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Fidue Asteroid Hybrid IEM Review: Stellar Performer

Fidue Asteroid Hybrid IEM Review: Stellar Performer

Fidue is a widely known brand among the audiophiles, basically for its flagship pair the Fidue Sirius. Last month around they launched their latest dual-driver pair of in-ear monitors, the Fidue Asteroid. It is a budget-friendly pair with a price of 190$, and gonna compete with the BQEYZ Spring 2, Shozy Rouge, and more from this price range. The pair is equipped with a graphene dynamic driver unit and a custom-tuned piezoelectric ceramic unit. I was intrigued to try out the Asteroid due to the presence of a custom-tuned Piezoelectric driver unit. So I grabbed a pair for myself, and today I am going to share my unboxing and quick review for the same.

Fidue Asteroid-1

Technical Specifications:-

>Dual-driver unit featuring one graphene DD unit and one custom tuned Piezo-electric unit.

>Impedance: 32 Ohms.

>Frequency response range: 8Hz-41kHz.

>Sensitivity: 110dB.

>Special stainless steel shells.

>Universal MMCX connector type.

>High-purity SPC cable with 3.5mm termination plug.

Unboxing Impressions:-

Fidue Asteroid-2

The Fidue Asteroid has got a simple packaging with a simple see-through area on the front through which the pair is visible sitting firmly in the packaging. It also has the Fidue Asteroid branding on the front. Inside the package the contents are in two different layers, the first layer having only the IEM's. Below the first layer we have two black boxes carrying all the accessories which included Comply Memory Foam tips, Silicone tips, Carry pouch, and SPC cable. The packaging overall is simple and elegant with good accessories for the price it is being offered for.

Package Contents:-

>One pair of Fidue Asteroid IEM.

>High-purity SPC cable with 3.5mm termination.

>One pair of Comply Foam ear tips.

>Four pairs of single-layer silicone tips.

>Two pairs of double-layer silicone tips.

>Carry pouch.

>Airplane adapter.

>3.5mm-6.35mm connector.


The Fidue Asteroid is fairly easy to drive. It can be easily powered with our day to day smartphones, I checked that with my Huawei P30 Pro. So One can enjoy high-quality music anytime anywhere.

Build Quality:-

Fidue Asteroid-3

The Fidue Asteroid ear shells are made with perfection. They look outstanding and very beautiful with a complete stainless steel build with lightweight aesthetics. The earpieces sit firmly into my ears completely blocking the ear canal and providing me with good levels of noise isolation. For me, the fit is just perfect, and I found no issues with it.

Fidue Asteroid-4

The accessories included in the package are of very good quality, whether it be the carry pouch or the ear tips. It has a four-core high-purity SPC cable with universal MMCX connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug. The connectors fit securely with the IEM's and don't feel loose at all.

Sound Impressions:-

Fidue Asteroid-5

Some time ago Fidue released its flagship FIdue Sirius MKii that grabbed a lot of attention among the audiophiles for its sonic performance. The Asteroid keeps that name with its smooth, detailed sound output. Sonically it sounds pretty solid, the vocals sound beautiful with lush detailing, clean bass performance, and good extensions in the treble area. The bass portion really complements well with the mids and provides an energetic musical output. The pair is really enjoyable with almost all the genres that I have tested with it including EDM, Rock, Pop, Vocal, Hip-hop, and more. It has a warm tubey feel to it that actually feels very relaxing for vocals, and energetic for rock.


The pair produces a powerful lower end, with impactful clean bass. It is very quick and precise, drum thumps feel natural and leave a good impact. It has fast bass decay, providing a deep, and cleaner bass response. The sub-bass portion shows good rumble and doesn't feel overpowering at all. It feels like the bass is controlled well, complementing the other frequencies and overlapping none.


The Mids area is quite detailed. Acoustic instruments sound beautiful and airy. Vocals show crisp detailing with a rich lush texture. Instruments and vocals carry a natural tonality. Though the female vocals sounded a bit extra forward straight out of the box, they settled pretty well after just 10-15 hours of burn-in. Now the pair sounds pretty well balanced and fun.


Now, this is the portion where the Asteroid nails in its price segment. The treble portion here is handled by a custom-tuned piezo-electric driver unit that produces outstanding details in my music. The pair has a beautiful extension in the higher end, providing an unmatched treble response. Instruments like Electric guitars, violins, show no harshness or sibilance even at louder volumes. Pair has an energetic feel to them with beautiful detailing and fast response.

Fidue Asteroid-6


The Fidue Asteroid provides a decent soundstage width and depth. Though I personally feel like vertically it is not that wide. Listening to Binaural tracks by Yosi Horikawa feels amazing as the stage wanders around in my mind from one corner to the other. Pair shows very good imaging capabilities, making unplugged and live music sound exceptional.

Final Verdict:-

Fidue Asteroid-7

The Fidue Asteroid has stellar looks with stainless steel ear shells, comes with a high-purity SPC cable, and provides the users with unmatched sound clarity. It is tuned really well and performs exceptionally well for its price range. I would really recommend this beautiful pair to you even if you are looking for something around 300$. This beautiful gem is priced at 189.99$, just short of 200$ mark, and is a steal at this price. You can check out more details here.

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