yourself a pair, you can order one from our store here.


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