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HarmonicDyne Zeus Wooden headphone Unboxing & Review: Impressive Package!!

HarmonicDyne Zeus Wooden headphone Unboxing & Review: Impressive Package!!

HarmonicDyne is a fairly new name in the industry, but I heard that they are related to Thieaudio a well-reputed IEM manufacturing brand based in China. A few months back HarmonicDyne released “Helios” their first pair of headphones through Indiegogo and it achieved its funding goal in a matter of weeks. The headphone themselves received good reviews from the community that motivated the brand to do more, and the result is here. Today we are going to review the second headphone from HarmonicDyne, The HarmonicDyne Zeus.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-1

HarmonicDyne Zeus:-

The HarmonicDyne Zeus is a premium open-back pair of headphones with high-quality walnut wood ear cups. The headphone is said to be equipped with large 50mm dynamic driver units with a hyped Beryllium material diaphragm. It actually looks kind of identical to the Helios(the first pair of headphones from the brand) but obviously has many new welcoming changes such as better driver, better build, better cable, and more. The Zeus has a price tag of 350$, you can check out more details on our store here. I have spent like two-three weeks with the Zeus now, and today I am gonna share my unboxing and impressions for this headphone. So, Let’s begin.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-2

Packaging & Accessories:-

The first impression of HarmonicDyne Zeus even before listening to it is just impressive. It actually comes in a huge briefcase-style box. Honestly, I have never seen such packaging for a headphone(That too only 350$). This briefcase can also be used as a carry case to carry the headphone around safe and sound. It has a HarmonicDyne branding logo printed on top of it.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-3

Inside our HarmonicDyne Zeus is sitting firmly in a foam layer along with a box holding a hefty 4.4mm terminated balanced cable, 4.4mm-3.5mm adapter, 3.5mm-6.35mm connector, and a user guide. The cable itself quite heavily built. In terms of Package the Zeus is impressive by all means, no complaints only happiness here. You can also check our unboxing video on our youtube channel below.


HarmonicDyne Zeus-4

Package Contents:-

>One pair HarmonicDyne Zeus Headphones.

>One 4.4 mm terminated balanced headphone cable.

>User guide.

>3.5mm-6.35mm adapter.

>4.4mm-3.5mm adapter.

>Two keys for briefcase lock.

Build Quality & Design:-

The HarmonicDyne Zeus right here is built like a tank. It features perfectly finished walnut wood earcups with soft velvet ear pads. The earcups have an open-back design with steel grills that have a laser cut design to them. The headband is made with aluminum, walnut wood, and plastic material with cushions similar to that of the previous model. In looks, Zeus is identical to the “Helios” but surely looks better finished, and premium. The headphone itself is quite heavy and rigid.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-5

The included balanced 4.4mm cable also complements to the heavy finish of the headphone's high-quality OCC copper wires that are sleeved after the Y-splitter. In terms of build quality, everything starting from the briefcase storage case to the perfectly built headphone, and the heavy cable.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-6

Comfort & Fit:-

Despite being a bit on the heavier side, the fit is not troublesome with the Zeus. The large ear cups cover the entire ear easily and the soft velvet earpads provide a comfortable listening experience for long music sessions. Being open-back the noise-isolation is not there also signs of noise leakage at high volumes are there but we expect that with an open-back headphone right!!

Driving The HarmonicDyne Zeus:-

HarmonicDyne Zeus has a high-impedance rating of 64 Ohms with a 100dB/mW sensitivity. It can be driven loud enough with portable devices through the 4.4mm balanced connections. I would recommend adding a portable Amplifier or using a Desktop Amplifier with it for single-ended 3.5mm and 6.35mm connections. For this review I paired Zeus with xDuoo MT-602 tube DAC/AMP, Huawei Mate 40 Porsche RS, and with iBasso DX160(4.4mm connection). Here are my findings with both of these combos.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-7

With Mate 40 Porsche RS Smartphone:-

The pair is adequately loud at full volume on the smartphone. But it surely lacks some dynamics and depth with the output. There is no noticeable hiss or background noise in this pairing. Would suggest using a portable DAC/AMP in this combo.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-8

With iBasso DX160(4.4mm):-

This combo is very good, driving the HarmonicDyne Zeus well at around 70% volume on high gain. I find this combo best for portable use. Extensions, dynamics, and depth in the output are pretty solid.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-9

With too MT-602 DAC/AMP:-

This combo is simply heavenly, with thick punchy bass, wide soundstage, and lovely detailed response. For desktop combo’s, this pairing is simply amazing. Warm and soothing, fatigue-free experience for long listening sessions.

Sound Quality:-

The HarmonicDyne Zeus has a “Warm and Thick” sound signature. The bass notes are snappy and powerful with deep impactful slams. Vocals complement the output with their lush, engaging tonality, and the treble shows its presence with good amounts of detail retrieval. The main thing is it conveys the emotions well with its lively and engaging signature. It brings out minute details quite beautifully and presents with a clean, crisp output that complements different genres well enough. One thing is that some people might find the headphone a bit shy in the sub-bass department but the headphone makes up for it with its tight mid-bass slams complementing the output. Here’s the frequency-wise sound description.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-10


The HarmonicDyne Zeus produces deep and thunderous bass slams that leave their impact with great precision and quality. The lower-end is sufficient in both quantity and quality, with punchy slams hitting precisely at every drum-hit in Rasputin by Boney M. It makes the instruments sound thick and heavy leaving their impact on the user.


The mid-frequencies are fuller-sounding and natural to hear. There is good airiness shown in acoustic instruments such as guitars, violins, and more. They don’t sound too much recessed or far away. Vocals are presented well with good texture and tonality. Both the male and female vocals sound well-detailed and lush. They don’t sound harsh or fatiguing even at louder volumes.


The pair retrieves brilliant details from our music with ultimate clarity and precision. There is no harshness or sibilance of any kind in the treble portion. The high-frequencies are presented with good detailing and sparkle. It makes the pair sound engaging and lively without sound harsh at all.

Soundstage & Imaging:-

The pair has an airy soundstage with a good sense of width and depth. It provides a huge wide room feeling where different instruments can be placed easily. The pair performs quite well in imaging and layering with its minute details retrieval and high-resolution clarity.

HarmonicDyne Zeus-11

Final Verdict:-

The HarmonicDyne Zeus is a fantastic headphone with a superb build and powerful, highly-detailed sound output. The pair might sound shy in sub-bass but has deep impactful bass slams that complement our music well. It presents an engaging and lively response that takes our music experience to an all-new level. I personally liked the Zeus too much and it’s going into my headphone collection now. If you are looking for a headphone with a detailed and punchy signature, consider the HarmonicDyne Zeus as a viable option. Recommended from my side.

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